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The Forsaken Saintess and Her Foodie Roadtrip in Another World – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : Thank You for Throwing Me Away!

T/N: This novel has a manga adaptation (this is how I found the novel in the first place). The novel seems cute enough so I decided to give it a go.


Current Situation Co.

Summoned to this world along with a beautiful highschool girl.

My skill? Trash ・ Myself? Useless

Banished!  ← This is me right now!


I-I’ll tell you what truly happened for real this time!

I was on my way home from a fishing camp when suddenly something that appeared to be a hole appeared under my foot and I fell into it.

『 Is this a castle in a medieval age fantasy setting or something?』was what I was thinking when I saw the place I ended up at.

Then there were a bunch of suspicious old men wearing pitch black robes saying something about ‘saint summoning’ or something along that line. 

Just when I was wondering what the heck is happening here, a blonde ikemen with blue eyes kneeled reverently in front of the beautiful highschool girl next to me, with such grace and elegance, he said he wished to escort her.

All the while he glared at me with contempt saying 『What a useless skill! Filthy trash!』

Then just before he was leaving with the beautiful highschool girl, he said 『 Just throw her to some place fit for someone like her!』

As soon as he said that, blinding light appeared beneath my feet and before I knew it, I ended up in this super hugeee grasslands all by myself. 

Thus, my current situation.

………. Yeah. Despite all things said, I don’t get it either. I have zero understanding of my situation right now.

I really do want to ask someone, there’s so many things I want to ask but… Well as you can see I am completely alone. 

There’s no single soul can be seen in this vast plains. 

In any case, there’s nothing but grasslands and forest in here as far as my eyes can see.

Hmmm… This is… There’s a lot of things going on… I wonder if I will be alright…..

Oh! What luck! 

It seems like all my fishing and camping equipment got transported (?) together with me!

Taking a folding chair out from my cart box, I started to assess my current situation. 

The ground is a little bit damp but I don’t mind it!

I took out the notepad that I had just bought not too long ago and began to write questions after questions that I have. 


What is 『 Saint Summoning』?

What is 『Skill』?

Do I end up here because of the blonde guy said『 Throw to some place fit for someone like her』?

Ah! Which reminds me that highschool girl was looking at me while laughing ‘fufufu’ like that!

“…. Anyway the word ‘skill’ reminds me of a TRPG.”

I like outdoor activities like fishing and camping all by myself but for indoor, I like to read TRPG stuff. 

*TRPG = Tactical role-playing games*

Depends on the party’s status and balance, but if I could, I prefer to set up a character with skill and job that allows me to『Charge & Hit』the enemy.

Ah, but it’s not like I dislike rear guard characters or someone with a searching and exploring skill or something along like that. 

Still….. TRPG, huh…..

“It’d be fun if I could see my ‘status’ or something like that.”

Then, just when I was mumbling to myself….

A mysterious ‘PING!’ and a flicker sound could be heard then out of nowhere, an LCD-like screen appeared before me.

The size of the screen is around 15 inch. 

*15 inch = 38 cm

There’s some kind of writing on top of the screen that emits pale green light.

Name : Rin Takanashi

Class : Otherworlder, Traveller

HP: 18/18 MP: 15/15

STR:8 CON:9 POW: 15

INT:14 LUC:75

Special Skill : 【Motorhome】※ Only available outdoor

Skill : 【Survival】

……………………………. For real? Status screen actually appeared….

Okay. You know, when you converse in numbers like this, my health and physical strength is really low, huh?

Even though I like to go on solo camping and fishing! The heck??

My mental strength and intelligence seems high enough but don’t you think this makes me look like the armchair warrior kind??

Doesn’t this make me a useless character?!

………… In any case, yeah. Seems like my skill can only be used outdoors.

OH! This is why he called my skill 『Trash』because we were indoor during the『Saint Summoning』! 

I see, I see…

But he shouldn’t have tossed me aside before checking my skill properly! Fucker better off dead!

In any case, this is really a fantasy world!

I hovered my finger over the Status Board (temporary name).

Surprisingly, I feel a hard texture, like when I’m touching my smartphone or my tablet. 

………. I can really touch it for real!!!!

And then, a new set of letters appeared underneath the letter that I touched nonchalantly.


Passive skill that’s always active. 

This skill will provide support in the form of information to ensure the user’s survival by adapting in both physical environment and social environment.

In addition, if there’s any unexpected situations that might potentially harm the user’s survival, this skill will provide physical enhancement and adjustment in the user’s mental level so the user will be able to think clearly. 】

……. Ah.

So this is why for some reason I’ve been feeling strangely calm despite my current’s predicament. 

I should’ve been crying, panicking, or even falling into despair. 

But the reason why I’m not feeling anything out of the ordinary is because this ‘survival’ skill has adjusted my mental state to ensure my well being.

Even though I’m stuck in this situation, the skill is still trying to ensure my survival…… No, more like I’m still trying to keep myself alive.



I feel like crying.

Even though I don’t even understand what the hell is going on, I’m still eagerly trying to stay alive.

“Well then, what about this 【Motorhome】skill?”

I wiped my tears away and clenched my fist.

As soon as I pressed the 『Motorhome』skill on my status window, I feel vibrations from behind me. 

It’s as if something heavy fell on the ground, making a loud impact that shook the earth. 

I turned my head warily and what greeted me was a sight of a green vehicle with a pale cream container cabin. 

This two toned vehicle….

At first glance, it seems the body of the truck is equipped with a camper shell, often used for residential purposes. 

This kind of camping car is commonly referred to as ‘Truck Camper’.

I guess this is what ‘Truck Camper’or トラキャン is. 

But if you look closely, this vehicle is not a truck camper but for some reason this vehicle is designed to appear like a truck camper with its two toned color.

Unlike truck camper which is a two unit, one being the vehicle and the other the residential cabin.

This vehicle before me is actually a one unit vehicle, the vehicle and the cabin are actually integrated together!

This kind of truck fused with residential units is commonly called Class C Motorhome!!!

Here you go, what japanese people call ‘Class C Motorhome’ or キャブコン. 

I suppose when people hear the word 『Camping Car』, they will usually think of this front bunk type of Class C Motorhome, where the bunk bed is located on top of the driver seat.

“Haaaaah?! No wayy!! You’re kidding me right?! No, no, no ! Like, seriously?? For real?!?!”

My vocabulary is failing me right now despite ‘survival’ is actively trying to balance my mental state but there’s no way I wouldn’t be this excited right?!?!?!

When I first saw this type of car, I thought “Ah, looks good~” so I went and browsed for a bit. 

After further research, the price of the actual car along with the maintenance fee was just too much, I ended up closing my browser in despair. 

In short, I’ve been wanting this beautiful gem for so loooonggggg!!!~~~~

This magical car enables me to enjoy the luxury of being indoor despite being outdoors at the same time!!!

Ahhhh!! Geez! What is this goddamn OP skill?!?!!

I couldn’t help but grinning from ear to ear, the sight of my face melting in happiness must be far from desirable.

I hopped around the camping car that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, despite such displays of happiness being unbecoming of my age.

The driver seat and the lower third of the cabin is painted in dark green color while the cabin part has a light cream coating. 

On the door leading to the cabin, there’s a vine creep design which accentuates the vehicle’s elegance and upon closer look, there’s a beautiful dark crimson rose on the door handle. 

This car’s design is so super aesthetic!!!

I pull the handle down with a clank and the door immediately slide open with a swish.

And there…

On the other side of the door, there lay a whole world I certainly hadn’t expected. 


Right in front of the door, there’s a wide living room with a table and sofa attached to the window side. 

On the right side there’s a big refrigerator and a big kitchen sink along with a three-burner stove.

Further on, there are doors with toilet and bathroom signs respectively. 

What. I. I don’t get it. Isn’t this like, way too big?

Confused, I quickly go outside and examine the vehicle carefully.

………. Yeah. No matter how I look at it, this is the normal size of a Class C Motorhome and no matter how I think of it, there’s no way such a large living room and kitchen set could possibly fit in this car.

I go inside once again, the living room is brightly lit thanks to the sunlight illuminating through the big window.

The kitchen is spotless and if my eyes were not deceiving me, there’s a big bathtub inside the washing room. 

Okay. I’m totally at a loss. 

Closing the door leading to the washing room, I tried to erase the sight I had just witnessed from my memory. 

……… Wait a bit, okay? This whole thing is beyond this auntie comprehension. 


Oh! Right! Let’s go check the driver seat!

Pulling myself together, I go outside to climb on the driver seat.

It’s a little hard since the vehicle is so big but I managed to bring myself in.

Yup! The higher the driver seat is, the better the view. 

Actually I have a manual driving license but it’s been a long time since I last drove a manual, thankfully this car is automatic! 

…… Speaking of manual, does this car have a user manual?

I should open the dashboard and check… Oh! There it is!

This black file must be the user manual.



What, what….?

【Thank you very much for utilizing the special skill, [Motorhome]. 

This skill allows the user to summon a motorhome at user’s discretion as long as the user is outdoors. Kindly note that the inside of a dungeon will be considered as『outdoor』as well.

This vehicle operates by taking the energy from within the atmosphere called 『Magic Element』in which the collected energy will be used as a fuel for running the vehicle and operating any apparatus inside this vehicle. So the user will be able to use this vehicle leisurely without worrying about energy consumption. 

The water that comes from the apparatus inside this vehicle is produced by a magic circle implanted inside the interior of the vehicle. The user may drink the magic water produced as it is.

This vehicle has a security function which prohibits anyone aside from the people recognized by the user from entering this vehicle. 

In addition this vehicle also has a concealment function. Only the people recognized by the user will be able to see this vehicle. In front of the eyes of the other people, this vehicle will remain invisible. 

The residential area is designed to bring utmost comfort for the user’s life experience. Space magic is implemented to ensure comfortable living. 

With this, we hope the user will be able to enjoy this vehicle to the user heart’s content. 】


Wow. Amazing.


Somehow… I feel like I’m going to lose my mind….

I guess it’s time to think of something along the line like 『Don’t think! Just feel!』?

In any case, I get down from the driver seat and stare at the vehicle once again. 

The vehicle is shining without any speck of scratch or dust. 

The large tires supported the whole body firmly. 


The hell… This.. This special skill…..

Isn’t this special skill is so much better than the 『Saint Summoning』or whatever saint stuff they’re talking about???

I was dumbfounded at the whole thing but somehow, another feeling is brewing inside me. 

Maybe it’s joy, or curiosity, or motivation… Or maybe the fear of the unknown…

…….. But, nothing will happen if I just stay here and do nothing!

First thing first, with this 『Survival』skill, I’ll embrace this seething curiosity which so unbecoming of my age and embark on an adventure!

I’ll live now and worry later!!!

I decided to take my cart box that’s laying near my foot and bring it inside.

Once again, I open the rose patterned door.


T/N: Wow, this novel is pretty lengthy… Well, I’ve decided to translate this series since I love easy to read cooking stuff. This is the first non-BL novel that I translated so I’m a little bit nervous but whatever. Live now, worry later, right?!?!?!?

Also after further research it seems like the japanese term and english term for camping car is so different? Like for english they use Type A, B, C or something. The japanese term is キャブコン (kyabukon) and I just sorta guess it’s the Type C one.

Chapter 2

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