Devil’s Origin Chapter 20

Chapter 20 : Sabretooth Tiger


“I heard about you from red dragon-dono. I’ve come here to serve you as my master.”

There was a white tiger bowing really deep in the maou’s audience room.

He had beautiful icy white eyes and pure white fur with streak of black stripes.

On his mouth, there was a couple of protruding long fang.

<<Sabretooth Tiger! He’s LV 41! Furthermore, he’s not an ordinary sabertooth tiger, he’s an albino tiger!>>

“Ooh! If it isn’t Sybyl-dono!”

“Umu. Is that you, Chaos-dono from lizardman tribe?”

Chaos came from my left side, it seemed like these two were acquaintance before.

“Do you know him?”

“Yes, while I was travelling I exchanged blows with Sybyl-dono sometimes. He was a splendid opponent! His brute strength, accompanied with his half-moon martial art style.. The combination of those two were truly splendid!” Chaos explained excitedly.

“No, your swordsmanship was amazing as well.” The sabretooth tiger, Sybyl replied shyly.

Sybyl coughed before he fixed his gaze at me again and said,” Well I heard that Maou-sama is collecting various monster at his disposal so I want to offer this lowly me for your service. I hope I can be useful for Maou-sama even for a little bit.”

He bowed his head again as he finished his sentence.

“I see, I accept your loyalty. In return, I will grant you a family.”

Sybyl wagged his tail happily,“I am truly grateful for your kindness!” before another realization came to him,”But..How do you grant me a family?” He tilted his head in confusion.


There was no way I could explain it to him while everyone was staring like this!

Looking at my embarrassed state, Chaos stepped in bravely and mumbled something into Sybyl’s ear.

While Chaos was whispering to him, Sybyl’s tail turned stiff like he was in shock.

“T-to think there’s t-that kind of way to make a family! Umm..I mean.. Umm.. I.. This humble me will do my best!” Sybyl stuttered his words, his face was bright pink.

Why are you looking so bashful like that?! You’re making me feeling even more embarrassed!!

Sybyl then started to curl around like a beast in a cage and as if he couldn’t stand it anymore, he dashed through outside, leaving a huge hole on the castle’s wall.

Didn’t you say you are going to do your best?!

I could only stare at the empty spot while muttered,”I wonder if he’s alright…”

“Should I eradicate him?” Velke asked.

“Don’t kill him!” I replied hastily.

“Fine..Then when he return here, I will make sure to work his ass off to pay for the damage he had caused.” Velke said while laughing.

I couldn’t even knew whether Velke was joking or not anymore..


2 hours later.

I was lazing around on the bed inside my mating room when Sybyl came with the same blush from before adorned his face.

“Thank you for waiting.” He bowed.


It seemed he had took his time to groom himself before he presented himself to me.

Sybyl’s fur was glistening, his striped fur looked glossy and soft. His facial expression wield a gallant determination, he was truly a beautiful warrior.

“I..I’m afraid I might break maou-sama body since you look so lithe and frail.. I don’t think I can hold myself back when I was drowned in lust..”

“I think I’m going to be alright but please treat me with care, okay?”

Sybyl then proceeded to loom his muscular body over me, he put his forepaw on both of my shoulder and pushed me down on the bed.

He leaned down and licked my lips tentatively, I was surprised to see his tongue felt exactly like a cat’s tongue back in Earth. His tongue had this tiny barbs that felt painful when it grazed over my delicate skin.

Sybyl took my clothes off and he stared at my face for a moment before he buried his soft face into my chest.

“Maou-sama, it’s embarrassing…” He murmured with stifled voice.

While still keeping his face hidden, Sybyl ventured down until he reached my thighs.

His fur felt smooth and soft against me, felt like I was being wrapped in fluffy cloud.

“Is this it..? There’s a sweet scent permeating from this spot.”

Nudging at my abdominal, where my womb was with the tip of his nose, Sybyl inhaled deeply as if he wanted to savor the scent.

D-don’t sniff on it too much!

Without hesitation, Sybyl pushed my legs up, resting it on top of his shoulder and nimbled on the soft flesh around my stomach and womb.

He ventured down until he reached my anus while leaving bite mark, the red marks looked lewdly red against my white skin.

He pushed his fang against my supple butt, almost leaving a blood.


I let out a moan when he started to suck on my butthole, circling the rim with his barbed tongue.

He divided his attention from swirling his tongue around my cock and my anus equally. long his tongue is?!

With just a lick, he could get both my hole and cock in one go!

“Aah…To think there’s this kind of pleasure in this world..”

Sybyl, he poured his whole live to follow the way of the warrior, he never had a lover before or experienced anything remotely close to romance.

His movement was clumsy at best but his determination was not to scuffle at.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you..but I think.. I don’t think I can hold myself anymore..”

“It’s alright.. Come here..” I kissed his forehead to reassure him.

Having the permission granted, Sybyl angled his cock aligned to my butt and slowly pushed it inside, stretching my virgin muscle apart.


Turned out, not only his tongue had barbs but his was genital also covered in tiny barbs!

The barbs prickled painfully against my tender muscle, tiny, stinging pain reverberated all over my nether region.

Sybyl’s big figure towered over me, his breathing grew ragged with lust.

“Forgive me.. This..Tightness is simply out of this world.. Forgive me.. I can’t..”

Unlike his honest plead for forgiveness, Sybyl relentless slammed his cock inside me.

Somehow he was able to gain even more speed in each of his thrust.

“Gh-u-..Khu..Ah! Anng..! Ah-ah! S-slower! Ang! Ahnn! Ghu-ah..!” I gasped breathlessly.


Sybyl chanted my name like a prayer, his barbed cock scratched my rim each time he thrusted.

My body was tormented in both pain and pleasure, I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing.

His balls made an erotic sounds each time he pushed deep inside me, the slap of flesh against flesh echoing all over the mating room.

As if he was lost on words, Sybyl let out growl of pleasure.

He pistoned his genital inside feverishly, repeatedly drumming on the entrance of my womb.

My body was being molded for the sake of his pleasure, the hard and hot length tore my lithe body apart.

This was what mating with a beast like, full of lust, no reason left.

Sybyl was so deep into it, his eyes glinting dangerously.

I wanted to yell in pain, it was too painful but I couldn’t do it.

I didn’t know how long time had passed, the pain was ingrained deep inside me, the sound of slapping became more like a background noise as my mind started to blur.

But then, suddenly Sybyl let out a loud roar as he came inside of me, spurting hot, white semen into my womb.

My body was filled to the brim, the excess semen leaking down from my entrance even though Sybyl’s thick cock was still inside me.


<<You’ve gained 1 LV from mating with sabretooth tiger! You’ve gained LV 45 ‘Roar’! You’ve gained 20 sabretooth tiger eggs!>>

I was brought to the fountain of life to laid my egg.

Sybyl gently rested my body against him as I stroked my distended belly.

After I finished pushing the last egg out, Sybyl brought me to the bathroom to wash up.

Once again he laid me down into the tub with his body supporting me.

He licked my body clean, grooming me with his barbed tongue.

His large body completely covered my smaller one, engulfing me with his soft fur.

“I am truly grateful for this happiness you’ve bestowed to me.”

“Is that so..”

While we were soaking in the bath, Sybyl’s cock grew harder and at that moment I knew, we were not done with our mating yet.  

I wished I could have more time to enjoy my bath…


In the end Velke had to rescue both of us because we got overheated from soaking too long in the tub.


T/N: *me reading the tiger dick part* Hmm… *googled ‘tiger penis’* Oh.

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