Alsar Side Story 3

Alsar Side Story 3

A/N :This side story is happening after Chapter 35 and will be on Sig’s POV.


“Ren-chan fell asleep huh~”  

“Ah.. What should we do now..” I sighed.

Since we had to do the subjugation quest during the day, it was given Ren would’ve felt tired in the night.

I looked at Ren’s sleeping figure.

His chest were heaving up and down in rhythm, his soft fringe wrapped around his innocent face.

He looked so defenseless and vulnerable like this, like I could just eat him up in one go.

Ah, my lower half body reacted at my perverted thoughts.

“Well of course we will need to settle it by ourselves.” Fer muttered.

At first glance, Fer looked like the stoic and quiet type but he was unexpectedly really blunt and well spoken.

He never hesitated to speak whatever was on his mind and his words really hit all the mark too.

“Ah.. I wanted to put it in but when I look at Ren like this.. Seems like an impossible feat to achieve huh..”

“It can’t be helped~ When you took Ren-chan’s clothes off you were surprised at how small he was, right?~”

That was true.

I knew Ren was slender and lithe but when I looked at his naked body it was like the reality finally hit me on the head.

His buttocks looked so small, if I were to put my penis inside I felt like his buttock would literally split into two.

I wonder whether it was possible to actually stretch that small things to fit our penis in…

“It was unfortunate that I became the third person to taste Ren-kun’s lips but I could look at his erotic face up close so I didn’t really mind being in the third place.”

“Ahh yes! Ren-chan’s lips is so soft and delicious!~ Kissing him felt suuuuper good~ I wonder will he give us a blowjob one day?”

That small mouth…?

No matter how I think about it, I couldn’t imagine my cock could fit inside his small mouth…

I don’t want to hurt him..

“Hey, what do you guys think if we let it all out on Ren? I’m so hard I can burst anytime now.”

“W-What are you talking about?!”

Fer looked flabbergasted but I had a good reason for it actually!

“Is it to prevent annoying bugs from latching on Ren-chan?~”

“Yeah, that’s right. You know that beastman have good sense of smell, right? If we mark Ren’s body with our semen, the smell will stick for a few days even if Ren washed his body. Beastman respect each other’s boundaries so if we mark Ren, we can prevent other beastman to make a pass on Ren.” I explained.

Since we had the perfect opportunity presented to us, it would be a sin to let it pass away like that.

Besides, Ren was a really good catch you know?

He smelled really enticing, his face had this gentle kind of beauty that made you entranced, he had good personality and to top it all off, he was damn good at cooking.


Now that I think about it, my (future) wife was completely flawless.

We really needed to mark Ren’s properly so other beastman knew who Ren belongs to.

“But you know, I don’t think it’s really necessary now. Since we’re always by Ren-kun’s side so I don’t think those bugs have any chance to get close to Ren-kun. I think it’s better if we take things slowly for now.” Fer interjected.

“Well you got a point there but… Don’t you think that Ren-chan will look super erotic when we drenched him in our semen?~ But if you insisted, I don’t mind holding myself back this time.”

Oh no.. Those two agreed to not do it..

What should I do now..?

Talking was not my forte.. I didn’t know what I should say to convince them..

“Fine then.. We have three place, the toilet, the bathroom and the inn room. I think that’s all? The inn room is the best choice though since we can do it while looking at Ren.”

“Let’s decide it with rock-paper-scissor.” Fer suggested.

“Yeah, that’s the best way to decide things fairly.” Chris agreed.

I wanted to do it in the inn room!!

Even if I couldn’t touch Ren because it wouldn’t be fair otherwise but at the very least I could have a really view while doing it.



Lucky! I got the inn room!

“Ahh, you absolutely cannot touch Ren-chan okay??”

“Touching is forbidden!”

Yeah, yeah I knew it already.

“I know, I know. Just hurry up and decide which one get the toilet and bathroom.” I shrugged my shoulder.

In the end, Chris got the bathroom and Fer got the toilet.

They gave me detailed what to do and what NOT to do before they left the room.

We had 30 minutes to do our business and that was it.

In anyway, I get it already, touching is forbidden so hurry up and go…

After they went out of the room, I positioned myself close to Ren’s sleeping figure.

“Ah.. Looking at Ren’s body like this.. Truly bad for my heart… He looks so erotic and the smell of his semen still sticks to his body.. I want to devour him…”

Inhaling the air deeply, I focused myself on the smell of Ren’s enticing smell.

I imagined myself pistoning in and out of Ren’s supple ass, the way his body bounced with each thrust…

The way his hand tiny hand wrapped around my bulging hard on, his stroke was clumsy but he was so focused on getting me to feel good..

Ah, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

In one swift motion, I let my pants down to the floor.

I hissed slightly when I felt the cold air around but Ren’s smell was making me hard in no time.

“I wonder whether I can fit myself in.. No, I want to fit myself in..”

I murmured to myself as I looked at Ren’s lithe body.

“I only have 30 minutes.. I have to use the time I have left carefully.”

Pulling a chair close to Ren’s bed, I sat and stroked myself.

I focused on the way Ren’s chest heaving up and down, I was mesmerized with how peaceful he looked.

“Ah.. Ghu… This.. Is.. Bad..” I gasped breathlessly as pleasure invaded my mind.

With Ren laying so close to me like this, the sensation felt so much better than when I did it alone.

I felt my penis twitched on my hand, precum started to leak from my blunt tip.

“Ah.. Ren.. I want to embrace you soon..”

I wonder when will we be able to go all the way with Ren?

Maybe I needed to wait until we returned back to Pedrell?

I kept on thinking about the possible scenario while stroking myself.

Just a little more, I could felt my ejaculation was close.

“Ren.. I like you.. Ah… Ngh.. Ren..”

Right at that moment, I almost let my come sputtered on Ren’s.

In my haste, I immediately covered my tip with my hands to prevent any of the white liquid from falling on top of Ren.

“Ah… So good.. I can do this over and over again.. Ah, my hand is all dirty now. [Clean]!”

In seconds, the sticky semen disappeared, leaving my hand pristine clean again.

“Ren.. I want to make you ours soon..”

I murmured as I stroked Ren’s cheek gently, careful not to wake him up.


T/N: I’m in the middle of editing my early chapters of Alsar. When I re-read it again I was like.. “KILL IT WITH FIRE”. So the next chapter will be coming much later since I’m busy fixing the chapters. Well the chapter will never be perfect but I can make it better according to my skill and standard I guess.

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28 thoughts on “Alsar Side Story 3

      1. Yeah, that’s the problem… The entire thing happened while Ren was sleeping… I read the other comments, I really don’t want to rain on this parade, I seem to be the only one to find this chapter cringeworthy, sigh…
        Sig kept thinking about fitting in poor Ren’s ass, they seriously discussed “marking” an unconscious man, then rock-paper-cissored who would have the best spot (& view) & Sig used R as a playboy/girl magazine equivalent… yeah, not sexy as far as I’m concerned…

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      2. The marking, or the possessiveness itself are not a problem, guess I got used to the concept from reading a lot of paranormal fantasy (Amber Kell, Charlie Richards, Megan Derr, Stormy Glenn, to name a few, the list is very long, lol….). My issue is with the unconscious & porno material part, aka consent. Oh well, I won’t say anymore, I know this type of story is written more for the ero & I really don’t want to be the moral police…


  1. Thank you for the chapter 😊 ❤️ wow the author wants us to like Sig more… Its working 😂but i love all of them, want to get more Chris and Fer stories like this.
    “and to top it all off, he was damn good at cooking.” 😂yeah that is important

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  2. I really can’t choose who to love more out of the three of them…….. They’re just to perfect (๑>ᴗ<๑)…… I can't wait for them to arrive in Pedrell soon….. Then we'll have some father in law moment (*≧艸≦)

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