Alsar Side Story 3

Alsar Side Story 3

A/N :This side story is happening after Chapter 35 and will be on Sig’s POV.


“Ren-chan fell asleep huh~”  

“Ah.. What should we do now..” I sighed.

Since we had to do the subjugation quest during the day, it was given Ren would’ve felt tired in the night.

I looked at Ren’s sleeping figure.

His chest were heaving up and down in rhythm, his soft fringe wrapped around his innocent face.

He looked so defenseless and vulnerable like this, like I could just eat him up in one go.

Ah, my lower half body reacted at my perverted thoughts.

“Well of course we will need to settle it by ourselves.” Fer muttered.

At first glance, Fer looked like the stoic and quiet type but he was unexpectedly really blunt and well spoken.

He never hesitated to speak whatever was on his mind and his words really hit all the mark too.

“Ah.. I wanted to put it in but when I look at Ren like this.. Seems like an impossible feat to achieve huh..”

“It can’t be helped~ When you took Ren-chan’s clothes off you were surprised at how small he was, right?~”

That was true.

I knew Ren was slender and lithe but when I looked at his naked body it was like the reality finally hit me on the head.

His buttocks looked so small, if I were to put my penis inside I felt like his buttock would literally split into two.

I wonder whether it was possible to actually stretch that small things to fit our penis in…

“It was unfortunate that I became the third person to taste Ren-kun’s lips but I could look at his erotic face up close so I didn’t really mind being in the third place.”

“Ahh yes! Ren-chan’s lips is so soft and delicious!~ Kissing him felt suuuuper good~ I wonder will he give us a blowjob one day?”

That small mouth…?

No matter how I think about it, I couldn’t imagine my cock could fit inside his small mouth…

I don’t want to hurt him..

“Hey, what do you guys think if we let it all out on Ren? I’m so hard I can burst anytime now.”

“W-What are you talking about?!”

Fer looked flabbergasted but I had a good reason for it actually!

“Is it to prevent annoying bugs from latching on Ren-chan?~”

“Yeah, that’s right. You know that beastman have good sense of smell, right? If we mark Ren’s body with our semen, the smell will stick for a few days even if Ren washed his body. Beastman respect each other’s boundaries so if we mark Ren, we can prevent other beastman to make a pass on Ren.” I explained.

Since we had the perfect opportunity presented to us, it would be a sin to let it pass away like that.

Besides, Ren was a really good catch you know?

He smelled really enticing, his face had this gentle kind of beauty that made you entranced, he had good personality and to top it all off, he was damn good at cooking.


Now that I think about it, my (future) wife was completely flawless.

We really needed to mark Ren’s properly so other beastman knew who Ren belongs to.

“But you know, I don’t think it’s really necessary now. Since we’re always by Ren-kun’s side so I don’t think those bugs have any chance to get close to Ren-kun. I think it’s better if we take things slowly for now.” Fer interjected.

“Well you got a point there but… Don’t you think that Ren-chan will look super erotic when we drenched him in our semen?~ But if you insisted, I don’t mind holding myself back this time.”

Oh no.. Those two agreed to not do it..

What should I do now..?

Talking was not my forte.. I didn’t know what I should say to convince them..

“Fine then.. We have three place, the toilet, the bathroom and the inn room. I think that’s all? The inn room is the best choice though since we can do it while looking at Ren.”

“Let’s decide it with rock-paper-scissor.” Fer suggested.

“Yeah, that’s the best way to decide things fairly.” Chris agreed.

I wanted to do it in the inn room!!

Even if I couldn’t touch Ren because it wouldn’t be fair otherwise but at the very least I could have a really view while doing it.



Lucky! I got the inn room!

“Ahh, you absolutely cannot touch Ren-chan okay??”

“Touching is forbidden!”

Yeah, yeah I knew it already.

“I know, I know. Just hurry up and decide which one get the toilet and bathroom.” I shrugged my shoulder.

In the end, Chris got the bathroom and Fer got the toilet.

They gave me detailed what to do and what NOT to do before they left the room.

We had 30 minutes to do our business and that was it.

In anyway, I get it already, touching is forbidden so hurry up and go…

After they went out of the room, I positioned myself close to Ren’s sleeping figure.

“Ah.. Looking at Ren’s body like this.. Truly bad for my heart… He looks so erotic and the smell of his semen still sticks to his body.. I want to devour him…”

Inhaling the air deeply, I focused myself on the smell of Ren’s enticing smell.

I imagined myself pistoning in and out of Ren’s supple ass, the way his body bounced with each thrust…

The way his hand tiny hand wrapped around my bulging hard on, his stroke was clumsy but he was so focused on getting me to feel good..

Ah, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

In one swift motion, I let my pants down to the floor.

I hissed slightly when I felt the cold air around but Ren’s smell was making me hard in no time.

“I wonder whether I can fit myself in.. No, I want to fit myself in..”

I murmured to myself as I looked at Ren’s lithe body.

“I only have 30 minutes.. I have to use the time I have left carefully.”

Pulling a chair close to Ren’s bed, I sat and stroked myself.

I focused on the way Ren’s chest heaving up and down, I was mesmerized with how peaceful he looked.

“Ah.. Ghu… This.. Is.. Bad..” I gasped breathlessly as pleasure invaded my mind.

With Ren laying so close to me like this, the sensation felt so much better than when I did it alone.

I felt my penis twitched on my hand, precum started to leak from my blunt tip.

“Ah.. Ren.. I want to embrace you soon..”

I wonder when will we be able to go all the way with Ren?

Maybe I needed to wait until we returned back to Pedrell?

I kept on thinking about the possible scenario while stroking myself.

Just a little more, I could felt my ejaculation was close.

“Ren.. I like you.. Ah… Ngh.. Ren..”

Right at that moment, I almost let my come sputtered on Ren’s.

In my haste, I immediately covered my tip with my hands to prevent any of the white liquid from falling on top of Ren.

“Ah… So good.. I can do this over and over again.. Ah, my hand is all dirty now. [Clean]!”

In seconds, the sticky semen disappeared, leaving my hand pristine clean again.

“Ren.. I want to make you ours soon..”

I murmured as I stroked Ren’s cheek gently, careful not to wake him up.


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Devil’s Origin Chapter 25

Chapter 25 : Nightmare (Werewolf)

A/N: This chapter contains gore, violence, cannibalism and non con. Continue reading at your own risk. Rated R18G! Also, this chapter doesn’t contain any key component for the story so it’s okay to skip this chapter if the violence is too much for you. Remember, read at your own risk!

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I could hear it clearly.

The sound of flesh being torn apart, muscles being pulled forcefully, blood dripping precariously from fresh wound.

The sound felt so close, as if someone was tearing somebody right beside me.

It felt so close..

As if…

The sound was coming from my own body.

————-Well of course, because you’re being eaten right now.————-

“Ngh! Ha..Ha..Ha..”

I woke up with a jolt.

I knew it was a dream but the pain felt so real.

Even now, my body was hurting as if I was being torn apart but no wound could be seen on me.

I touched my face and to my surprise, I had been crying in my sleep.

The wet trails of my tears were still fresh and once again, my tear gland broke and I found myself sobbing alone in my bed.

My heart was beating so fast. I was scared.

It felt so real even though it was only a dream but the pain, the memories, the sound, everything felt so real.

I covered my face with my right hand and chanted in my heart.

I’m alright. I’m alright. I’m alright.

……… I’m still alright.

………… I’m not broken yet.


“Young master, did you have that dream again?” Velke called out to me.

I was still burying my face on my pillow, not ready to face the day yet but Velke must’ve noticed that I was already awake and came to check on me.

“I’m sorry I woke you up. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Instead of leaving, Velke came up to me and patted my back gently.

“Young master, it’s alright. I am here now. Everything will be alright.”

The steady rhythm of Velke’s hand calmed my heart and eventually I was lulled back to sleep again.


Please set me free from this nightmare.






The first time it happened, my body felt feverish and the pain spreaded through my body like spider’s web.


Losing himself in madness, the werewolf pierced my skin with his fang.

*munch munch*

He pinned my body down, bit my neck and tore my flesh apart.


I screamed for his name but all I could see in his eyes was nothing but deep hatred for the human.

His heart was already sinking into the pool of madness, my voice couldn’t reach him anymore.

Tears flowing like a river from his eyes, mourning for the loss of his beloved brother.

He pistoned his hips, thrusting his genital into my virgin hole.

My skin got torn from his rough movement, blood and precum mixing in, the color became grossly pink as if mocking my own weakness.

Lexus was chewing on my flesh but he never stopped thrusting his hips.

I didn’t know where the pain came from anymore, every corner of my body was hurting.

I tried to reach out to Lexus’s face but he bit my arm off instead.


My voice, my desperate plea couldn’t reach him.

The sound of bones creaking, of muscles snapping from my flesh, reverberated inside my head.

His erection grew bigger, he was going to come soon.

His brutal pace grew even faster, I screamed and screamed but to no avail.

My body was nothing but a tool to relieve his lust and hatred.


In one swift movement, he broke my right arm.

The white bone sticking up beneath my red wound.

The pain was overwhelming, I’ve never felt this much pain before.

My body slowly shutting down, as if to protect my last bit of sanity from this madness.


Was it pain?

Was it heat?

I didn’t know anymore.

I screamed in despair as my body was filled with nothing but pain.



Inside of Lexus’s mind, everything was the same.

The passion for revenge, the passion for body, everything got muddled up together in the whirlwind of insanity.

Using his sharp fangs, Lexus tore my arm and chewed my flesh down.

His mouth was dyed in the color of my blood, the smell of fresh wound filled my noise like poison.

While he was tearing my body apart, his hips kept on pistoning in and out of my entrance, his balls smacked my buttock with each thrust.

After he finished eating my arm, he spit my bones out and shifted his hungry gaze onto my stomach.

Without any hesitation, he plunged his teeth into my abdomen.


Bile raising up from my throat, making me vomit my gastric acid out.

Lexus slurped on my entrails and gulped it down.

My body was small compared to his massive one, each bite of his large fangs was already enough to split my body in half.

When he was finished with my entrails, he dived in again to chew on my other organs.

I could hear the sound of my organs being pulled from my body, the squelching sound as he gulped on my blood, the cluttering sound as he spit my bones out.

I didn’t know if there was any part of my body that was left untouched anymore.


Suddenly, Lexus’s piercing howl could be heard.

His howl was filled with despair from losing his brother.

Lexus was losing himself to the hatred and grief, I couldn’t help but take pity on his tormented soul.

Even while he was wailing in sadness right in front of me, I couldn’t do anything.

I was powerless.

As if he was tired from crying his heart out, Lexus resumed on eating my stomach out.

At that time, I realized that his mouth dangerously close to my nether region.


His long penis was still thrusting into me, reaching into my rectum.

If he were to eat my womb, he would’ve hurt the children that was growing inside of me.

I couldn’t allow that!

I didn’t know whether Lexus understood it or not but he didn’t touch my womb, instead he was eating other part of my body.

My own blood was choking me, I coughed it out weakly.

My body was screaming, my heart was yelling.

Being faced with this cruelty, I wonder whether my soul will go down into spiral of madness as well?

My head felt like it was being split into two, the ringing wouldn’t stop.

At the same time, Lexus finally reached his limit.

His white, thick semen spurted inside my womb.

Blackness slowly engulfed my mind, the last thing I could hear was the sound of Lexus eating my body out.


“So, what are you doing here?”

“Master Velke, I came because I heard Maou-sama was hurting because of me..”

In front of Velke, Lexus was sitting in seiza with a sign on his body read ‘I am a mongrel.’

Was this sort of thing going to become the new fetish here?

Like humiliation play or something?

Somehow, my head hurt thinking about it.

I didn’t know that Velke liked that kind of play..

“Why are you sitting in the corridor then?! You’re being a hindrance here!”

“Hii! I understand…”

His wolf’s ear slumped down dejectedly.

“If you can do your job as the castle’s guard perfectly, I might consider my judgement on you.”


Lexus’s face brightened up immediately at Velke’s remarks.

His ears twitching up and down excitedly and he sprinted out while yelling ,”I will do my best!”


Actually, I still thought that Lexus was scary.

Just imagining mating with him again, my body shivered involuntarily.

The trauma was already etched deep inside my mind.

There was no one to be blamed on for the incident that happened, Lexus was not himself back then.

I knew that Lexus meant no harm to me but I was still scared of him.

It’s alright. It’s alright.

While chanting to myself, I turned my heel around toward the nursery room to play with the children.


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Chapter 24


Chapter 26

Alsar Chapter 46

Chapter 46 : Beastman’s Ear

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T/N: I should’ve continued translating the side chapter but I got distracted and translated this chapter instead.


We were walking in one straight line until we reached the forest’s outskirt.

The road was pretty wide so the three big magical horses could walk side by side together.

On each side of the road, fields of soft looking grass was spread upon us.

The grass swayed by the wind making a soft rustling sound to accompany our travel.

“If we walk a little further, we will reach a spot with big tree growing around. The tree could work as a shade for our camping place. That’s why William, please work hard for a little bit more, okay?~” Chris-san said as he gently stroked William’s ear.


Unlike the cool breeze like when we were in the forest, the sun rays in the open field was really hot.

I found myself sweating through my shirt, I was sure it was even more unbearable for William and the others.

Ah, I hoped we could quickly reach a spot with a shade so our horses could took a shelter from the heat soon.

“I feel sorry for the horses, is it alright if we pick up the pace?” I asked.

“You’re right, Ren-kun. Let’s pick up the pace a little bit. I think if we hurry now, in about 5 minutes we will reach our camping spot.” Fer-san replied as he kicked Viktor’s side and Viktor sprinted off in return.

Chris-san and Sig-san also followed suit, the four of us were sprinting across the grassland with our horses now.

True to his words, after 5 minutes had passed I could see a line of big tree sprouting from the ground.

I sighed in relief after we finally walked into the shade, we didn’t have to worry about the heat anymore.

“If it’s here, William and the others will be alright.”

We passed trees after trees until finally we reached a vacant space, protected from the sun rays by the tree around it.

This must be the spot Chris-san was talking about.

“Ren,the tent please.”


As per usual, I took out the tent from my magic bag and started to set up our camp.

I really need to thank Malik-san for giving me such big tent!

“I’ve finished giving Viktor and the others their food and water. Shall we head into the tent now?” Fer-san suggested.

While Chris-san and Sig-san was helping me setting up our tent, Fer-san was tending to our horses.

“Ah.. I cannot sleep beside Ren-chan too today.. Ugh.. I want to hurry up and return to Pedrell already…”

Chris-san walked into the tent dejectedly while holding a thin blanket.

According to the agreement they had previously, Chris-san had to sleep the furthest away from me until we reached Pedrell.

“Chris, you’ve been sleeping together with Ren during the trip to Calhea, right? Me and Fer never had the chance to be alone together with Ren so this kind of compensation is reasonable enough.”

“Ah, that’s right. Ren-kun, when we reach Pedrell how about if we go on a date? Just the two of us.”

“Oh! Nice idea! Yeah, let’s do that! Let’s take turn going on date with Ren!”

“Me, me! Count me in!~”

The three of them then entered the tent after using ‘Clean’ beforehand.

Somehow, without me noticing they already agreed to have a date in sequence order with me..

A date with the three of them huh..

I’ve went out with Chris-san before, just the two of us but this time the situations was different since we’ve become fiancee now.

“Well, let’s sleep first and talk about it more later.” Sig-san plopped into the mattress after he finished unequipped his armor.

Looking at the their breastplate made me thinking, maybe I should have one as well?

Thanks to the subjugation quest, I’ve received quite a sum of money and breastplate seemed useful so maybe I should buy it after all.

I laid down between Sig-san and Fer-san, wrapped myself in thin blanket and asked,“Maybe it’s a bit late for me to ask but do you guys think I should have a breastplate and gauntlet to protect myself?”

“Hmm~ Do you want to use one, Ren-chan?~ I think, since Ren-chan’s physical abilities is not that good, having a gauntlet or breastplate might hinder your movement and resulted in you suffering more damages than not wearing it~ The three of us have trained our body well and used the armor since we were little so we’re fine but for Ren-chan.. Hmm~”

“Chris is right. In addition, usually support magician like Ren-kun prefer equipment with more flexibility like mantle and staff. Support magician mainly work as support in the rear side so they rarely need to face the opponent head on. Having heavy armor on is not convenient for them.”

Well judging from the way that Redondo dragon flailed his tail, I doubt having breastplate or gauntlet might give any considerable effect to reduce the damage.

It was like trying to extinguish a forest fire with a bucket of water.

In fact, having my movement slowed down because I was not used wearing it might’ve posed more danger instead.

But I also never had a staff or cane before, my battle equipment was pretty much nonexistent huh..

“Ah but Ren you also don’t have a staff, right? While offensive magician rarely wields staff, usually support magician needs a staff to enhance their magic. You’re really amazing Ren, to be able to cast great magic without using staff. ”

“Eh? But Malik-san also never uses staff when he taught me before and he never mentioned anything about staff to me so I didn’t know that I should’ve use a staff to cast support magic.”

Since Malik-san never said anything about staff and I never used it when practicing I thought what I was doing was not something special or anything.

Ah but if I remember correctly, Tord-san also never use a staff too so maybe a support magician without staff was not that rare after all?

“Malik-san is bad at support magic, right? Since he’s bad at it, using a staff or not won’t have any effect at all so maybe that’s why he never used it with you, Ren.”

“Ah yeah, Malik-san did mention he was bad at it.. But when Tord-san was teaching me support magic he also never used a staff too.”

“Tord huh.. He works as guild staff and is a beastman, right? I’ve heard that even though he never works as adventurer before, his support magic is remarkable.” Fer-san nodded.


Surprisingly, Tord-san was someone remarkable!

Everyone had never mentioned me anything like that so I thought he was a common support magician..

“You know Ren, a lot of retired adventurer choose to work as guild staff but the amount of ordinary people that work as guild staff is plenty as well. Usually it’s because they admire the guild master or someone else associated with the guild. Either way it’s not unusual for ordinary people to work in the guild as well.”

“Yeah, Tord-san mentioned that he admires Malik-san. Maybe that’s why he decided to work in the guild. But.. Wearing a staff is common for support magician after all huh…I didn’t know that..”

I should’ve bought one before I went to Calhea..

But since I never used it before, I will need to accustom myself to it first, right?

Should I buy it though?

It sounds like a hassle..

I could use support magic relatively well without it in the first place after all and I’m afraid that it will hinder me instead like the gauntlet and breastplate..

“Well even without using a staff Ren-chan can already use incredible support magic. I think rising up to S-rank is not impossible for Ren-chan~”

“Then I won’t buy it. I’m also afraid that since I’m not used to have it, I might’ve misplaced it somewhere and forgot about it instead.” I replied with wry laugh.

Sometimes I forgot to wear my mantle before I went out after all.

“Well if there’s no question Ren want to ask, shall we go to sleep now?”

“Yes, good night everyone.”

I bid they goodnight and closed my eyes, ready to sleep.

I’m sure when I woke up I’d found myself being hugged tightly by Sig-san and Fer-san per usual.


As expected, when I woke up I realized that Sig-san was embracing me tightly in his sleep.

Seemed like this time I was the first one to wake up, the three of them were still sleeping peacefully.

“His ear is so cute..I wonder if it’s alright if I touch it..?” I murmured as I looked at Sig-san’s twitching ear.

I never touched Sig-san’s ear before.

I wonder whether wolf’s ear have the same feeling as dog’s ear?

It would be alright if I were to touch it for a little bit, right?

Yeah, just a little bit..

I shifted my body and tried to wiggle my arms out of Sig-san’s crushing hug.

“Whoa, so soft..”

Sig-san’s ear was so soft and fluffy!

The inside of his ear looked like ordinary human’s ear though, only that instead of an earlobe he had wolf’s ear with silver fur growing all over it.

“Hy-ah!” Sig-san let out a soft whine when I stroked his ear.

Did I accidentaly tickled him?

His ear was still twitching even though I already let my hand go.

Ah, I need to be more careful not to wake him up.

I still want to touch him more..

“Sig-san’s ear is so fluffy..”

I massaged the bottom part of Sig-san’s ear joyfully.

The soft fur felt nice against my finger, I couldn’t stop touching it!

“Ngh.. K-uh.. R-Ren..? Ngh..! You.. Why are you touching my ear? Do you know the meaning behind touching a beastman’s ear?”

Sig-san suddenly woke up when I was busy stroking his ear.

Somehow even though he had just woken up, his eyes looked like a predator focusing at his prey.

“Eh? Ehh?”

What did he mean?

I didn’t know that there was any special meaning in touching a beastman’s ear!

Had I offended him??

When I was having internal turmoil, suddenly Sig-san captured my lips into his.

I fell on top of his body, practically straddling his lap.

“Ngh! Mmha!”

I moaned as Sig-san pushed his tongue inside, our heated flesh were coiling together.

“Eh?~ Why Sig-san is attacking Ren-chan?~”

Chris-san was looking at us curiously while being half-asleep.

“C-Chris-san! Ah-! Ngh! Ya-ah!”

I was about to call out to Chris-san but Sig-san didn’t let my lips go for long instead, he deepened our kiss even further.

Out of nowhere, while being kissing passionately by Sig-san I felt a sensation on my nether region.

His big hand was stroking my clothed penis feverishly.

“Umm.. Can someone explain what’s happening here to me?” Fer curiously asked.

“I don’t understand either~ When I woke up the two of them were already going at it like this~”

The other two were already awake and they were talking nonchalantly.

“Nhg…! Hy-ah!!”

I thought that Sig-san finally released me but instead he shifted his attention to my left ear instead!

His circled the lobe, coating it with his saliva before he plunged his tongue into my ear canal.

The squelching sound of his tongue and saliva combined with his ragged breath could be in point blank, sending shiver all over my body.

“Fu-ah.. Ren is at fault here. He was the one that touched my ear while I was sleeping.”

“Oh I see, well that means this is Ren-chan’s fault then but.. It’s unfair if Sig-san the only one that get to touch Ren-chan! Let the two of us join in too!~”

“E-eh? Ngh..! W-why? Mmh-ah!”

Just what exactly was the meaning behind touching a beastman’s ear??

No one explained anything to me!

Chris-san slowly creeping in, he smirked devilishly as he rubbed my sensitive nipples over my shirt.

My body trembled involuntarily as the pleasant sensation was spreading all over my body.

I could feel my penis twitching in the palm of Sig-san’s hand, he was fondling my shaft expertly.

“For a beastman, their ear are their erogenous zone. Usually they only permitted their companion to touch it. Ren-kun is Sig’s fiance so there’s nothing wrong with touching it but touching it voluntarily like that means Ren-kun is inviting Sig to do naughty things together.” Fer-san dutifully explained.

“W-what? Nngh.! Mmh-ah! Th-that kind of thing..!” I gasped between moans, both Chris-san and Sig-san was still focusing on touching my sensitive spots.

I didn’t know it was their erogenous zone and I didn’t have any intention to do naughty things with Sig-san!

Finally deciding to join in, Fer-san pulled my pants off, my penis immediately sprung up when nothing was restricting it.

“Fufu~ Ren-chan’s cute nipples looks so stiff!~”

Chris-san was flicking my right nipples while he used his other hand to pinch my left areola.

I didn’t realize that he already took my shirt off, when did he do it?!

“This part of him looks eager too.”

Fer-san wrapped my shaft into his gentle hand stroking it to full erection and fondled my balls at the same time.

“Mmha.. Ahng..!”

I arched my body to their touch, sliver of pleasure was spreading from every inch of my body.

Sig-san gently caressed my cheeks as he kissed me passionately, his tongue was exploring the top part of my gum.

“.. We’ve promised not to go all the way yet but we’ve also told you that we will train your backside, right? So here we go..”

He let my lips go, bridge of saliva connected us together before it fell apart seconds later.

Sig-san licked the excess saliva from the corner of my mouth, while humming excitedly.

After he deemed that there was no more excess saliva left, Sig-san swapped place with Fer-san.

He stroked my butt with his rough hand, making me tremble in excitement.

“Ren-chan, remember this carefully!~ You must never ever touch other beastman’s ear! It’s alright if you touch Sig’s but you also need to be prepared for the outcomes too, okay?~” Chris-san chided me but even without you telling me I wouldn’t touch other people’s ear anyway!

Slick, cold sensation could be felt as Sig-san used ‘Lubrication’ on me.

He spread my buttcheeks apart and pushed one of his finger in, stretching my stiff ring of muscle.

“Ah..! Y-yes..! Ngh..! Ah! Sig-san! Mmh..! S-Suddenly..!”

It was only one finger but because his finger was so long and thick, the sudden stretch shocked me.

“Sig, don’t be impatient.” Fer-san flipped my body over so I was leaning my face on his shoulder.

He pulled my chin away and sucked on my neck harshly.

“Sorry.. Ren, are you alright? I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

I couldn’t really concentrate on what was happening anymore, jolts of pleasure invaded my every senses.

I was writhing helplessly as more mark was being left behind by Fer-san’s kisses.

“Whoa.. Your face is so erotic.. Ren can you please hold your leg together?”

“Eh? Ah..! Y-yeah..! Ngh..!”

Sig-san moved so he was right in front of my naked butt while I was laying on all four on top of the mattress.

Suddenly, something was penetrating my tightly closed thighs.

I looked down at my thighs and I saw Sig-san’s big, long penis was moving in and out between my closed thighs.


T/N : Click here for the explanation of sumata.

Sig-san used ‘Lubrication’ to coat my thighs and his penis with slippery liquid to ease his movement.

His penis grazed upon mine each time he moved.

How do I say this.. This.. This felt amazingly good.

Sig-san’s finger was still inside of me, without me noticing he already added another finger, scissoring my sensitive muscle.

The sound of squelching mess, combined with my ragged breaths filled our tent.

Pleasure after pleasure was building inside of me, my face must be a panting mess.

“Whoa~ That looks nice~ Ren-chan can you lick mine too?~”

Fer-san and Chris-san were gazing at me from the side.

Chris-san moved closer to my right, holding his half-hard penis in front of me.

From my current position, it was hard for me to put his erection inside of my mouth so instead, I lolled my tongue out, ready for him to use.

“Fu-ah.. Ah..”

I licked the underside of Chris-san’s long penis, the hot stick felt nice against my tongue.

Feeling left out, Fer-san uttered,“This position is restricting Ren-kun’s hand huh. Sig, can you please shift Ren-kun’s position so he can use his hands?”

Obediently, Sig-san pulled his dick out of my thighs and turned my body over easily.

“Ahn..? W-ah!”

I was laying on my back right now.

Are we going to do sumata while in missionary position?

Since my hands were free, I grasped Fer-san’s and Chris-san’s penis and stroked the shaft diligently.

They showed their gratitude by pinching my nipples, Chris-san on my right nipple and Fer-san on my left nipple.

Each time their nimble fingers stroked my sensitive nubs, my body shivered in return.

It felt like a small electricity jolt that went straight to my aching erection.

Sig-san brought my legs together again and nestled his penis between my thighs again.

“Ahn…Ah… Crap.. It feels super good..”

Sig-san leaned forward, forcing my knees to bend so it was right beside my face.

Drops of sweats were dripping on my cheeks, I looked up to see Sig-san’s breathing heavily.

His silver locks were wet with sweats, his eyes was tightly shut as he tried to concentrate on feeling good using my thighs.

Little fangs were protruding from his mouth as he heaved heavily, his sculpted muscles felt hard against my soft legs.

Sig-san looked very sexy and lustrous like this, I felt myself being enthralled by his manly pheromones.

“Fu..Ah…Hah… Clo-se.. I’m so close..! Ahn..!”

All of my sensitive places were being played at, I could feel the budding pleasure on the base of my penis, ready to burst.

I wanted to come, I could feel it..

Just a little bit more..!

“What’s this.. Ah.. Feels.. Super good.. Ren.. I’m also.. At my limit.. Ha..”

As if responding to my plea, Sig-san picked up his pace.

He was pistoning his hips roughly, bruising my nether region with his quickened pace.

“Ah..! Nngh..! Ahn..! C-cumming..!”

I yelled as I felt my penis spurting messily all over my chest.

Sig-san kept on thrusting even when I was still coming, turning my mind into spiralling mess.

Not long after, Sig-san came with a grunt.

“Ah…Ha.. Did it feel good, Ren?” Sig-san grinned at me.

“Don’t forget about us.” Fer-san reprimanded.

“Well~ It must’ve felt amazingly good so it can’t be helped~ Well Ren-chan, next is me and Fer’s turn okay?~”


In the end, Fer-san and Chris-san also took turns having sumata with me.

After three rounds of continuous sumata, my body was drenched in semen and lubricant.

The dried semen was sticking to my chest and stomach, it felt uncomfortable but since I was drunk on pleasure, I didn’t take notice of it until everything was finished.

My thighs was red and chafed from the nonstop rubbing, I had to use ‘Heal’ because my skin hurt each time I moved.


A/N: Ren has experienced a lot of new things ever since he arrived at Alsar, yeah? (LOL) Finally Ren can touch Sig’s ear! He has been wanting to touch it ever since he first met Sig! Of course, Sig would never let someone other than Ren touch his ear!

T/N: You like sumata?? Well you get 3 sumatas!

Chapter 45


Chapter 47

Alsar Side Story 2

Side Story 2 : Let’s Ask About Their Sexual Experience!

T/N: So this side story will be in Q&A format. Enjoy!


The participant :

Christian – 30 years old.

Ferdinand – 27 years old.

Sigurd – 25 years old.

Q: We’re going to ask some questions regarding your sexual experience!

Christian (a.k.a Chris) : Hmm, our sexual experience huh?~

Ferdinand (a.k.a Fer) : Why are you asking such things from us…

Sigurd (a.k.a Sig) : There’s nothing much to talk about and I doubt my story is interesting for you to hear, you know?

Q: Tell us about your first sexual experience!

Chris : My first time huh~ I was 13 years old back then. It was with the maid that worked for my family. I was sleeping peacefully all by myself when suddenly she came onto me and things just progressed from there. I was really surprised when I saw someone was climbing on top of me in the dead of night!

Fer : Do I really have to answer this question….? Ugh.. My first time was when I was 15 years old. There’s not much to say about it since I was doing it for the sake of my sexual education.  

Sig : Ah, I did it when I was 15 too! I was already working as an adventurer back then and I did it with the daughter of the innkeeper that I stayed at.

Q: I see, seems like everyone’s first time is with a woman. What about man? Tell us about your first experience with a man!

Chris : Hmm~ I had just started my job as adventurer so I think I was about 18 back then? I was doing a quest in a party you see~ Then the night came and I was approached with a member of my party and you know the rest~”

Sig : Right after my first time, I was walking down the street and someone called out to me. He was a man and since I hadn’t experienced sex with a man before, I decided to go along with him.

Fer : Hmm.. Me.. I was 18 I guess.. I was drinking with my childhood friend. He was the third son of a noble family. We drunk too much and decided to fool around for a little bit then.

Q: When you’re doing it with a man, do you prefer to be the top then?

Fer : That’s right.

Sig : I never thought about it before. Anything’s fine for me.

Chris : Hmm~  I’m fine either way too~ But somehow I always become the top~

Q: What’s your woman to man ratio?

Sig : For me, I mostly do it with a woman. I prefer the soft body of a woman after all. If we’re talking about ratio then I guess around 10:90. I only do it with a man when there’s no woman available like during a quest.

Chris : Me?~ 50:50 for me ~ Basically if someone invites me and their appearance is to my liking, I will go with them~ I don’t mind if they’re a man or woman~

Fer : Same like Sig, 10:90. I don’t have much experience with men to be honest.

Q:  In Alsar, there’s multiple races living together harmoniously, right? Like elf, beastman, and demonkind. Do you have any experience doing it with other races than human?

Chris : I’ve done with all of them.

Sig : I never done it with demonkind before. I’d like to if I ever meet one by chance though.

Fer : I don’t have any experience with demonkind too.. Chris.. You… You really don’t have any boundaries huh..

Q: How many people have you done with so far? Just rough estimation is fine if you’re not sure how much.

Fer : I think I haven’t done it with too many people. Maybe around 40 to 50 people?

Chris : Ah this is a hard one~ I really don’t know how many people I’ve done with… I’ve done it with fellow party member, with random person on the street…Also I’ve done it with the same people multiple times.. Ah..  It’s hard to estimate it but if I have to guess.. Maybe around 300ish?

Sig : Chris… You.. Really, that number is outrageous. In any case, for me.. Maybe around 100 I guess.

Q: Ah.. Somehow I think it’s better if Ren didn’t know about this interview.. Okay the last one! Please say something to our lovely reader!

Sig : Thank you for reading! Please look forward to our lovey dovey days with Ren!

Fer : That’s right. I want to lock Ren-kun up because he’s too cute, I don’t want anyone to see him but at the same time I want to boast him around so people can see how cute he is. My feelings is so complicated.. Anyway thank you for reading. Please continue to support us!

Chris : Fufu~ I hope you guys will enjoy reading our story and for the author to enjoy writing about us as well~


A/N: Surprisingly, Fer has done it with a lot more people than expected. Well the sense of virtue in Alsar differs from earth after all.

T/N: Edit. Mahotsukikonran inspires me to do the math.

Let’s do Chris’s first.
30-13=17 years
17*12=204 months
204*30=6120 days
6120÷300=20 days
So that means Chris has 1 new partner every 20 days.

25-15=10 years
10*12=120 months
120*30=3600 days
3600÷100= 36 days
So that means Sig has new partner every 36 days.

27-15=12 years
12*12=144 months
144*30= 4320 days
4320÷50 =86 days
So that means Fer has new partner every 86 days.

When we break it down like this I think they’re not that slutty I guess? Having one night stand every few weeks is not that uncommon, right?

Side Story 1


Side Story 3

Alsar Side Story 1

Side Story 1 : During Calhea Subjugation Quest

A/N: This side story happened between chapter 28 and 29.

T/N: I forgot that Alsar have side story. When I started translating Alsar, I told myself “Hmm, I must not forget to translate the side story accordingly.” And guess what? I FORGOT.

Click here for chapter 28.

Click here for chapter 29.


We were walking through the grassland side by side.

The grass here was not as thick as the other side so we didn’t have much trouble walking through it.

I was walking beside Sig-san.

How should I say it…


When I turned my head, the only thing I could see was Sig-san’s chest.

If I want to see Sig-san’s face, I need to tilt my head upwards, otherwise my field of vision is filled with Sig-san’s wide chest.

“Umm.. There’s something I’m curious about ever since we met.. Just.. How tall are you, Sig-san?”

“Hm? Me? I’m around 225 cm if I’m not wrong. What about it?”

O-oh.. So he was taller by 50 cm..

“Sig-san is too big for his own good, right?~”

“Eh? Then how tall are you, Chris-san?”

“Me?~ I’m 205 cm~ I have the perfect height to hug Ren-chan!~”

Chris-san was shorter but he was still big too..

What about Fer-san hmm…

I looked to the side and stared at Fer-san’s face intensely.

“Please don’t look at me like that. I think I’m 210 cm tall.” Fer-san replied, his cheeks was tinted in pink.

Everyone was so tall!

Since the average height for men in Alsar was 200cm, that means everyone here was taller than the average man.

Ah, wait.

Maybe the average height for beastman is different than ordinary human?

“The beastman that I saw in town was tall but.. I think Sig-san is taller than them?”

“Ah, yeah. I’m taller than the average folks but the beastman that live in the city is the smaller bunch you know. If you look at it closely, the beastman that become adventurer are usually the tiger beastman or wolf beastman like I am. They’re all bigger than the beastman that lives in the city, like the rabbit beastman, bird beastman and so on.”

“That’s because in general the tiger and wolf beastman are stronger than the other kind. So works that focused on brute strength or muscle strength is easier for them. It’s not that the other beastman are weaker than the tiger and wolf but generally speaking the tiger and wolf have more muscle mass and bigger than the other.” Fer-san added.

Oh I see.

So if I were to use the popular Japanese term…

The carnivorous men tend to become adventurer while herbivorous men tend to search for more peaceful job in the town.

“I see.. I was curious because everyone is so tall but as expected, the three of you are taller than the average people huh.”


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Chapter 28

Chapter 29


Side Story 2

Devil’s Origin Chapter 24

Chapter 24 : Cat Sidhe

T/N: My god this chapter is horribly long. I’m tired just by looking at it. The usual chapters have around 2-3k japanese words while this chapter have 5k japanese words. Anyway I use cat sidhe instead of Cat sìth because I don’t have that.. (ì) on my keyboard so cat sidhe it is! Also, cat sidhe reminds me of this character from final fantasy.

Also.. WARNING! GRAPHIC DEPICTION OF RAPE (but then again if you need warning for rape and such, you shouldn’t be reading Devil Origin in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


On a clear, sunny day, he came into the audience room.

“Are you Maou-sama?”

The young demon before me had piercing golden eyes with slick, dark brown fur covering his body.

He wore a black tunic, complete with matching boots.

His well proportioned face was still gleaming with youth, his big golden eyes looked so mesmerizing as he stared at me.

Judging from his appearance, he might be around 17 or 18 years old.

“That’s right.” I replied.

“Thank you for granting me an audience with you. I’m but a lowly merchant, a Cat Sidhe, at your service.”

He casted his big eyes downward and kneeled in front of me gracefully.

<<Seems like he’s the sole survivor of Cat Sidhe, a fairy with the appearance of a cat. Ah how unusual, he’s LV 90!!>>


<<The average LV of Cat Sidhe is around 15. This Cat Sidhe’s LV is very high indeed.>>

Oh I see..

“Pledge your loyalty to me and I will grant you a family.”

“Understood, Maou-sama.”

As per usual, the two of us went to the mating room after Cat Sidhe agreed to become my servant.

When I was about to open the door, suddenly I felt something hitting my head. I turned my head immediately but there was no one else here except Cat Sidhe.


“Maou, you’re so naive. Just because I’m a fellow demonkind, you let your guard down in front of me.”

I felt my consciousness drifted away, my vision slowly clouded in darkness as Cat Sidhe’s voice became nothing but a blur.


Opening my eyes, I scanned my surrounding.

Seemed like I was inside a small hut, there was barely any light here, making it harder to look around.

Hmm.. This place is not the Maou’s castle for sure..

“Maou, have you woken up?”

Cat Sidhe called out to me, he was smiling maliciously while purposely showing his sharp fang to me.

“What is happening…?”

I tried to get up but there was something constricting my wrist and neck, making me unable to move.

Looking up, I saw that my arms was stretched on top of me,my wrist bounded together on a pillar.

On my neck, there was a dog collar with its chain connected to the same pillar that constricting my wrist.

Just..What is happening here..?

“You still don’t understand what’s happening here? I don’t know if you’re a really optimistic person or a fool. Well I understand why though. Everyone pampered you, loved you and protected you. Pfft, how laughable.”

Cat Sidhe took a seat on top of a wooden box and pulled the chain connecting to my wrist.

I fell in front of him, he was looking down at me as he continued,” Maou is a rare specimen indeed. If I were to sell you in an auction, I’d surely gained heaps of money. Oh, I know! I can put you on a show instead, raping you in front of paying audience and making you lay my eggs. I’m sure my show will become popular in an instant!”

Auction..? Sell..?

My body trembled as I realized what was happening.

This was the first time a demonkind betrayed me.

No, this must be a lie.. There’s no way.. Demonkind… My demonkind..

Even though I knew what was happening, my heart refused to believe it.

As if realizing the turmoil inside me, Cat Sidhe yanked my chain roughly again.

“You’re at fault for being so easy to deceive. Why are you looking at me like that? Oh? Is this the first time a demonkind ever betrayed you? Lucky me then, I get to be your first~”

The chain was being pulled again, I gasped as my flow of breath got cut up abruptly.

“What a pampered young master~ You sit there on your throne arrogantly while being spoiled with the demonkind that you seduced. You, who never knew of the dark side of this world.. Ah, I want to kill you so, so bad.” Cat Sidhe murmured lowly, his big eyes was glinting with hatred.

“Well even though you’re no more than a domesticated pig, you could fetch quite a sum of money in the blackmarket and.. I don’t see why I shouldn’t taste my own commodity before I sell it, no?”

There was nothing but hatred inside Cat Sidhe’s eyes. He then started to took off my pants and pushed me down.

I hysterically screamed at him to stop.

“N-No! Stop!!”

“What are you saying? It’s not like you’re a virgin, right? What a turn off.”

I tried my hardest to kick him off, flailed my arms and legs frantically despite being bounded but to no avail.

Cat Sidhe effortlessly pinned me down, took my clothes off and restrained me again.  

He flipped me down, pointing my butt up in the air and took his grotesque looking penis out.

His penis was covered in tiny bulging studs, as if the inside of his shaft was filled with pearls.

“You like what you see? I’m going to love you thoroughly with this thing.” Cat Sidhe grinned and without any preparation, he grinded his blunt head against my dry entrance.


“I told you, didn’t I? I’m going to do something very cruel to you.”

He pushed the tip inside, forcing his way to open my tight entrance.

“Ah..What is this.. So tight.. Ah! I haven’t put it all in but.. Your insides is hogging my penis real tight.. Ah..”

In one rough thrust, he pushed his penis balls deep inside me.

Pain shoot through all over my body in an instant.

The sensation of foreign substance moving inside me, thrusting in and out was making me cried out in pain.

“Ah! N-NO! AAA! Ngh! Ah! STOP!!”

Drips of hot tears flowed from my eyes, I screamed with all my might but Cat Sidhe didn’t even seem to care.

I could feel my gastric juice on the bottom of my throat, ready to expel the content of my stomach out.

No. This is wrong. This is wrong! I don’t want this!

For the first time in my life as Maou, I felt fear.

I wanted to run away.

Everything was painful and frightening, the burning hatred in Cat Sidhe eyes bore through my soul.

I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing, I’ve never felt something like this before.

Though the previous demonkind was rough during love making, they still accepted me as their maou.

But Cat Sidhe, he rejected me.

<<What are you going to do, Maou?>>

System? W-what..? What do you mean?

<<If you do not want Cat Sidhe’s children, you can use ‘Procreation Denial’ to prevent the sperm from developing into an egg.>>

All these time, system always encouraged me to keep producing more and more demonkind so I was a little taken aback when system suggested me to use ‘Procreation Denial’.

Actually right now, I was having a hard time wrapping my head with the reality.

I only felt pain, both emotionally and physically.

I didn’t consider what we were doing as ‘mating’ so I didn’t thought about getting pregnant with Cat Sidhe’s child.

“Hmm.. Will it feel even better if I do this?”

Cat Sidhe suddenly yanked my collar, cutting my flow of breath in one single motion.

I gasped for air desperately, my lung felt like it was burning away.


Cat Sidhe kept on pistoning his hips even though my head already felt lightheaded from the lack of oxygen.

“W-Why.. Why .. Do.. You hate..Me.. Ugh..! So much..? W-what..Agh! Have.. I done.. To you.. To earn this .. Hatred..?”

I asked between gasps.

I still didn’t understand why Cat Sidhe hated me so much that he wanted to kill me.

Had I done something to him without me noticing..?

“You..! You dare asking why!? You know nothing! Nothing!!”

Shouting in anger, Cat Sidhe threw his tunic away revealing his naked body to me.

Even though Cat sidhe already let my collar go, I once again felt breathless as I saw Cat Sidhe’s slender body.

His beautiful body was covered in wounds.

From deep cut wound to burn mark in varying sizes, his body was full of scar.

On his perky nipples, there was piercings and traces of small burn mark, probably from cigarette.

The cigarette mark spread across Cat Sidhe’s body like a pathway.

Straight, long and thin wound was scattered randomly, like someone slashed Cat Sidhe’s with a heavy whip long time ago.

“Gross isn’t? Those human.. They did this to me.” Cat Sidhe said with pained expression.

“5 years ago, my clan was destroyed by the hero. Luckily, me and my siblings managed to run away. There was 11 of us. We had nowhere to go, no one to lean on. One day the human found and caught us. Then.. The human sold my siblings to the slaughter house. I saw with my own eyes as my sibling were being fried alive in boiling oil. In the end, I was being sold to some old pervert. They liked my tiny, frail, young body. I begged for my life while pissing myself. Seemed like looking at me looked so pathetic like that turned them on so they let me live. All those time.. I kept on thinking.. If only… If only.. You were born sooner, me and my siblings wouldn’t have to go through all those torture. My family, my clan would’ve still been alive. If only… You came sooner…”

I could only silently listened as Cat Sidhe told me his past.

Just by looking at the scars, I knew Cat Sidhe had gone through tremendous pain.

Suddenly, Cat Sidhe lunged forward and grabbed my neck with both of his hand.

Even though I was being strangled, even though it was painful, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Cat Sidhe’s face.

“I knew.. I knew I was being unreasonable. I know that but I still couldn’t forgive you. You’re the Maou! You’re supposed to protect us! If only.. You were there..”

Drips of hot tears fell from Cat Sidhe’s big eyes.

If only I was born sooner, would I be able to do anything?

Could I.. put an end to this tragedy?

No, this is wrong.. Cat Sidhe.. He..

Cat Sidhe.. Actually he’s..

“You… You’ve been blaming yourself.. Because you are the only one left.. The only one that.. Survived.”


“You are the sole survivor and you blame yourself for it.”

“N-No! You’re wrong! I..I betrayed my siblings.. I begged for my life to those human.. The same human that killed my siblings..”

“The one that you can’t forgive wasn’t me, the maou but.. It was your own self.”

Cat Sidhe’s hands were trembling, he was shaking in shock.

“Just by looking at your body, I understand that you’ve been through hell.. Despite all the pain, the torture.. You survived. All these time, you’ve been blaming yourself because you were the only survivor left.”

Rather than me, Cat Sidhe hated himself for being the only one alive after all those hellish torture.

I could feel the deep grieve inside Cat Sidhe’s heart.

How he could only looked back at the memories of his dying sibling as he tried to survive in this world all by himself.

How he wanted to live but at the same time resented himself for being alive.

“Cat Sidhe..”


“Thank you. For surviving, for being alive. Even though you’ve walked through hell, you’re still alive. For that, I thank you.”

My wrists were still being tied together so it was a little hard to maneuver but somehow I managed hug Cat Sidhe.

“Your life.. The life that you deemed as unworthy.. I will change it. I will give you a reason for living.”

Cat Sidhe grabbed my shoulder, his nails was digging on my skin but I gritted my teeth and swallowed my pained grunt down.

“What do you mean..?”

“Cat Sidhe, I couldn’t come and saved you 5 years ago but I will save you now. I will grant you your wish.”

“My wish..?”

“I will grant you.. Forgiveness.”

Once again, tears rolled up from Cat Sidhe’s eyes.

His body looked really small as he sobbed.


“Yes. I forgive you for being alive.”

“I.. I.. I’m allowed to live..”


“It.. It was so scary..I cried everyday.. I clung to the human because I wanted to live.. Everyone.. Because I was the youngest, they protected me from being fried alive…”

“I understand.”

“Big sister told me to live.. With a smile on her face.. Even though she was being killed by the human..”


“It was painful but I survived.. It was so.. So hard.. Everything was so painful..”


“Is it alright for me to be alive..?”

“Yes, it’s alright.”

Cat Sidhe clung to me as he weeped.

“I forgive you.” I said as he hugged his sobbing body back.


<<Do you want to use ‘Procreation Denial’?>>

No, there’s no need to use it.

After crying his heart out, the fear and hatred in Cat Sidhe’s eyes was no more to be seen.

“Ah! Crap! I’m still inside of you!”

“If you could take this chain off, I’d be grateful.”

“You won’t run away?”

“…….. You’re still inside so there’s no way I can run off now, can I?”

While still sobbing lowly, Cat Sidhe took the chain and collar off.

“Don’t you think it’s about time for you to tell me your name?”

“……….. Collin.”

“Okay then, Collin you won’t sell me off, right?”

“Yeah.. Hehe.. It’s been five years since anyone called my name.”

Collin’s eyes perked up excitedly.

“Maou, will you give birth to my baby?”

“Of course. As a reward for trying your hardest all these time, I will give you lots and lots of baby.”

Collin purred happily, his smile looked so bright.

“Ah but I still have one last request.” He said.

“What’s that?”

“No matter what, I cannot come if my backside is not stimulated.”


The human had trained Collin thoroughly so he couldn’t come without having his backside stimulated huh.

Then Collin reached into his bag and retrieved a big, fat, black dildo.

It wasn’t as big as Velke’s penis but the size was still frightening indeed.

In one practiced movement, Collin licked the dildo so it was properly lubricated.

He pushed the dildo into his entrance and sighed,”Nghh..”

When the dildo was secured nicely inside of him, Collin then started to put his penis inside me once again.

With each thrust of his hips, the dildo shifted and hit his prostate gland, making him gasped in pleasure.

“Ma-Ang! Maou.. Does..It feels good? Ngh!”

“Mmngh… Feels.. Good.. Ngha-!”

Collin kept on thrusting into my special spot, making me saw white with each blunt attack.

With both end stimulated, Collin came deep inside of me, spurting his thick semen inside my womb.


<<You gained 6 LV by mating with Cat Sidhe! You received LV 15 ‘Appraisal’! You gained 15 Cat Sidhe eggs!>>


When we returned to Maou’s Castle, I decided to not tell the others about the ‘small abducting’ incident.

Velke looked at the red mark on my wrist suspiciously but thankfully he didn’t question it and let it slide quietly.

“Wait a minute! Isn’t this wheat too expensive?? Why are you buying imported wheat? The locally produced wheat is cheaper, you know? What do you mean everything is cheap if it’s for Maou-sama??? Ugh.. My head hurts.. This dragon scale! You should’ve sell it to Toruga Empire! You can fetch better price there! Ahh! I can’t stand it! Just leave the accounting and management to me already!”

“So noisy.” Velke replied curtly.

“Mr.Velke, no matter what I won’t stand idly while watching the castle’s management crumbling slowly! There’s too many wasteful expenses here!”

Somehow Collin managed to persuade Velke to leave the management of the castle to him.

As expected from professional tradesman!

He explained in detail what kind of wheat was cheaper and where to procure them.

Finally Velke wouldn’t have to worry about our expenses anymore!

“Collin, can we buy more sweets while we’re at it?”

While Collin was busy writing down our accounting, I pleaded him to give me more sweets.

“Hmm.. Sweets is.. A little costly but..”

Collin inched closer to me and wrapped his tail around my body and whispered,”You know, I still have lots of toy to play with at night~”

With a mischievous grin, he added,”How about if we try double-headed dildo next?”

His golden eyes was glinting like a predator looking at prey.



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Chapter 23


Chapter 25

Alsar Chapter 45

Chapter 45 : Goodbye, Sorrel Waterfall

A/N: Thank you your constant support! (*^^*)


“We can go to the royal capital after we got married. There, we can meet with the royal family and the orphanage’s director. He’s a pretty cool old man, I’m sure you will love him, Ren.”

“Okay, I will be looking for it.”

At first I thought Sig-san must’ve been living in loneliness in the orphanage but seemed like it was not the case.

Sig-san looked very bright as he told us the story about the orphanage’s director.

Well since Sig-san was in their care from 9 years old to 16 years old, they were practically family now.

Even without any blood relations between them, the bond between them must be as strong as real family.

“Then it’s decided!~ After we got married the first place we visit will be the royal capital!~ We do our greetings together there~”

“Greetings… So they can’t do anything much but to accept it huh..”

I was still feeling anxious about it.

Was it alright for them to marry an otherworlder?

Would their relatives or neighbours talked behind their back because they got married to an otherworlder?

I didn’t know if there were any prejudice in marrying an otherworlder..

Maybe I should ask Eva-san when I get to Pedrell.

“Before we do our greetings in the royal capital, we need to greet Malik-san first. Ah, I’m a little afraid to face him.. I went on a subjugation quest for a moment and came back with three fiancee in tow. I’m a little scared to imagine what kind of expression he would had when he saw me..”

Ahh, I wonder what Malik-san would think?

In just half a month I’ve come back with not only one but three! Three fiancee back with me!

“Ah, me too. I already told him that I wanted to pursue you but I also promised him that I won’t lay my hands on you~”


Since we didn’t go all the way yet, it didn’t count, right?

Ahhh I got embarrassed just by thinking about it…

“Malik-san’s intuition is a top notch so I think he already knew about us. Though, since we’re a decent person all in all, there shouldn’t be any complaint from Malik-san.” Fer-san assured.


Malik-san’s intuition..?

“Yes, when Malik-san was an active adventurer, he was famous for his sharp intuition. Somehow his intuition is always correct no matter what. His intuition had saved lots of lives back then.”

“Wow.. Malik-san’s intuition is that amazing..?” I inclined my head to side in wonder.

How did Malik-san become famous by using his intuition..?

“Yes, for example there was time when Malik-san saved a whole village because his intuition was telling him that they needed to evacuate the village and went to high ground soon. There wasn’t any rain but suddenly the river overflowed and drowned the whole village. It was a very close call so I’ve heard but thanks to Malik-san’s intuition, there was no single casualties. Also when Malik-san was on a mission, his intuition could tell him the general direction of the monster even without using detection skill. “

Whoa, so Malik-san’s intuition could saved people from dangerous situation like that..

But you know, Malik-san was also incredible.

Because he trusted his intuition, he could convinced the villagers to evacuate.

If he had even the slightest of doubt, the villagers would’ve drowned.

“I didn’t know that Malik-san is that incredible.. Amazing..”

“That’s right!~ That’s why Ren-chan is really lucky to be able to be found by Malik-san!~ Malik-san is definitely the best person out there in Pedrell! You really hit the jackpot, Ren-chan!~”

Of course.

I know I am lucky.

Malik-san was the tutor for the royal family, a former S-ranked and also a guild master.

He was an incredible person!

“Fufu, you’re making me wanting to meet Malik-san sooner! I want to tell him a lot of things and- Oh! I want to introduce William and the others to him, also about my first subjugation quest! And of course, about you guys as well!”

There was a lot of things I want to tell Malik-san!

I wanted to tell Malik-san about my fiance properly too so Malik-san would gave us his blessing as well!

“Ren you really like Malik-san huh? I’m a little jealous here.”

“Well of course! He’s my father after all! I’ve told you before, right? Growing up, I didn’t have a father figure in my life, my mother was not really affectionate as well but ever since I arrived in Alsar, Malik-san was very doting and protective of me. Even though it was only for a month, every day was very refreshing and exciting, I really enjoyed myself!”

“I see, because it’s Ren-kun’s first time to have a father figure, right? Then when we have children together, we need to be affectionate and loving too so our children can feel the same happiness as Ren-kun does.” Fer-san smiled tenderly at me, making my heart clenched looking at how happy he was.


Our children..?


I completely forgot that it was possible for men in Alsar to have children together !

Ah.. So that means I had to get pregnant? And gave birth?!

“Isn’t too fast to be talking about pups? Ren is still 21, I think we should enjoy our married life without thinking about children for a while.”

“That’s right~ Ren-chan is still new to this world as well, so let’s wait until Ren-chan can get used to this world and his occupation as adventurer~”

Yes, yes please. Let’s do that, yes.

I couldn’t made up my mind to have children this fast!

I need more time!

And also..

Let alone children, we also haven’t gone all the way yet.

Thinking about the prospect of having children was still impossible for me.

“I see.. I was thinking about how our children would resemble Ren-kun, like mini Ren-kun running around the house and such.. They must be very cute.” Fer-san replied dejectedly.

Fer-san must really likes children, huh?

He was smiling so fondly just before but now there was a dark cloud over his head.

“Umm, I also think that if our children were to resemble the three of you, they must be very handsome and cool! If they were women, they would be so beautiful, like girl-crush type kind of girl!” I added my opinion to them.

The three of them came from different background and had different physique but they were all very handsome and cool.

Their body shape was not overly bulky or too thin, they were just perfect!

If I were to have children together with them, our children would definitely grow to become beautiful and cool like them.

I truly hope our children wouldn’t resemble me in height factor because I was too short for Alsar’s standard.

The standard height for men in Alsar was 185cm, my height was below the average hence why I often got mistaken as a kid here.

They didn’t need to grow absurdly tall, but I hope at least our children would grow into the average height according to Alsar’s standard.

“I also want to have a daughter that resemble Ren.. Ah, a son just like Ren is cute too. Any gender is fine as long they look like Ren.”

“Me too~ If our children have the characteristic of wolf beastman like Sig combined with Ren-chan’s cute face, ahhh they would surely become very adorable!~”

A child with my face, combined with Sig-san’s ear and tail!

That was basically just me cosplaying, right??

But now that I think about it, seemed like all of us wanted to have a children that resemble our partner respectively.

I wanted to have children that resemble Fer-san, Sig-san and Chris-san and vice versa.


Since we were in polyamorous relationship, how would we manage?

Can we live harmoniously?

What about Malik-san’s inheritance?

Though, Fer-san seemed to have good relationship with Mrs. Esther so everything should’ve worked out in the end eventually?

“Let’s stop our imagination from running off the track. Ren-kun, how many children do you want?”

I knew it, Fer-san was really fond of children.

“Hmm.. Since I’m still 21, I never thought about it before.. Before I met you guys I thought that I would live all by myself until.. I’m 30 or something. So let alone children, even I was surprised I would get married so soon like this. But…This is just me hypothetically speaking, okay? Since I’m an only child, I always wanted to have a sibling, you know? So.. Maybe 2?”

Back in Japan, I was busy juggling between college and part-time work.

I didn’t have time to think about having a girlfriend or getting married.

But hypothetically speaking, I guess having more than one children would be nice.

I truly liked the three of them and the sex was nice too but I was still a man and back in earth, it was not possible for men to get pregnant.

Back in earth I knew that men can have sex together but male pregnancy was simply unheard of.

So I still have hard time putting my head around it.

I mean, I’ve been having culture shock after culture shock while I was here in Alsar but it was still hard to bent the sense of values that had been cultivating inside of me for 21 years.

“Well~ How about if we talk about that more when the time comes? For now, let’s enjoy our engagement period and our soon to be newlywed life together~”

Chris-san seemed to sense my discomfort and immediately cut the conversation right there to ease myself.

“Yes. First thing first, we need to reach Pedrell safely.”

Thank you Chris-san for being so understanding.

“That’s right, shall we cross the river soon?”

“We’ve talked for quite a while, huh? Are we going to take a nap now and continue travelling when the sun set like usual?” I asked.

Without me realizing, it was already 02:00 PM.

Yesterday we had a nap around this time as well.

“No, let’s take a nap after we get out of the forest instead. After we crossed the river, we only need around 1 hour to reach the forest’s outskirt. The weather around here is pretty cool too so it should be alright if we continue travelling now.” Fer-san replied.

That was true, while we were having our lunch out in the open like this, the breeze kept on flowing through.

It was nice and cool here.

William and the others also seemed to enjoy drinking the river’s cool water.

Since we didn’t need to avoid the sun rays anymore, it should be alright.

The four of us then began to prepare ourselves.

I put the tent and cutlery into my magic bag while they were tending to their magical horses.


“Okay then, it’s Oscar’s turn, right? Come into my arms, Ren!”

“Well.. I certainly ‘come into your arms’ and all but..”

I needed their help to get on the horses so they needed to lift me but… the way Sig-san phrase it..

I’m already an adult, being carried in one’s arm like this was a bit painful for my pride..

Ah, I wanted to be able to get on the horses by myself one day..

“Oscar, I will be in your care.”

Sig-san got on behind me and I caressed Oscar’s mane gently.

Oscar nodded his head excitedly  as if saying “Leave it to me!” in return.

They could understand our speech like this, magical horses are really smart!

“Hmm~ Let’s go then~” Chris-san called to us as he started to cross the river.

I crossed the river while riding Oscar, because he was so tall I didn’t get splashed by the water at all.

Behind me, Sig-san was wearing a mantle so his rear side was safe from the splash.

The river was not that deep too and the water was pretty calm as well so we managed to cross the river while keeping our clothes dry.


“Well then, in an hour we will reach the road. Last time I heard, the road was still on maintenance so keep your eyes open, Sig.”

“I know! If I were alone I would be careless but I have Ren on my side so I will definitely pay extra attention now. I will protect Ren without fail!”

I felt my cheeks flushed red as I heard Sig-san said such affectionate words so nonchalantly like that.

Being raised as a japanese person, I was not used to say my thoughts out loud like them.

So having them acted so loving and affectionate in public like that was bad for my fragile heart.

Ah, my heart won’t stop pounding!

“Next year, when we take Calhea request, let’s go visit Sorrel Waterfall again!~” Chris-san said.


Fer-san and the others were looking at the flowing waterfall reluctantly.

The four of us had a really good time here, we talked a lot, ate a lot and I felt like we had grown even closer now.

And then, they finally ushered their horses forward.

In one hour, we will finally reached the roadside.


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