Alsar Side Story 4

Side Story 4 : Ren Going to Calhea (Malik’s POV)

T/N: Finally. I miss Malik-san soooo much! Finally I can translate Malik-san’s part again! Ahhh so happy!


【The day of departure, early morning】

“Ah… There he goes… I hope everything will be fine.. Well, Chris is with him and the other two will also meet up with Ren when they arrive at Calhea so I guess nothing bad will happen to Ren.”

Ren got on the horse with the help of Chris and bid goodbye to me.

I watched their retreating figure until their shadow couldn’t be seen anymore.

Ren’s support magic was top notch, he could pass as A ranked adventurer with those support magic but that was the only thing he excelled at.

He didn’t have any experience in subjugation and after 1 month had passed, he was still F ranked adventurer.

“I’m sure he will get invited to a party somehow and even if he didn’t, he could still use his support magic in a safe haven like the camp. Everything should be alright..Yeah.”

Well, time to go back to sleep and start working per usual.

【Day 3 of Ren’s Departure】

“Malik-san! Ren-san has formed a party in Calhea! The name of his party is Luche and the member are.. Lightning Twin Sword Chris, Ice Prince and Silver Wolf! Wow, all of his member are A ranked adventurer! What’s more, Ren-san is the leader of Luche!”

Tord came into my office and started to talk excitedly without giving me any second to say anything back.

Ah I knew it, the two of them took a liking to Ren huh.

I wonder if they will become Ren’s husband as well?

Well since Ren was very adorable and cute, pretty sure the three of them had fallen over heels with Ren already.

I think by now they must be arguing about the best way to court Ren together.

【Day 4 of Ren’s Departure】

We have a full moon today.

By now Ren probably was in the middle of forest, subjugating monsters.

“With those three around, I think the subjugation can proceed without any problem but I can’t help to feel worried about Ren.. I hope Ren won’t get injured..”

【Day 6 of Ren’s Departure】

The house felt so quiet without Ren around..

“Malik-san! Today’s dinner is Malik-san’s favourite dish! It’s teriyaki chicken!~”

“Good evening Malik-san.  I’ve already prepared the bath, please get in first.”

“Malik-san, today at the market…”

Even though only 1 month had passed since Ren first came here, I’ve gotten used to his presence so much that his absence made my heart felt lonely.

“When Ren become someone else’s bride maybe I need to get myself a pet so I won’t get lonely.. Oh or maybe Ren can search for a place close to my house and give me a bunch of cute grandchild soon. Yeah, that would be great.”

【Day 7 of Ren’s Departure】

“Oh my, Malik-san you just finished with your work? You know… I don’t see Ren-chan anywhere these days, what happened?”

I was on my way home when the butcher’s wife called out to me.

“Ah, yeah Ren went out for a subjugation quest.”

“Eh?! Ren-chan did?? But he’s so young and so little! Are you sure he will be alright??”

Ren often went shopping in the market and the people in Pedrell had gotten close to him pretty quickly.

“It will be alright, Ren has some dependable guys coming with him so I’m sure they will protect him well. Who knows, maybe Ren will return home with those guys as his husbands.”

“Oh my, that’s good then. Sooo~ What do you think of my son? Don’t you think he’s a pretty good catch for Ren-chan?”

Looking at the butcher’s wife nonchalantly offering his son for Ren made my eyes widened in shock.

Turned out there was a lot of potential suitors for Ren in Pedrell.

【Day 11 of Ren’s Departure】

Looking at the clock, I murmured to myself, “Today is the last day of the subjugation huh..”

“From the information I received, there’s no any real problem with the quest. I guess in a few days Ren can return home safely. Do you feel lonely, Malik-san?”

Hugo who was tending to the frontdesk asked me.

“Well that is given, right? Furthermore, Ren is going to bring back potential candidates to become his husbands as well. Things are going to get real rowdy soon.”

“W-WHAT?! My Ren-san already have husbands candidates?? Why no one told me about this??”  Tord suddenly exclaimed.

“You.. Do you think you can win against Lightning Twin Sword Chris?” Hugo raised his eyebrows at Tord.

“Ugh.. Hugo-san..! You’re so mean!”

Tord was being very noisy.

Since Ren was MY cute son, of course I’ve carefully selected dependable man for him.

I wonder whether the three of them could get along well as Ren’s husbands?

【Day 12 of Ren’s Departure】

“Master!! This is bad! I heard that redondo dragon appeared in Calhea!!”

“What?! What about Ren and the others?? Are they fine?!”

I was returning back to the guild after my lunch break, suddenly Hugo came bearing grave news to me.

Redondo dragon was a S-ranked monster and from what I heard, there was no S-ranked adventurer that participated in this year’s subjugation quest.

The three of them were a very skilled adventurer but I didn’t think they were enough to defeat redondo dragon.

“You see, it seems like the party that Ren created, Luche had successfully defeated redondo dragon! What’s more, Ren played an active role in subjugating the dragon! As expected from Master’s son!” Hugo added.

“What..? Umm..Well I’m glad if they’re alright then.”

“Ren-san is incredible! I’m sure his rank will shoot up soon enough!” Tord smiled.

I was glad Ren and the others were still alive but did Ren really defeated the redondo dragon?

Seemed like I’ve underestimated Ren’s true potential..

When he returned back, I’m sure he will become at least A-ranked adventurer.

“Ah and another thing.. When they returned back to the inn, I heard those three had announced themselves as Ren’s fiance.” Hugo added.


“For real? Ahh Ren-san!”

My, who would’ve thought that those three would immediately announce themselves as Ren’s fiance?

Well I was happy that everything went well without a hitch though.

Now then, I wonder how will they tell me this exciting news hm?

I couldn’t wait for them to return home soon.


Side Story 3


T/N: Well that’s it for the side story (for now). Let’s continue translating the main story now!~

28 thoughts on “Alsar Side Story 4

  1. Awww, Malik is such a devoted dad, I wish mine was like that. One weekend he took me to my grandparents’ house on Friday and when he went for dinner on Sunday he said “I forgot you were here.” Great father-daughter weekend that turned out to be… Umm… Thanks for the chapter! ❤

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    1. Hahaha! The total opposite of Malik! But at least your father remembered you in the end xD What if he totally forgot about you and just left you there while he returned home?


  2. I really missed Malik…… Like he’s such a lovable father, supporting his son and all even tho Ren is not his real son….. Well it can be concluded that I love everything about Alsar…’s just too perfect


    1. And somehow I really want Malik to gain a hubby(seme) or a wifey(uke), cause you know I just like extremely interested in Malik’s partner


      1. Oooh yess! I want to see Malik-san’s partner too! Or at least I want to see Malik-san’s happy day while living with Ren and the others. You know the happy domestic life thing since Malik-san had been living all by himself all these time.

        And thank you for loving this series! I love how heart warming Alsar is. A complete opposite to Devil’s Origin angsty sex for sure. Hahahha!


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