Hello there and welcome to my blog!

You guys can call me Luukia and I’m a japanese machine-translator. My japanese knowledge consisted from days using duolingo and filling my youth with anime and manga. I can read bits and bits of things but to fully translate something I rely heavily on translation program. Ranging from google translate to website like jisho.com

I translate japanese webnovel and doujinshi. If anyone needs translator to translate doujinshi, I’m willing to help as long the doujinshi contains my OTP.

Currently I have 2 japanese web novel in hand :

Alsar Index

The Devil’s Origin Index

And some doujinshi:

Doujinshi Index

If you have novel that you want me to translate, hit me up in the comment below! I might or might not take it, depends on my mood. Remember that I don’t have fixed schedule, all of my translation will be posted when I want to, whenever it is. I only want to translate fantasy novel though, I don’t really like modern setting novel. I don’t mind if it’s yaoi, shoujo, josei, whatever so just try to drop your recommendation and I will consider it maybe?

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello, I just found a novel that’s interesting and no one is translating, the name is ” Aku no Joou no Kiseki”. Josei and reincarnation novel.
    I am not sure if you will like it or already knew but I would be happy if you can check it and think about it. And thank you for all the translations😊❀️❀️

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  2. Hi! Can I retranslate Alsar into Vietnamese ? I reaaly like this novel after reading , and thank you for translate this great novel πŸ˜€ .


  3. Heyyy, I saw ywill ur lil notes on the new chapter, still looking for ppl to talk to? I just downloaded discord for you :333


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