Alsar Chapter 39

Chapter 39 : Uncertainty


William was eating the grass near the tent while the other three were still busy discussing about something inside the tent.

“William, do you think it’s alright for things to go like this? I mean.. I do like them, I like them very much but.. Don’t you think we’re progressing way too fast?” I talked lowly to William so the other won’t be able to hear me.

As if William was comforting me, he nudged on me cheek using his snout.

“Because.. Let alone dating period, we almost instantly became fiancee you know? Furthermore we only have 3 months engagement period before we get married you know? Is this really the norm in Alsar? Ah but.. I also didn’t think I would date someone but here I am, with 3 fiance in my hand. I didn’t have good social relationship with people back in Earth you know? Ah but the one that decided the marriage registry date was me..”

Hearing me talking with William, Viktor also came close to us.

The beautiful white horse propped down next to me, I brushed both of William’s and Viktor’s hair simultaneously.

To think that I would return to Pedrell with fiance in tow..

Usually people would need more time to get to know each other before we they decided to get married, right?

But.. I think it was a little bit too late to forfeit the engagement.

“Ah….I’m so confused..”

“Are you confused, Ren-chan?~ Don’t bear with it alone, share your problems with us. If there’s something troubling you just tell us, okay?~” Chris-san whispered into my ear, hugging me from behind out of nowhere.

Since when Chris-san was here?!

When I turned my head, I saw the other two was standing not too far from us too.

“Umm..You know.. Back in Earth.. Usually people will date for a few years before they decided to get married.. So.. I was thinking if it’s alright for us to proceed this fast..? But I think annulling the engagement is not the right solution as well..”

They listened to me carefully as I rambled my thoughts away.

The silence felt so heavy, I could even hear the sound of the grass swayed by the wind and birds chirping in the distance.

Even the warmth of Chris-san’s body couldn’t ease my heart.

“Compared to the norm in your previous world, I guess it is a little too fast. As we told you before, it’s normal for the people to Alsar to get married even though they only knew each other for 3 months. So we thought the 3 months engagement period is long enough but if Ren think it’s too soon, I don’t mind extending the engagement period.”

“T-that’s not it! I mean… Ah.. I can’t express my thoughts properly…”

It wasn’t like I rejected Alsar’s norm and actually the marriage was not the thing I was worried about.

Because I truly like them, I enjoyed being together with them and marrying them was something that I also wanted.

I was the one that proposed the date and I meant it.

I didn’t want anyone else to snatch those three from me.

But.. Why I felt so anxious like this?

Something was not right but I didn’t know what it was..

Ah.. I didn’t even understand my own self.

I slumped against Chris-san’s waiting arm and sighed.

“Ren-kun, do you hate being with us?” Fer-san asked, I could see it was painful for him to utter those question out.

“Of course not! I like the three of you!” I yelled with all my might, I didn’t want them to misunderstand!


Did I just confessed to them so brazenly like that..?

Even though usually I was having a hard time telling them my feelings but I  guess even I could man up like that too huh.

“Okay then do you like us as a friend or as a lover?” Sig-san asked, his expression was so serious unlike his usual goofy side.

The other two also looked very serious, the tension here was so thick.

“Umm…A-as lover I-I guess.. Actually I already.. Fell for you guys since long ago but.. I couldn’t muster up enough courage to say it.. Because.. The three of you are so popular.. A-and also.. This is the first time for me to fall in love with a man.. Let alone 3 man at the same time like this.. And also.. Ah.. I cannot stop rambling away..! Anyway I do really like you guys..A-as a lover yeah..”

I wasn’t able to talk coherently.. I was just like a kid..!

When I opened my mouth, I just couldn’t stop myself.

The words kept on flowing, I didn’t even understand half of the things I said.

The three of them must be confused as well..

Ah but..

Now that I think about it..

I never told them my feelings properly like that, right?

I see..

So this anxiety in my heart grew because I never told them my feelings properly before..

Because, right now.. After I told them my feelings, the uneasiness in my heart disappear instantly.

My heart felt light as if a heavy weight had been lifted off from me.

“Ren-kun! I’m so happy I could hear those words from you!” Fer-san exclaimed joyfully as he surged forward and hugged me so tight I almost choked on my breath.

Fer-san looked at me in the eyes and inclined his head to the side.

I closed my eyes and prepared myself to have those soft lips kissing me.


The kiss never came..?

“Guh- Chris! What are you doing?!”

Turned out Chris-san put his hand on Fer-san’s mouth to prevent Fer-san from kissing me.

Fer-san looked angry but actually when I looked at Chris-san closely, Chris-san looked even more furious.

“What do you mean ‘what’? You heard it right? Ren-chan said that he likes the three of us, right? Then why did you went and kissed Ren-chan so nonchalantly like that?”

His usual droopy and tender eyes turned wide and had this dangerous glint in it.

“Ren, it’s dangerous over there so come here. Chris is really happy with your confession but because Fer stole the march, he got angry instead.”

Sig-san beckoned me to come to him.


I took a folding chair from my magic bag and gave it to Sig-san.

When Sig-san already sat down, I proceed to sit on his lap sideways.

I didn’t know that Chris-san was the jealous type..

“Thanks, Ren. It must be hard for you to suddenly have 3 fiancee but I’m happy you finally told us your feelings.” Sig-san smiled so happily, he stroked my head tenderly.

Looking at his expression, I also smiled back.

Everyone’s happiness was also my happiness.

“I also like you, Ren.” Sig-san added lowly as he kissed me chastely.

“I…I also like Sig-san very much.” I replied.


So embarrassing!!

Even though until yesterday I hadn’t been able to say anything..

Today I had to confess my feelings more than once!

And I did yell with all my might back then, my face must be very red!

So embarrassing!

“Ah! Chris! You’re not going to complain to Sig? Look what he just did!” Fer-san pointed at us both.

“Ahh! Geez! Why did you kiss Ren-chan too, Sig?!” Chris-san let out an exasperated whine.

The other two noticed me and Sig-san, they immediately approached us.

“Hahaha! It’s your guys fault since you left Ren alone. Look Ren,it’d be troublesome if those two sulk so why don’t you comfort them for a little bit?”

Sig-san shifted me so I was facing Chris-san and Fer-san face to face.

“I’m sorry Ren-chan, I got upset back then. But! I’m really happy with your confession!~ I also like you very much!~” Chris-san said as he kissed my right cheek.

“I’m sorry too, I was too overjoyed and got ahead of myself. I also love you, Ren-kun.” Fer-san said as he kissed my left cheek.

“I..I also like you two.. U-Umm..” I stammered nervously before I hurriedly tried to avert the conversation,” Let’s have our lunch now, shall we?”

I was about to take the food out but it was a little bit hard since Sig-san was still holding my waist, preventing me from leaving his lap.

He looked torn between letting me prepared our lunch and having me on his lap.

After a while Sig-san finally relented and let me prepared our tableware and food.

The horses also already ignored us since we first started bickering together, they were eating the grass near our table nonchalantly.

I even forgot since when did I stopped stroking Viktor and William..

“Fufufu, Ren-chan you’re so adorable. Do you still feel anxious?”

“Hmm~ I think he already calmed down? He doesn’t look uneasy anymore.”

“I’m glad. As his fiance, it is our duty to keep Ren-kun happy. Ren-kun’s happiness is our foremost priority.”

The other three laughed happily.

I..really didn’t want to separate from them.

But was it really alright for me to be with these wonderful man?


T/N: Yaaay~ Another heart to heart talk! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter ! Work is a little crazy this week but I managed to let this chapter out! Phew!

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16 thoughts on “Alsar Chapter 39

  1. Woot! communication is key component in good relationships. Thanks for the chapter. Also in real life it’s really good to sit in paddocks and stroke horses telling them your life woes – even better when they are eating so you get the cronch snuffle sounds ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yessss! I love how communicative they are! Especially Ren! Even though Ren couldn’t speak properly and stammared, he still tried to voice his thought! Usually in most manga/anime tropes, the mc will have loooooooong chapter of miscommunication and misconception until the mc finally speak their heart out. I love how the couple in Alsar is so communicative and doesn’t spend multiple chapters angsting about their so’s feeling. Definitely the core example of healthy relationship!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES I SO SO MICHUCH AGGREEE WITH YOUUUU. I agreee 1000%. The communication in this novel is the best i have ever seen. I get so fustrated when characters just dont talk to each other. It would solve and prevent most of the problems to begin with honestly! This is definitely a healthy relationship icon and i stan all of it!


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