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Devil’s Origin Chapter 69

Chapter 69 : Dystocia



dys·​to·​cia | \ dis-ˈtō-sh(ē-)ə  \ : slow or difficult labor or delivery



My stomach felt heavy and painful.

Thankfully I successfully got both Cerberus and Orthus’s Egg after mating with Fenrir, Copper and Lexus. 

However two hours after we finished our mating, the egg inside my stomach still hadn’t showed any sign of birth. 

In fact, my stomach felt heavier and heavier as more time passed by.

I had tried to use my finger to scrape the semen out because I had thought the semen blocked the egg from coming out but my attempt was to no avail. 

On the contrary, the stimulation only made the pain even worse. 

“Master, are you alright?”

Worried about my pale complexion, Velke asked.

“Uuuugh…. I can’t give birth….”

This never happened to me before.

When I touched my stomach, I could feel the outline of the eggs. 

The eggs were there but it just wouldn’t come out. 

“I-It hurts… It hurts…..”

Tears trickled down my cheeks, the pain kept getting worse and worse. 

System!! What should I do now?? 

<< Hmm.. The eggs might be obstructed.>>

Then what should I do??

<<Try to scrape it out?>>

You’re acting as if it’s none of your problem… Please give me some more thought before answering…

“I suppose it is my humble self turn to shine.”

I groaned out loud at the sight of Doctor running to me. 

Wait! Doctor! That’s right, he’s a doctor! He must be able to give me the right solution!

Doctor stroked my stomach with wonder sparkling in his eyes, I got goosebumps just from seeing his reaction. 

“Ah.. You have a couple eggs inside you now. It is really interesting to see what’s happening inside of you.”

Looking at the mad scientist before me, I had to second guess myself. 

Would it be alright to entrust myself to someone like him…?


I was laying down on top of the examination table inside Doctor’s private room. 

Behind me, there stood Velke whose hand I gripped tightly.

I’m sure he’s going to do something strange to me! Velke will help me if that happens!

“Well then, shall we extract the eggs? Hihi~”

Having Wraith on stand by as Doctor’s assistant was reassuring but Doctor’s eerie excitement looked ominous for me. 

Doctor snapped his thin, transparent looking gloves and undressed me to rub my swelling belly directly. 

His hand travelled down toward my entrance, circling around the swollen bud.

“First I’ll administer a relaxant drug, then I’ll use my hand to directly take them out from below. Wraith, please prepare the medicine.”

After covering his fingers with the relaxant drug, Wraith smeared it on my entrance. 

The drug felt sticky and thick against my skin, Wraith dutifully coated a hefty amount of the drug in me. 

It didn’t take long for the drug to take effect, my hole became relaxed and gaping open once again, revealing the redness of my inside to their naked eye. 

It was to be expected since I had been wrecked to utter disbelief a few hours before. 

“Fumu~ So a few hours is not enough for the body to fully regenerate. Your crimson red anus is fully on display. It looks very delicious~”

Deciding Wraith had done a great job in applying the medicine, Doctor tested my hole by putting his finger in. 

“Well then, I’m going to push my arm in, okay?”

“Doctor, are you sure it’ll be alright?”

Velke quickly interjected, his arm wrapped securely around me, as if trying to protect me from the mad doctor.

Perhaps he became anxious because Doctor looked strangely excited.

“Please leave it to my humble self. Hihi~”

There’s no way I can leave it to you…..I’m sure you’re up for something fishy here….

Doctor’s fingers went in with a loud squelch.


From three to four fingers, Doctor added more fingers when he felt I was loose enough.

Until he was finally able to put his whole five fingers in.


“It’s alright, Maou. Yes, relax. Yes, you’re doing good. Good boy.”

“Ah… Gah.. Nghig!”

Doctor pushed more until he was wrist deep in me, he offered encouraging praises all the way through.

On the other hand, I could only slurred strings of breathless gasp in return.

Wraith wiped the sweat forming on my forehead. 

I didn’t even realize I had been creasing my forehead painfully.

“Aah… Your inside feels so good. Even though we’ve applied a generous amount of relaxant drug, your inside is still welcoming my arm in.”


This bastard…!

He is suddenly pressing on my prostate! 

Pain and pleasure swirled together as Doctor kept on grazing on my prostate.

He kept on pushing his arm in, all the while stimulating my pleasure spot. 

“Oh my? So this is your sigmoid colon. Oho~ This place is still loose thanks to your mating session before~”

Indeed, that place had been thoroughly assaulted by Fenrir’s impressive length. 

I knew that place was still loose, I knew it but…

Please don’t say it out loud… It’s embarrassing!

“They must’ve loved you very thoroughly. Well now, let’s open the path beyond this. Where’s the egg~”

“Ah! Nghh! Gah! Hyaaahh!!”

His finger went into a place where they were not supposed to go.

Aah… Damn… That place.. He’s not supposed to go there…. Ah… Both pain and pleasure are streaming through me…



I gripped Velke’s hand tight. 

“O-oh my… Oh my….”

“I’ve passed through your sigmoid colon. Well now, the eggs are….. There they are.”

Doctor tapped on the eggs lightly with the tip of his finger. 


Spreading his palm, Doctor tried to grab a hold of the egg. 


The eggs slide even further inside. 

“Oh my, it went even deeper.”

Chasing after the eggs, Doctor’s arm went even deeper. 

“Got it.”

Doctor wrapped his fingers around the egg and began to slowly pull the egg out but….

“Oh my~ The egg is far too big. I won’t be able to pull it past your colon at this rate. If I were to forcefully pull it…. No, the eggs are going to break…..”


“Your digestive tracts are simply far too narrow for the eggs to pass through. Ah~ It’s truly a wonder the eggs are able to grow to this size and don’t break anything.”

I… I can’t deliver the eggs….? This… This is bad…. Right?

“Doctor, what should we do?”

Sensing my growing panic, Velke quickly asked Doctor. 

M-maybe we should just wait for them to hatch inside of me…?

“Well…From here.”

Doctor pointed to my bulging stomach, his other hand was still firmly snuggled inside my colon. 

He drew a straight line using his finger on my stomach. 

“To here. I’ll have to cut it open.”

He’s going to… Cut my stomach open…?

Blood quickly drained from my face, the pain I experienced before became a dull after thought. 

“Hiiiguh- Nngh… AAAHHH!!”

With a reverberating squelching sound, Doctor pulled his arm out. 

I couldn’t hold myself from screaming out loud as the sudden ripping pain pulled me back toward reality. 

“Maou, it’ll be alright. I’ll just make a quick snip, take the eggs out and stitch you back up in no time.”

You make it sound so easy but do you even understand what you’re talking about?!?!?!?!

“My!~ I finally got the chance to operate on Maou’s body!~ Oh my, oh my~ To think I can finally see the inside of Maou’s body!!~”

Doctor exclaimed excitedly and grabbed his most favourite scalpel. 


I was already bursting into tears as I screamed for Velke. 


Doctor stroked my stomach tenderly. 


“I’ll be done in a jiffy, it’s just a quick snap.”

Doctor smiled from ear to ear, his smile was downright creepy. 

No. I’m scared. I… I won’t be able to endure that. I can’t…

“Velkeeeeee…. I’m scared…. Uhuhu…..”

I gripped Velke’s hand tightly as if my life depended on it. 

“…….. This…. This will help Master, right Doctor?”

Velke gripped my hand back, his expression was as severe as mine. 

“Yes, most definitely. Maou also has regeneration power so his wound will close up in no time after I retrieve the eggs.”

“Master… Please do your best in holding it in……..”

Velke gripped my hand tight, he had a defeated look on his face. 

“U-Uuuuh…. Uuuuh… Don’t… Don’t ever let my hand go, okay?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I’m scared….”

“I’ll be by your side.”

Velke’s presence. 

His presence was the anchor that held me to the ground. 

“Uuuh… Uuuhuhu….. Just.. Just make it quick….”

“By your will.”

Doctor grinned excitedly as he pricked my stomach with his scalpel. 



Sharp pain travelled from my stomach. 

True to his word, Doctor sliced my stomach in one quick motion. 

It’s alright. 

Compared to the pain when Lexus ate me alive, this is nothing… 

Compared to……. IT HURTSSSSSS

“Ooooh… Your digestive tract is filled to the brim with the eggs. What a big egg… Wraith, scalpel.”

Wraith dutifully handed Doctor a new scalpel. 

“Aah… They look so plump. Their color looks so healthy too. Hiih…. Hiiih… Hahh…. Their color… Looks so delicious… Aah… I wonder if Maou’s other organs look similar to the human’s too or not… Aah… The color of your liver is also very good…”

 You son of a bitch! Why are you having fun over there?! Oi!!!

“It hurts…. Velkeee…. Velke…. Uuuuh….”

“I’m right here, Master. Doctor, please take them out quickly!”

“You don’t have to rush me like that…. Aah… Your pancreas is also very beautiful….”

Wraith also tugged on Doctor’s sleeve, urging him to be quick about it. 

Begrudgingly, Doctor cut my digestive tract and took the eggs out. 

From my angle, I could see how big the egg truly was. 

That… It’s definitely impossible for me to deliver it traditionally…

Then there was another one small egg emerging from my stomach. 

“The big one must be the Cerberus’s egg.”

Just how did it grow that big? It’s enormous!

<< That’s because there was a copious amount of semen stored inside you. The egg was able to grow that big because of that. >>

Uuuuuhuhuhu…. Those canine demons…..

“Maou’s body can regenerate so I’ll only do the minimum for you. Wraith, please give me the thread that can be digested into the body.”

Doctor took the thread and stared at my stomach longingly.

“Aahh… Feels like a waste, closing up such a beautiful specimen. How long will it take for Maou’s body to return to normal? I’d really love to observe it if I could…”


Velke released his killing intent to warn Doctor but the mad scientist only shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and began to sew me up.

“With this, we’re done.”

Despite his mad tendency, Doctor was truly an expert in his field. 

It didn’t take him more than a few seconds to close the wound. 

“Hick- Am.. Am I… Are we fine now?”


Velke wiped my tears away.

“You did wonderfully, Master.”

Looking at Velke’s genuine smile, my heart felt at peace.

I touched the eggs, they were still warm since they had been laying in my body a few seconds ago. 

Aah… With this, my beloved children can be born…

I turned my head to the side and immediately stiffened.

…………….. Huh?


I could see something that resembled a lump of meat floating in a jar of formalin. 


“Yes? What’s wrong?”

“What’s that inside the jar…?”

“Ah… This? It’s the cost of the surgery I performed. It’s Maou’s Pancreas.”

…………. This… This son of a bitch….

I was beyond angry and shockingly disgusted at this mad scientist.

“Also… Maou?”


“I truly apologize to say this after we had just finished the procedure but…”

Doctor trailed but his smile never faltered.

“I forgot to give you anesthesia. Tehee!~ ☆”

Doctor knocked on his head lightly and tilted it to the side, acting cute even though it didn’t suit his appearance in the slightest.


“Y-You mean… I could’ve gone through it without all that pain….?”

“Oh my~ Maou looks very sexy as he’s gasping in pain…. No, I mean, it was an honest mistake. I’ll surely give you anesthesia next time!~”

My body went limp against the operating table, suddenly I felt very, very tired for a very different reason from the surgery I had gone through. 

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Chapter 68


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Dragon King's Favourite · Web Novel

Dragon King’s Favourite – Chapter 1

T/N : Hi there! I’m planning on picking up this novel but oh gosh the chapters are pretty lengthy (。•́︿•̀。) Although there’s only about 44 chapters, each chapter is like 22 pages of english while devil’s origin is only like 7-10 pages of english. Anyway, let’s get on with the chapter right away!

Chapter 1 : Transition


The girl walking in front of me in the school hallway dropped a palm-sized stuffed toy.

 It seemed the stuffed toy was an accessory that the girl attached to her school bag. 

It was a pink bear toy.

Without thinking much, I picked the toy up and said.

“You dropped this.”

However when the girl turned her head and saw my face, her face was scrunched in plain disgust. 

“Uwah.. Aren’t you the snake boy? I don’t need something that you’ve touched, it’s gross. Just throw it away.”

“Cho, did you really just say that right in front of him? You’re pretty mean, huh~”

The girl she was walking with, who appeared to be her friend, said she was being mean but the girl was also laughing along with her.

“Because~ Somehow the stuff this guy touched feels kinda yucky~”

“Ah~ I get it~”

The girls left while laughing innocently. 

I could only stare at them in silence while clutching at the pink bear she had just thrown away.

―― Why did I touch this stuffed animal?

It would’ve been better if I had just called out to her and told her that she had dropped it. 

Or rather, I should’ve just ignored this dropped toy.

Even though I knew she would react like that.

I’m used to having people insult me but no matter how many times they say it, no matter how many times they laugh at me, what hurts still hurts.

My name is Hoshina Riku and I’m extremely ugly.

I’m a full fledged japanese but my hair is reddish-brown and my eyes are light brown.

My slanted eyes are highly upturned, something people used to refer to as ‘sanpaku eyes’.

T/N: Like you can see the three white areas.

My eyebrows are spread out wide and thin, even I am not sure if my eyebrows are properly growing or not.

My nose is incredibly low and flat, my skin is way too pale and my thin but wide lip is strangely red even though I never put anything on it.

My teeth are crooked, some of the teeth are protruding against each other while my canine teeth are longer than usual.

People often said I resembled a demon when I laughed.

That’s why I held back from laughing as much as I could.

I had to be careful to not open my mouth too wide.

Perhaps because of my genetics, it’s hard for me to grow any body hair. 

I don’t have any beard or armpit hair. . 

I couldn’t get tanned, my skin remains pale all year around so I look weird in front of other people’s eyes. 

My pale, hairless skin coupled with the feature of my face, reminds people of a snake or lizard or other reptiles.

Because of my unusual features, I tried to hide my face even just a little bit by growing out my bangs.

But my long bangs that covered a part of my face made me look gloomy, my effort in trying to hide my face bit me back instead.

Although my height is average, I have a small appetite, my muscles are practically non-existent, I’m basically skin and bones and that makes people say I look gross.

When I forced myself to eat more, I’d vomit it out afterwards and I couldn’t gain any muscle no matter how hard I tried to hit the weights.

In the first place, I’m pretty sure people would say I look even more disgusting if I managed to build up muscle with this face. 

Both of my parents, who were praised for their beauty, were shocked at my ugliness which became more apparent the older I became. 

My mother became depressed because people began to gossip that she had done plastic surgery and my father even had a DNA test done on me to make sure I was his son.

Maybe because of that reason, my parents, who were overjoyed to see my handsome younger brother who was two years younger than me, refused to acknowledge my existence.

I came from a wealthy family but I had been ordered to live in a detached house built in the family’s courtyard since about the third or fourth grade of elementary school.

My lovely younger sister, who was born after my younger brother, was blessed with my parent’s beautiful genes. 

Beautiful parents, complimented with a pair of son and daughter so pure and lovely as if they were literal angels.

Between such a perfect family, there was no room for an ugly eldest son like me, not even one millimeter.

A separate house and different sets of meals.

I was never invited to any family events where the other relatives would be present. 

In fact, my own family never took me either if they were to go on a trip.

―― The gorgeous western-styled house looked so close yet so far from the detached house I was living in. 

“Ahh… Nii-san, you’re so stupid.”

T/N: I’m going to keep nii-san (older brother) as nii-san.

I came to my senses when I heard that voice.

After the girls had left, I was still standing absentmindedly in that empty corridor.

“You know people are going to feel disgusted when you talk to them so isn’t it better if you stop trying at all?”


The one that spoke to me was my younger brother, Kaito.

It seemed he had seen the whole thing from the start.

Flustered, I hid the pink bear that I had tightly gripped in my pocket.

Even though it didn’t matter if I hid it or not since Kaito had already seen everything, I felt like an idiot.

My younger brother entered the same high school as me this spring.

Unlike my faded reddish-brown hair, Kaito had beautiful, glossy black hair.

Added with his masculine and handsome looking face, he looked like an honored student.

He was two years younger than me but he already overtook me in terms of height which enabled him to stare me down when we talked.

He was not blessed with good looks only, Kaito also had excellent grades and was good at sports.

If he tried to get his hand on any musical instrument, it didn’t take long for him to master it just like a professional musician.

My parents were really proud of everything about Kaito, their beloved son.

Even my younger sister, who immediately burst into crying fit out of fear when she stared at me, stopped crying as soon as Kaito held her in his arms. 

Right now, Kaito was unusually alone. 

Usually people would constantly flock around Kaito, regardless of their gender.

The people that gathered around Kaito were as beautiful, as bright and as sociable as Kaito.

Kaito was the complete opposite of me, who had been bullied throughout elementary, middle and high school.

I was always alone, I didn’t even have a single friend.

“I’d be the one that has to bear the same when Nii-san is doing something unnecessary so do me a favor and just keep everything to yourself, okay?”

“….. Then.. You should’ve gone to a different school than me! Why, why did you come here? You….”

Because of you, I stood out even more.

I’ve been holding my breath and living quietly, even if people were to bully and throw insults at me, I still put everything up and laughed it off like a fool instead.

I’ve been trying to live inconspicuously so I won’t become a target of bullying.

The teacher and also the juniors that I wasn’t acquainted with, were always comparing me with my excellent younger brother.

They ridiculed me for not resembling Kaito in the slightest and I had to be on the receiving end of the irrational harassment caused by the students who envied Kaito’s popularity.

I’ve had so many bad memories throughout grade and middle school so I had decided to attend a different high school than Kaito.

I had gone into the trouble of choosing a far away second-rate high school that I knew my younger brother would never pick.

But despite both my parents and the teacher’s blatant objection, Kaito still came to this high school.

“Huh? Isn’t the reason obvious enough?”


Kaito took a step forward, his beautiful face was stretched in a wide grin as if he was enjoying the situation greatly and then he whispered.

“Your idiocy, your awkwardness and not to mention your ridiculously ugly face. I’m already perfect as it is but with Nii-san by my side, I look even better. 『It’s a pity someone like that becomes your brother.』It feels great when people pity me because of you. I’m not going down to Nii-san’s level for college but I’m going to enjoy this moment while I’m still in highschool.”

“For that kind of reason you….!”

Are you saying you’re using me to drown yourself in your superiority complex?

So cruel. You only think about yourself, how selfish.

“Moreover, I love it when Nii-san is being bullied because of me or when Nii-san is crying because you’re depressed that you have to be stuck being compared with me even throughout high school.”

My brother smiled cheerfully even though he had been spewing nothing but the worst kind of things.

He even knew that I was being bullied…..

Don’t cry.

I mustn’t cry.

I thought that if I cried, I’d be giving my brother the things he exactly wished to see.

The sadness that had been smoldering inside of me ever since those girls made a fool out of me and the malice that my own brother poured at me, filled my heart with unbearable misery.

Even though I tried to hold it in, my eyes began to moisten.


I don’t want anyone to see my crying face.

After covering my face, I immediately ran away from my spot.

But Kaito gripped my arm tight, preventing me from running away.

Was there still anything else he had to say?

Hadn’t he already hurt me enough?

“Let go.”

“Nii-san you’re…”

Right when my brother was about to hurl another abuse at me, his body suddenly wrapped in a blinding light.


“Kaito! What’s this?!”

“I don’t know….! Some…Thing… Something is pulling my body in!!”

The light that appeared behind his back, began to engulf his whole body.

It was as if the light was trying to take my brother somewhere beyond the light.

I hate my younger brother but as a human, I couldn’t just abandon him even though I didn’t understand what was going on currently.

Desperately, I pulled my brother’s arm away from the light.

My brother, on the other hand, clung to me with a flustered expression that I had never seen before.

Just pulling his arm wouldn’t be enough. 

I encircled my arms around his back and hugged him tight.

But it was not strong enough, I got dragged along with him instead.


“Nii-san! No! Don’t let me go!”

I braced on my legs and pulled Kaito back with all my might but to no avail.

The pull was way too strong for me.

While clutching tightly at Kaito, I got swallowed along in this unknown light.

The light was so blinding, even after I had closed my eyes, I could still see the light flickering away.

I heard the ringing of metal against metal in my ears and a shaking sensation as if I was stuck in a rollercoaster ride.

I felt nauseous and bile began to rise from my stomach.

I desperately kept my mouth shut, afraid to throw anything out.

“Are you alright?”

“Ugh… I feel like vomiting…”

I think only a few seconds had passed by.

I couldn’t see anything else right after I was engulfed in the light along with Kaito.

It felt like my body was being thrown all over the place and by the end of it, I was dropped on top of a hard and cold floor.

Kaito was holding me to his chest as if he was trying to protect me from something.

All around us, I could hear the sound of some people shouting excitedly, they were all chattering excitedly as if they were in the middle of a joyous occasion.

Their voice resounded in my head, it sounded horribly loud for me.

“********! ***?”


I slowly opened my eyes and found myself sitting in a dimly lit room made out of stone.

There was no ceiling, the only source of light came from the moon cascading over us and the torchlights surrounding us.

――Moon? Why is the moon already out? I’m sure it was still daytime when I was in school with Kaito…

On top of the stone floor, there was a strange magic circle drawn on it.

Me and Kaito were sitting right in the middle of the said magic circle.

There were six people surrounding me and Kaito in this room.

They were wearing some sort of robe that went down to their feet and a big hood covering their head, making me unable to discern their face.

They were all largely built and judging from the low tone of their voice, I think all of them were men.

They were talking in a language that I had never heard before.

It was not english, it was not mandarin. 

What kind of language were they talking in?

“Where are we? Who are you guys?”

Kaito, who had been enveloped in the same light as me, wasn’t even the least deterred.

He began to question the men before us imposingly even though I was still feeling worse to wear from the roller coaster-like ride.

“******、*********? ***”

“Huh….. Haah… I understand your words but I don’t understand the meaning.”



“Huuuh? Wait, you guys are making me laugh… Hahaha!”

Kaito was having a conversation in Japanese with another person who was speaking in a language that I couldn’t understand.

Then Kaito suddenly laughed sarcastically as if he couldn’t help it.

What’s happening right now?

“Kaito, what… Are you talking about…”

“No, I mean, they said nii-san is a lizardman? Isn’t that so funny? I mean, nii-san’s face does resemble a lizard but still.”

“You… You can understand the language these people are talking in…?”

“Nii-san, you can’t?”

I had no clue at all.

While I was still battling with this nausea in this unknown situation, Kaito was already talking about a lot of stuff with these guys.

Kaito was speaking in Japanese but these people were talking back in an unknown language.

But for some reason, they could understand each other.

Ahh… I couldn’t think straight.

My body was shivering, the chills were getting worse and my stomach was twisting painfully.

“Kaito, I’m sorry. I’m going to puke…”

“Okay. No need to force yourself, just let it out.”


I couldn’t take it anymore, I vomited all over the stone floor.

The bitter feeling of the leftover bile trickled down my throat.

The men surrounding us were shocked, they were murmuring between themselves and the clear expression of disgust could be seen from their body language but once I began to vomit, I couldn’t stop until I was finished.

Kaito began to gently stroke my back as I was coughing violently while sitting on my knees. 

I wondered why he didn’t get mad even though I got some of it on his pants.


『Stop bothering me.』

In my memories, those were the only words my younger brother used to throw at me.

“***! ***、****”

The men surrounding us began to shout angrily and then they suddenly tried to pull me away from Kaito who retaliated by catching my arms and pulled me down with all of his might.

My feeble body staggered for a moment before I fell down on the cold, stone floor.

“Don’t touch nii-san!”

The moment Kaito shouted with a tinge of sadness latched in, the air…

The air… disappeared.

My body felt heavy, as if I was being sewn to the floor.

The oxygen vanished, as if an invisible giant iron ball was weighing on me.

My back felt heavy and painful and to top it all off, I couldn’t breathe.

“***! *************”



This strange phenomenon wasn’t only affecting me, it seemed the other guys were also affected.

Everyone was also writhing on the floor in pain.

I couldn’t speak from the heavy pressure and my throat felt painful thanks to the bile I puked just a little while ago.

Only the sound of stinging wheezing breath could be heard from me.

It hurts.

It hurts.

Creaking sound came from my spine, I felt like I was being broken apart.





Kaito’s flustered voice was being mixed along with the other guy’s voice, which I still couldn’t understand.

The pain and the extreme dyspnea made me lose my consciousness.


When I came to my senses, I was laying in a dusty place surrounded by stone walls in all four directions.

I was still wearing my high school uniform, a black gakuran.

T/N: Gakuran, in case you guys are new to JP fandom.

The pink bear that I had stuffed in a hurry was sticking out a little from my pocket.

Everything felt so surreal.

Where am I? Am I in a basement? There’s no window at all….

My throat hurt and my uniform stank and dirty, probably from my own vomit.

This place reeked of mold and the gutter located on the corner of this room gave off a foul odor that made me want to throw up once again.

Even though there was nothing left in my stomach to throw out.

Little by little, the memories from before returned back to me. 

In the school’s corridor, me and my younger brother were wrapped in strange light.

After the light dissipated, we were surrounded by a bunch of men that covered their faces.

I couldn’t understand their language but Kaito was able to converse with them in japanese.

After I had vomited, they tried to separate me from Kaito and Kaito yelled at them in return.

My body then felt heavy and I couldn’t breathe….

What happened after that?

I wonder if my younger brother is alright.

This room, surrounded by stone walls, was dark so I had trouble seeing but after a while my eyes got accustomed to the darkness. 

After looking at things closely, I could see a door made of iron not far from me.

On the bottom of the door, there was a small hole that seemed to be used as a slot to insert something.

Near the door, there was a tray with a wooden cup filled with water and something that resembled bread for me to eat.


The possibility of me getting sick or poisoned from it never came across my mind.

The pain in my throat was unbearable, I gulped down the water to moisten my stinging mucous membranes.

Maybe because I gulped down more than I could, I began to cough when some of the water went down the wrong passage.

And yet, I still drank down every little drop I could from the wooden cup.

I even licked the rim of the cup to have even one drop of the water even though I knew my attempt was futile.

I would like another cup of water if I could.

After my coughing fit subsided, I wondered if there was anyone outside even though I knew I couldn’t understand their language.

I banged on the locked iron door and asked.

“Is there anyone here?”

But there was no response, only silence remained.

I couldn’t even hear any sign of anyone present nearby.

Even though I had just finally been able to drink some water, tears began to flow from my eyes instead.

Anyone, please explain the situation to me.

Where am I? I doubt I’m still in Japan.

How did I end up here? Why am I here?

I wonder where’s Kaito.

Maybe he’s locked in somewhere else like me?


All I could let out was a hoarse sounding voice.

My throat hurts.

My whole body hurts.

I have so many questions.

If this is a dream, please let me wake up from it soon.

“Uuuhh… Hic…. Anyone… Here….”

No matter how much I cried against the cold iron door, there was no kind God who came to explain things to me and there was no hero appearing to save me from this predicament.


Still not understanding anything, I fell asleep with my gakuran.

Dust piled up on me and I reeked horribly.

It should be spring season in Japan right now but since I couldn’t see what the outside looked like, I didn’t know what was the season here.

The temperature was just enough to not let me die from the cold.

But the stone floor was cold and when I laid down or sat against the wall, nothing but freezing cold awaited me. 

I was always cold.

I had no other choice but to do my business on top of the drain in the corner of the room.

At a fixed schedule, water would flow to flush whatever was inside the drain away.

I heard a thunk and saw a tray with water and a simple meal were given from under the door.

Whenever someone would come to give me my provision, I’d desperately say.

“Please let me out of here!”

“Please, let me talk to someone!”

“Do you understand what I’m talking about?”

But no matter how hard I tried, the person that came would never give me any response.

There was no sign of anyone behind the door except when it was time to give me my meal.

 ―― I wonder how much time has passed since I was locked in this dimly lit room without any sunlight peeking in.

A week? Ten days? I felt like I was about to go insane.

I didn’t even know how many meals I could get in one day.

Just when I felt my stomach was wrenching in pain from hunger,there came another tray with one cup of water and one hard, palm sized bread.

On my first day, I immediately drank up all the water I got but nowadays I realized the importance of rationing the water.

The bread too, I used to immediately gulfed the hard bread down in one go but now I nibbled them bit by bit by only using my front tooth.

I couldn’t take a bath and I was still using the same school uniform I had worn when I first got here so my body was a little sticky all over.

Surely both my uniform and my body was smeared with grime and filth but my sense of smell was already dulled.

I was ugly and my whole family ostracized me.

In school, I was either ignored or bullied, I had no friends.

Up until now, I couldn’t count how many times I wished for myself to disappear since I couldn’t see any value in living.

Thinking of dying as soon as I was hit with a hard time became my daily routine.

But no matter what, the life I lived in Japan was peaceful in a way.

Even though I was living in a detached house, the building itself was well maintained.

I had easy access to the bed and toilet.

If I was bored, I could watch TV or play some games. 

I wasn’t deprived of food, I could go to school. 

I was living in solitude but I still had contact with another human.

While in here, I didn’t feel like a human being, I felt like I was being reduced into a caged animal.

I couldn’t talk to anyone, I had nothing else to do but sleep.

Even then, I couldn’t have a good sleep since I only had this cold and hard stone floor as my bedding.

I’ve always been a light eater so this was the first time I’ve ever felt hungry.

I wanted to take a bath, I wanted to brush my teeth, I wanted to drink as much water as I wanted to.

I wanted something sweet.

I wanted to sleep in a clean bed.

I wanted to meet someone, anyone.

 ―― If I couldn’t get all of those wishes to come true then, I wanted to die.

What should I do to kill myself?

I didn’t have enough courage to bite my own tongue off nor the resolution to starve myself when I was offered another try of water and bread.

When I was dozing off while feeling ravenous, even this hard and a simple cup of water felt like a feast to me. 

I was salivating just when I stared at them and without realizing, I had already grabbed the bread and took a bite out of it.

My skin and lips became cracked and dry because I didn’t receive enough water nor nourishment.

Dirt was collecting inside my growing nails. My body was itching all over.

My head felt sticky and when I scratched them, a bunch of white flakes would fall off my head.

I wonder if I were to go crazy, maybe all of this would become a trivial thing and wouldn’t bother me anymore.

I didn’t care who, someone please kill me already or make me go crazy.

Just when I was spending my time vaguely praying to nothing, Kaito came to visit me.

At the top of the door, there was a window that could only be opened from the other side. 

From that window, Kaito’s voice resounded in my room.



I hadn’t heard my voice for the last few days, my voice had already become raspy and weak.

With unsteady feet, I staggered toward the door.

Even though I could only see the top-half of his face, I was happy I was able to meet with someone and have a conversation like this.

“Are you alright?”

“Rather than me, you should’ve worried about yourself! ………. What an awful smell. Those guys were unbelievable! Sorry, I didn’t know they were holding nii-san in such a horrible place like this. I will have you freed from this place soon.”

“Hey, where is this place? This is not Japan, right?”

“….. Nii-san, calm down and listen to me. This is not Japan or any other place on earth. We are in another world.”

What is he talking about…?

“I’m still not entirely sure but apparently I’m… a 『hero』. I heard that people with black eyes and black hair do not exist in this world and even if they do, those people are special or something. I was summoned here in order to defeat the 『demon king』. Then at that time of summoning, nii-san got caught and ended up here with me because nii-san was holding me.”

“Got caught…?”

“Yes. When I was in the middle of being『summoned』here, I came to understand the language and granted some sort of 『unique skill』and I also have 『magic power』. On the first day we came here, nii-san lost consciousness because my magic power was running wild…..  Ever since I arrived in this world, power has been surging through my body, it’s hard to believe I’m still a human with this much power in me. Everything that I touched would break. So I couldn’t touch nii-san either. Right now I’m still practicing on how to control my power.”

“Kaito. Since I was summoned here by accident, that means I can return to Japan, right? Because… I don’t really understand but the people in this world only need you, right?”

I was desperate.

I didn’t have the time to think about Kaito’s feelings or position.

Other worlds or anything, I didn’t care.

If I could return to Japan, I’d kneel if I had to.

I’d even lick anyone’s feet.

But when I threw that question to him, Kaito’s expression suddenly turned dark, the previous apologetic expression and the frowning eyebrows were gone in an instant.

“There’s no way I’d let you go home.”


“…….. Nothing. I will try to ask the magicians that summoned me but don’t get your hopes up.”

“Just now, you said you wouldn’t let me go home didn’t you! Why? Just let me go home! I’m not needed here anyway!”

 ―― BAM!!

The sound of a heavy blow reverberated inside the room.

The door, which was made from iron, was heavily dented on Kaito’s side.

Judging from our situation, I assumed it was Kaito that punched the door.

The current Kaito held enough power to make a dent in this heavy door made from iron with his bare hand.

He was staring my way with a surprisingly cold gaze.

I gulped down on my own spit.

“Anyway, I will tell them to immediately prepare another arrangement for nii-san. So just wait here for a little bit more. I will definitely not let anything bad happen to you.”

“…….. Kai-Kaito…… Kaito!!”


I called out to him but Kaito didn’t respond.

I could hear the sound of his footsteps after the window was closed.

After realizing there was no sign of anyone else nearby, I sank down to the floor.

I was sitting in a daze, ruminating on the conversation I just had with Kaito.

Hero? Demon king? I don’t understand.

I got on all four like a literal animal and sidled up toward my gakuran jacket.

Then I took the pink bear out of my pocket.

Because this thing was the only proof of my connection with another person in this bare room.

While clutching on this small stuffed toy, the tears that I thought had already long dried up, began to overflow once again.

I couldn’t even be bothered to wipe away the tear that dripped on my lap.

Living in this stone prison had shaved my emotions away.

Back in that room with a magic circle drawn on it, I already realized.

Even though I couldn’t understand their language, I knew that unlike Kaito who was 『summoned』 into this world, I was an irregular thing that 『got summoned by accident』.

It was obvious.

Kaito also sneered when those guys called me a 『lizardman』, didn’t he?

Both lizardman and snake boy, they both held the same meaning, a monster.

There were a lot of things I didn’t understand but I knew although I was about to be released from this prison thanks to Kaito’s authority, my existence was not welcomed in this world.

Because even though I was Kaito’s older brother, I had to receive this horrible treatment.

In here too, I was nothing but an accessory to make Kaito shine even brighter.

I was the older brother of Kaito, a 『hero』or some sort of a savior of this world.

But unlike Kaito, I was ugly and useless.

A lizardman from an unknown place who couldn’t even speak the language of this world.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I hate everything.

Even if they gave me a better bed and meals, I still didn’t want to stay in this place anymore.

Was my existence destined to be shunned upon even after I came to another world?

Was being born ugly such an abhorrent thing?

My parents told me to leave the house as soon as I graduated from highschool.

They told me to never return back, to never show my face ever again.

But that was fine.

I thanked them for going through the trouble of supporting me financially until I finished highschool.

After completing highschool in another year, I would go to some rural area where no one knew me.

I’d find a job that even a dullard like me could do.

I’d try to avoid having a connection with other people as much as possible and live a peaceful and quiet life….

I was thinking of living my life to the end alone.

I never dreamt of being in love or getting married because there was no way anyone would love someone like me.

I knew precisely my situation in this world.

I only wished to live and breathe like a normal person would.

After all, no matter how grotesque looking you were, you deserve to at least be able to live normally.

If not then….

Why did God let a human like me be born?

 ―― drip

My body stiffened when I heard a strange sound of water in my ears.

When I turned my head toward the source of the sound, I saw a huge orb of water floating inside this narrow jail.

….. What is that….?

In this dimly lit prison, the water orb was shimmering in rainbow color.

I had been thinking that the only way to escape this world was to die and this glittering orb looked so beautiful and ethereal.

The orb was floating in the air like a bubble and this already huge orb kept on expanding and expanding.

Before long, I could see the orb was starting to fill the whole room.

Ah, I’m going to get swallowed up.

….. I wonder why… Maybe it’s because I don’t have any lingering attachment to this world anymore…

Even after the orb began to engulf me whole, all I felt was this gentle and warm feeling.

I don’t care even if I suffocate.

As long as I can be inside this warm water.


T/N: The real story starts at chapter 2 but I’m burned out from translating chapter 1, maybe I will start translating chapter 2 next week. But please do tell me what you guys think of chapter 1 in the comment!~ (❁´◡`❁)

Tak Berkategori

The Forsaken Saintess and Her Foodie Roadtrip in Another World – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Searching for the Unknown Trout in My Dream


Good day, reader-san.

This is Takanashi Rin speaking.

Currently I’m loading my luggage into the cabin to prepare for my departure.


Somehow the space to store my luggage is kind of….. Amazing…..

Who would’ve thought this storage space has a similar subspace to a 4 dimensional pocket of a certain blue tanuki…….

T/N: Doraemon

Who would’ve thought I could fit in my fishing rod, tackle box and all of my camping gear in a storage space located behind the driver seat…..

Somehow… I already…. This car… Mo-chan(because he’s a motorhouse)… I’ve given up on trying to think about anything related to Mo-chan’s specifications!

Because you know, when I was about to start Mo-chan up, I found out that… Mo-chan doesn’t even need a key!!

Why? Because this skill belongs to me!

That makes me basically linked to Mo-cha so I can start the engine(?) without using a key.

When I go a certain distance away from the car, the car will lock itself and vice versa, if I go near the car until a certain distance, the car will unlock itself.

What’s with this godly skill?!

Furthermore, this car also comes with a navigation system, it can give me information of the nearby terrain.

What a convenient function!

By the way, it seems there’s a small lake not far from the direction I’m heading at.

Although I have access to drinking water, as I thought, you’d still want to ensure you have a source of water when doing outdoor activity, right?

Like for washing, cooking and even getting your own food!

There’s a lot of benefit in being near water.

Also, after driving for a while, I finally noticed that Mo-chan is really comfortable to ride.

Because of the general structure of a camping car where the driver’s seat is located right on top of the tire, the driving experience usually feels so uncomfortable but that’s not the case with Mo-chan.

In fact, Mo-chan is more comfortable than the kei-car I used to drive back before I was sent into this world.

Kei-car (軽自動車), a japanese small car.

Furthermore, because of how high this vehicle is, I thought the balance would be bad.

Like I thought this vehicle would be bad with wind and bumpy roads or couldn’t move fast but once again, that’s not the case with Mo-chan at all.

Really, Mo-chan is more stable compared to the kei-car I used to drive back then.

Motorhome skill, you’re amazing!!

『You’ve arrived at your destination. The navigation is finished.』

“Ah, okay. Thank you.”

I thanked the navigator out of habit, then I turned off Mo-chan’s engine and descended down from the driver’s seat to take a look outside.

Before my eyes, there was a large lage surrounded by dense, green forest along with a clear blue sky with white clouds.

The calm water surface reflected the surrounding scenery like a glimmering mirror.

The water was so incredibly clear, I could even see the aquatic plant swaying along with the water’s current and some small fishes playing around it. 

A sudden thought came to my mind and so, I opened the status window…. 

I knew it, I already knew it.

There was the name of the lake displayed on a side window, located beside the status window. 

【Rielle Lake (safe to drink)

A small lake located east of Reesevelt.

The groundwater from nearby mountains gushes out throughout the area.

There are no nearby human settlements so a wide variety of flora and fauna can be seen here. 

Yeah. I see. I can see it…..

Just like what 【Survival】explained.

『This skill will provide support in the form of information to ensure the user’s survival by adapting in both physical environment and social environment.

I was wondering what kind of compensation it’d give me but I never expected it’d help me to this extent…..

Survival-san is really amazing….

On the edge of the water, rocks in various sizes were scattered all around which seemed to be a convenient place to set up a kamado.

Kamado, a traditional Japanese wood- or charcoal-fueled cook stove.

There were also some driftwood laying around, it looked perfect to use as a fuel to light up the kamado…..

Suddenly, a splash could be heard and the water rippled along with it.

Perhaps, because the spirit of a fisherman was deeply ingrained in me, my head immediately turned around to the direction of the sound.

From beneath the calm water, a silver fish jumped out, breaking through the water…!

Upon closer look, the fish were rising from beneath the water enthusiastically, they might be preying on the insects hopping on the water’s surface. 

The details of those fish were also displayed on a status window.

【Milk Trout (Edible : Extremely Delicious)

A magical giant trout native to Rielle Lake. They’re preparing for a breeding season at this time of the year and so they’re more likely to eat the bait. As the name implies, their flesh is milky white and has plenty of nutritions and fat. Since they’re a magical creature, they have no parasites and are safe to eat.




For real?! I can go fish trout in this world too?!

Huh?? Really?!

And not an area trout but a native trout to boot?!

Trout Area Fishing : It’s like.. A fishing place where you can only do ‘catch and release’ using harmless equipment. Basically it seems the fish in there are only used for sport and the breed of the fish is limited.

“Huahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fishing!! Heaven!!!”

Somehow, I’m so happy, I’m so excited, I already can’t think of anything else!!!

Things like what should I do first, the place to put my set…. Before I can think of all those things, my body is already moving first!

I ran toward Mo-chan and jumped into the cabin.

From the storage space, I took out my rod, tackle box, landing net and stringers. 

After making sure I got them all in my hand, I put on my polarized sunglasses and headed back to the water.

I don’t know the outlet of the water here but I could see the inlet of the river on the right side.

There were small rocks near the exit of the inlet, those rocks divided the water and made irregular flows.

The rise of the water near the inlet was pretty high, currently the water was still actively rising.

I wonder if that means I should aim for topwater or shallow water…?

First I’ll take this ultra weight rod with a fluorocarbon set and attach a topwater plug, a lure that looks like a fake bait which has the best track record in catching fish and then I will attach this clearplug.

After the rod is set, I will throw it as far as I can.

With a swoosh, the plug went flying into the sky. 

Ooooh! It went better than I expected!

It went a little deeper into the active water’s rise.

The plug splash landed on the water, creating a nice ripple….. But just when I thought about how nice it had landed, the clearplug broke the water’s surface and plopped underwater.

“Are you kidding me?! I got one already?!”

While I was panicking from the inside, my body already moved accordingly.

I made sure I was hooking properly by twisting my body a little and reeling it up fast.


Something heavy pulled the rod back, the line got dragged away with a ringing sound

In between the intervals, I could feel a slight tug, like the fish were tugging the bait away with their head.

I think this kind of pattern is similar to a rock trout?

While using the flexibility of the rod to parry the fish, I waited and then reeled, waited then reeled… It was like an endurance battle. 

“Nonononono…. This… This fish must be pretty big, right?!”

No matter how much I reeled and reeled, the fish kept on going farther away into the lake.

The fish showed no sign of getting tired at all….

But, I mustn’t be hasty.

Don’t rush it, don’t panic, be calm…..  The fish will become tired eventually…!

I could feel adrenaline rushing through me as the fish’s reaction was transmitted through the rod I gripped.

All or nothing.

That was the only thing I could focus on……

“Yeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Milk trout! I gotchu!!!”

Physically it felt like quite a long time had passed by but actually it only took several minutes to catch the fish.

Without the line breaking, without the rod breaking, the fish’s mouth didn’t get dismembered as well….

After struggling to death, I could finally put the milk trout in my landing net. 

“Oooooooooohhhhhh….! S-so white….!”

From the appearance alone, it looked exactly like the 『trout』I used to fish in a fishing place but it was really, really white.

Talking about white trout, I remembered the fishing place often put an albino trout to be able to see the movement of the fish better but the whiteness of this trout was different from the albino trout.

The albino trout was white with a hint of yellow but this milk trout… It was really milky white, just like the name implied and the eyes were really black.

The size was about 50 cm and it was the largest trout I ever catched. 

This trout looked even bigger than it should because of how fat the trout was.

After being released from the tension, relief surged forward, my heart was still beating wildly and my knees were shaking.

Well… I felt bad but…! For the sake of having delicious thing, I must prevail…!

I pinned down the flapping milk trout and with a sheath knife that I used as both a camping and fishing knife, I made a cut around the gills and the backbone of the fish near its tail.

After that with a thud, I made a piercing, hooked the fish on a string and let the fish soak in the lake.

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding area near the fish was painted in red. 

Seemed like the blood draining was going all right.

It was easier to drain its blood while the heart was still beating after all.

I felt a little bad for the fish but for the fish to taste more delicious, it was crucial to drain the blood immediately.

Since I was granted the fish’s life, wouldn’t it be better to make sure the fish will taste more delicious?

While the blood was drained, I decided to check the damage on the line and threw my cast off once again!

I waited for the ripples to disappear completely and if there wasn’t any response, try moving the rod in a walk the dog technique…

T/N: Walk the dog is a legit fishing technique, damn the author really did her homework.

“Ahhhh! There it is!!”

The bait didn’t drop down like it did before but the water still made quite a splash.

The pull was as strong as the previous fish but the dragging of the line felt so much lighter.

Maybe this fish is smaller than the previous one?

“…..Or so I thought but I got another milk trout.”

The fish that I had just put into the net was about 40 cm long and the body was very thick too.

How do I say it… This fish… It looks… Incredibly good!

I also cut the spinal cord near the tail and hooked it up on the string to let the blood drained out.

Feeling good, this time I put on a shallow plug type and threw the cast away.

The fish that bit on my bait was about 40cm long and had a very fat body too!

…….Rielle Lake… You’re so amazing… Don’t tell me all the milk trout in this lake are about this size..?!

I want to fish!!

……..My motto is to catch and eat, I don’t want to release the fish I got.

But… If I got another fish this size, I wouldn’t be able to finish them all!

There will be leftovers!

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh….. I’m in a bind…… I’m totally in a binddddd ahhhhhhhh…..


T/N: You know what, I think I’m going to drop this novel. At first I thought there would be a lot of cooking and some camping but turns out there’s so many fishing techniques mentioned here! It’s too much for a city girl who never held a live fish like me…. 

Dear foodie novel, I hope you will get a new daddy/momma soon! 

Devil's Origin · Web Novel

Devil’s Origin Chapter 68

Chapter 68 : Cerberus


<<Maou you understand, right?>>

Yeah I know……


“Ah! Riru!”

Fenrir’s child came running at full speed and jumped right into my embrace. 

Her whole body was overflowing with her love for me, she was very adorable. 


I know.

I squished my cheek against Riru’s, her cheek was very, very soft!

“It tickleeeeesss! Kyaaa! Kyaaa!~”

Staring into the far distance, I sighed. 

Ah… If possible, I really don’t want to do it…..


“Did you call for us, Maou-sama?”

I had called Copper, Lexus and…… Direwolf to come meet me in the mating room. 

“Why are Lexus and Direwolf growling at each other…?”

Ever since they arrived here, Direwolf and Lexus had been growling at each other.

“I-I don’t know! This dog had been barking at me since the first time I met him!”

Both Lexus and Direwolf supposedly had the same ancestry since they belonged to the same wolf gene but it seemed their compatibility was very bad.

Ah… This is bad…

With the two of them barking each other to death like this, let alone mating, I won’t be able to speak properly with them either. 

The system had been pressuring me to crossbreed with 3 canine species to revive the already extinct Cerberus race.

Just when I finally let Direwolf go, the right person came walking in. 



Fenrir’s ear twitched when I called for him. 

Maybe I can have him replace Direwolf….


“So by mating with three canine species at the same time, you’ll be able to revive the Cerberus race from extinction?”


I had already finished the explanation to Lexus, Copper and Fenrir who were obediently sitting in the mating room. 

“I see. That’s why you need the three of us here.”

Quick at grasping the situation, Fenrir began to shed his clothes off. 

“E-e-ehhhh???? The three of us together?!?!”

Copper began visibly flustered while Lexus…

Lexus was quiet but he was having a nosebleed from the thought. 

“I’ll be going in first then?”

Fenrir wasn’t even the least deterred, he started to help me undress myself. 

“I’m sorry about this, boy.. But please do your best, okay?” 

Fenrir brought our lips together as he used his hand to prop my back. 

Deepening our kiss, he pushed his tongue inside. 

He twisted my nipples, gaining a surprised yelp from me. 

While our tongue danced together, Fenrir pushed me down on the bed with my back sticking close to his chest. 

“Copper, care to give Maou’s penis some love?”

“Ah, yes.”

Copper had been watching us silently but Fenrir’s command had successfully taken him out of his stupor. 

The timid kobold gave a tentative lick at my penis first. 

He seemed happy when my penis twitched in return.

Gaining an extra confidence, he jumped right in and put my whole penis into his mouth. 


My body jerked in surprise, suddenly being wrapped in that velvety cavern made my blood run straight into my dick. 

“That’s right, you’re doing good. Maou, you mustn’t forget about the upper part either.”

Holding my chin, Fenrir twisted my neck back to resume our frenzied kiss. 

The combination of our saliva trickled down from the corner of my mouth. 

His tongue swirling inside my mouth, exploring every corner of it. 

From the roof toward every single digit of my teeth. 

“Fuh… It’s not fair if only Fenrir-sama and Copper got the action.”

Feeling left out, Lexus suddenly sucked on my nipples. 


I wasn’t able to moan out loud since my mouth was occupied with deep kissing Fenrir. 

While Copper and Lexus were busy stimulating my front part, Fenrir’s hand travelled down to my back. 

He circled his finger around my entrance, giving me the mercy of a warning before he pushed his finger in. 

It was just one finger but it was already a tight fit for my virgin ass. 

F-four places.. This is bad…

Being assaulted at four different places simultaneously, pleasure started to cloud my mind. 

“Maou… How is it… Your mouth… Feels good?” 

“Hii…. So…. Ghooood….”

“Your nipples?”

Lexus asked. 

“Does my mouth also feel good?” 

Copper added. 

I wanted to yell that everything, everywhere felt good, felt so unbearably good but my brain was already melting from the pleasure. 

I couldn’t give out a coherent response but my body was honest with its reaction. 

Lips red and bruised from the kiss, nipples standing proud and hard, not to mention drips of precum steadily flowing out of my penis, every single part of my body was experiencing immense pleasure. 

From two to three fingers, Fenrir scissored me from the inside, stretching me out for the bigger thing.

Nonetheless, his fingers were far from enough. 

I needed more, I needed something bigger.. Something thicker to fill me up. 

Wriggling my back to get my thoughts across, I desperately hoped Fenrir would catch my drift. 

“Wow.. You’re already so wet… Maou…. I will begin first… Okay?”

I whined at the loss of his finger but he didn’t give me a chance to rest as he slightly lifted my butt to position his penis against my entrance. 

The blunt head offered the promise of something more, something that my body was aching for. 

Slowly, he pushed the head in. 

The bed creaked at the new position.

Fenrir hugged me from behind, engulfing me in his warm embrace.

His tongue licked on unshed tears that I didn’t even realize was there in the first place. 

The big arms wrapped securely around my heated body made me cried out even more, the sensation of being protected and loved made my body shivered in return. 

“Maou-shama.. Ahre you halright?”


Copper… I beg you, please don’t speak with my penis in your mouth!!

The added sensation is getting me closer to the edge. 

I’d have already cummed had I not pulled myself back together. 

But my internal disparity didn’t last for long.

Suddenly Fenrir thrusted deep into me, reaching my sigmoid colon with his big penis. 


“Ah… Since we’re doing it from the back… Maybe I can get even deeper?”

I wanted to retort back, saying there was no way he could get even deeper. 

His penis was already poking through my stomach as of now even!

My whole body shook along with his thrust but Fenrir didn’t care.

He thrusted even harder and pistoned his hips further, trying to reach his new aim. 

The pain made my penis wilted a little but of course Copper wouldn’t have that. 

With newly gained determination, Copper sucked and licked my penis vigorously.

He seemed to take it personally when my penis wilted a little. 

Lifting one of my legs up, Fenrir thrusted hard into me. 

“Ngghhh!! Ahhh!!”

My body flew along with his movement, the fat head of his penis tore through my sigmoid colon, fitting snugly around the tight appendages.

“That’s right… Good boy… It’s alright.. Your body can take all of me in…”

Fenrir offered praise after praise as our body rocked together.

Every corner his penis hit felt so good, my whole body had turned into an erogenous zone. 

No matter where he aimed, jolts of pleasure coursing through my body. 

My nipples had become bright red thanks to the special attention Lexus diligently paid to it. 

He sucked and nibbled on the perky bud, his hairy hand felt ticklish against my bare chest. 

And on the other end there was Copper, his mouth waiting patiently everytime I rocked forward from Fenrir’s vigorous thrust.

Hot, warm tongue trailed across my neck. 

Fenrir was sucking and nibbling on my nape, his growls were borderline predatory. 

A sharp twinge of pain surged through me as Fenrir sunk his fangs into my nape, marking me completely as his. 

“Hi-Ah…. Hahh….”

I couldn’t focus my mind between all the pain and pleasure I felt. 

The flaming pain from Fenrir’s massive dick was easily eased with the pleasure from both Copper and Lexus’s diligent ministration. 

“I’m going to come… Maou…”

Fenrir growled deeply, his eyes turned red from the high sexual energy he had. 

He quickened his pace, forcing his penis deeper and even deeper with each thrust. 



I could feel Fenrir’s penis twitching inside me as he came.

His penis was nestled snugly inside my sigmoid colon, coating the appendages with his milky seeds. 

Strings of cum overflowed in me, there seemed to be no stopping him from filling my body with his semen. 

Ah… Right….

He’s a canine….

Just when I thought I had been imagining things, the base of Fenrir’s penis kept on growing even bigger. 

As if knowing what I was thinking, Fenrir stroked my head gently. 

“Let’s do our best.”

“Ngh… Y-yeah….”


Two hours.

The knot didn’t dissipate for at least two hours. 

During those long hours, the three canine demons kept on grooming me just like what a dog would. 

They licked, stroked and sometimes nibbled on my skin. 

From the top of my head, to the tip of my toe, every part of my body was being loved by them in their own way. 

All the while, Fenrir kept on pouring gush and gush of cum in me. 

The knot worked well as a cork to prevent the cum from dripping out. 

“I… I can’t take it… Anymore.. Ugh…”

“Ah, yeah.. I think I’m already done too.”

Fenrir took his penis out with a plop and almost immediately, an abundant amount of cum overflowed out of my abused entrance. 

There was a visible bump on my stomach, just from taking Fenrir’s cum. 

I… I don’t think I can take another one in….

“Okay. Copper, it’s your turn next.”


Yes you ass. Give me a break….

<< If you don’t do it consecutively, Fenrir’s egg will begin to form in you. Do you really want to start all over again?>>

Hiiiiii! You’re so evil!!

Fenrir grabbed me from behind and spread my legs open, the semen in me jiggled slightly everytime I moved.

It was very uncomfortable but there was nothing I could do but bear it down. 

“Copper, you know how to mate, right? You have to pour your sticky and hot seeds into Maou here, okay?”

Seemed like Fenrir’s tendency to take care of people rubbed on Copper.

Well… Copper does seem kinda unreliable so I can’t blame him here…

Copper nodded dutifully and aligned his penis. 

Glob of viscous and cloudy liquid squirted out everytime Copper thrusted. 


Compared to Fenrir, Copper was much smaller in size but his penis was big enough to poke on my sphincter.

Not to mention his penis squelched with the semen left in me, the sound was eerily loud. 

My body rocked along with the thrust.

Copper must’ve been pent up while giving me a blowjob since his movement was surprisingly wild, he seemed desperate even.

Everytime he thrusted, the lewd sound of semen being mixed together made me felt this weird tingling sensation. 

While Copper was busy using me as an outlet for his sexual urges, Fenrir grabbed a hold of my chin and tilted it upward, sealing our lips together. 

His fat tongue felt good against mine, my mind was spiralling even further into the depth of pleasure. 

“Ah…. Ah… Maou-sama… Feels so good… Ah…. Ah…”

“Hig! Nghh…. Nngh…. Mmhh…. Nnh…”

I couldn’t even let out a coherent moan since Fenrir didn’t want to spare my lips even for just a second. 

My brain started to melt from the pleasure thanks to Copper’s intense movement. 

“Ah.. Co-… Coming.. I’m going to…. Ahhhh!!”


It didn’t take long for Copper to come, which was understandable given his lack of experience. 

After making sure he had let all of his semen in me, Copper took his deflated penis out of me. 

After Fenrir, my stomach was once again filled with Copper’s semen. 

The bulge was so big, my stomach felt close to bursting. 

“Ugh… My stomach… Feels heavy….”

“I see…. Maou, maybe we should lay you down?”

Fenrir supported my body as he laid me down on the bed.

I used both my knee and hand to make sure I didn’t put all my weight on my heavily bulged stomach.

“T-this pose! Just like a female leopard presenting herself!”

For some reason Lexus was having a nosebleed yet again.

“Ah, Lexus, since you’re the last, you should take Maou from behind. His stomach is already heavy as it is after all.”

Fenrir told Lexus as he shuffled his knee to position himself in front of me. 

He grabbed his penis, which surprisingly stayed hard even after coming in me so much and pointed it on my face. 

“This is bad. Looking at Maou being wrecked silly is making me hard again.”

Fenrir licked his lips while staring at me. 

Knowing what I had to do without being told to, I began to lick his shaft. 

Uugh.. It tastes gross.. It must be because he already put it in me first….

I gingerly licked it, didn’t want to take the whole thing in if possible. 

“If you do it well, I will reward you with another sweets later.”

Without any hesitation, I took his whole length in my mouth.

Lexus, who had finally calmed himself enough to not be bleeding profusely on the bed, grabbed a hold of my waist and pushed his penis in one go. 

He was very impatient, as if he had been holding himself back for far too long. 

“Maou-sama!! Maou-sama!!”

Everytime Lexus thrusted hard, the semen left inside swirling around, it made me want to puke but I held it in. 

Otherwise I’ll have to redo it all over again….


Suddenly Fenrir grabbed a hold of my face and thrusted his penis in and out of my awaiting mouth. 

M-My body won’t be able to take it if you do it both at the same time!!!

Copper, unsure what to do, began to pinch my nipple with his hand. 

He seemed sorry to see me being wrecked on both end so he tried to appease my pain by stimulating my penis with pleasure instead. 

Ah….I… I can feel my synapses are being disconnected from my nervous system……

“Maou-sama…. So good… Feels so good! I can’t… I can’t stop! Ah… I can’t stop!!!”

In a frenzied state, Lexus howled as he thrusted vigorously in and out of me. 

“Mmph… Nngh.. Pha… Ughp….”

“Oi, pay attention to your mouth too.”

“Maou-sama, does it feel good? Your nipples are very hard now.”

Lexus came even faster than Copper, he pushed his dick in me to make sure none of his seed would be laid to waste. 

Ah, right… This guy is also a canine…

The base of his shaft swelled, forming a knot to serve as a cork to keep the semen in as he poured a steady amount of cum in my already full belly. 

My stomach was already expanded to the brim, this mating session really grazed on the line of my limit. 

“Maou-sama… I’m so happy..”

Lexus was openly sobbing now.

“I see…”

I replied bitterly. 

To think I had to endure another 2 hours of hellish pain before the knot went down….

“That’s right.. For now, Maou belongs to all three of us.”

“Fufu, I’m so happy!~”

The three canine species demons wagged their tail happily. 


And so…

During those two hours, the amount of newly added pressure on my stomach caused a reflux and made me spit out some of the milky white seeds. 

<< Your level increased by 12 after mating with three species consecutively! You acquired 1 Cerberus’s Egg! You also acquired 1 Orthrus’s Egg!>>

I succeeded in acquiring Cerberus’s Egg, I even got Orthrus’s Egg which was a nice bonus. 


At that time, I didn’t know there was an even worse hell awaiting me after this.


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Chapter 67


Chapter 69

Devil's Origin · Web Novel

Devil’s Origin Chapter 67

Chapter 67 : Extra Chapter – Family Education


“Legion, let him go.”

“……….. Why?”

“……………. You’re troubling Master.”

“Maou-sama… Trouble… Not…”

“Let him go.”

“……….. Why?”


Velke went silent.

Ever since Legion had fully regenerated his body, he had been sticking close to Maou. 

Velke’s veins could be seen visually popping out everytime Legion asked why since Velke couldn’t come to a satisfactory answer for Legion.

Of course, the real reason why Velke was so against Legion from clinging to Maou was obviously because…. 

Seeing him sticking so close to MY Master is making me seething with jealousy!

And so here we were, at a stalemate between Legion and Velke. 

Nonetheless, he couldn’t honestly say the real reason out loud since it’d make him look bad instead. 

This newly regenerated Legion, despite already living for hundreds of years, he actually had the mental state of a little child. 

“Legion, I don’t mind you clinging to me but…. Please don’t stick your hand inside my clothes….”

Maou chided at Legion gently. 

If the one sliding their hands into Maou’s clothes were Vii instead of Legion, Maou would immediately yell, “This is sexual harassment! You pervert!!”.

“……….. Why?”

“Why you ask, that’s…”

“Maou…. Skin feels… Good… Want to… Keep.. Touching…”

“……….. O-Oh….”

Maou could honestly say despite Legion touching him without any lewd intentions, the innocent touch actually made him feel hot in a certain place. 

Ah, another vein popped out from Velke’s skin.

“Master, please grant me the permission to revert him back to a piece of flesh again.”

“You can’t!!”

“He will regenerate again so just a little bit of flesh maybe?”

“I said no!!”

And thus was the normal conversation to start the morning in Maou’s Castle. 


Now then, shall we change the place?

Let’s see the morning activities in the dining hall. 


“Oh? What a big sigh. What’s the matter, Gedo-dono?”

“Ah, Chaos-dono.”

Gedo sighed heavily with such a troubled expression on his face, Chaos wondered what could be troubling the gladiator so much. 

“I’ve been thinking about how I should teach my children on how to live as a gladiator…”

“I see, so it’s about the education of your children.”

“Yeah, I’ve been living as a slave all this time so I really don’t know how a gladiator is supposed to live.”

“I see. Since the children’s lesson time is drawing near, you’re wondering how you should teach your children to live as a gladiator..”

The lessons the children attended varied depending on their race but between all those lessons, the most important one was the lesson on the way of living of their race.

Gedo had fallen into slavery ever since he was a child so he didn’t have the luxury to think about how the real gladiator lived. 

That was why he was worried how he was supposed to teach his own children when he didn’t know it himself in the first place. 

“Yeah. I want them to live with pride but, what’s the pride of a gladiator? A fallen gladiator like me, what kind of thing can I teach them?”


“The hell? Why are you mumbling about a piece of shit like that?” 

Alexius dropped his plate (A BIG PILE OF IT!) next to Gedo with a loud clang and pulled a seat for himself while frowning.

“Alexius-dono, then what kind of thing are you teaching your children?

“Live freely.”

“…………… Oh.”

“Don’t get caught with something that can bind you. Roam freely in the sky. Live freely. Make a living wherever you end up at.”

“It’s a pretty wild way of living,huh.”

“I don’t like to dwell too much about shit like oneself and whatever.”

“I see, that’s very typical of Alexius-dono. Chaos-dono, what about you?”

Chaos took his time to gather his words before speaking.

“To live with honorable decorum I think. There are many strong individuals out there but, proudly living with decorum and good etiquette requires strong self control. I wish my children could live as a proud lizardman in this way.”

“I see..”

Gedo nodded his head at Chaos’s explanation.

This kind of honorable education was typical of Chaos.

“What’s this, what’s this? You guys talking about the children’s education?”

Collin and Lugrant came with their meals in tow.

“Collin-dono, what kind of thing are you teaching your children?”


Collin pondered while munching on his breakfast. 

“Never come close to humans.”

“… I see.”

“And.. Know your gains and losses. Never do anything that could put you at disadvantage but if there’s something that will itch your mind even though you know you’ll lose something, then you must do it and see it through until the end. It’s better to regret doing it rather than regret not doing it.”

A true merchant’s word. 

However Collin still made sure to keep in mind that some things in the world cannot be measured as just a mere gain and loss. 

“It’s very typical of you, Collin-dono. What about Lugrant-dono?”

“ Skill will help skill… I think.”


“No matter how much fortune and treasure you have, once they’re gone, they’re gone. But no one can take your skill away from you. By honing your skill, you will also help your own skill, by making it more polished. For me, the greed to reach beyond our current skill is the true nature of dwarf’s pride.”

Oh my! A true artisan’s word!

“This makes me wonder what kind of things the others are planning to teach their children.”


Not long after that, there came nagaraja and phoenix.

“Something… Happening….”

“Hmph. I’m not interested in the slightest but I might as well join your conversation. I know it won’t do my prideful self good in joining in but oh well.”

“Oh, what’s the education plan you two have in mind for your children?” 

Gedo asked as both phoenix and nagaraja started to eat their meal.

Phoenix opened his mouth first before Nagaraja even had any chance to talk. 

“How wonderful of you to be curious about what us, the proud phoenix, have in mind when teaching our children. But I do have to ask, do you really want to hear what made our race superior both in rarity, merit and title compared to any other race?”

“Please make it brief.”

Gedo begged earnestly.

“Become like the eternal and invariant flame.”


“The members of my race could live forever. It is the phoenix’s way of life to have an everlasting will that could soar through multiple lifetimes, instead of drying out after just one lifetime.”

“I see, that’s very typical of you, Phoenix-dono. What about you, Nagaraja-dono?”

“……….Be flexible so you’ll have a comfortable life.”

“You mean like, in mindset? Flexible mindset?”

“….. The world is… Ever changing…. We need to be flexible… Just like our tail to be able to receive what the world could offer…”

Despite looking like someone who has a simple way of thinking, it turned out Nagaraja was also thinking about deep stuff like this. 

Every race had a different way of approach in educating their children. 

Getting to know each and every one of them was interesting. 

“Oh my~ I wonder if you’d be interested to hear my education plan?”

“Seems like everyone is having an exciting conversation.”

“Education plan is… An interesting subject.”

“That’s true.”

Since the children had already finished their breakfast, Elk, Copper, Zeno and Rin finally came to have a meal for themselves. 

The cheerful Elk immediately told his education plan explicitly.

“We xxxxxxx so xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx. Something like that.”

“Wa-wait! Don’t talk about indecent stuff early in the morning like this!!”

“Oh! My apologies. Basically we mustn’t let go of our prey.”

“C-copper, what about you?!”

“Eh?! Me?! Erm… It’s nothing grand but… Be a good person. I think that’s it. Be a good person.”

Zeno the High Orc nodded approvingly at Copper’s answer.

“That’s right. It is said the good you do for others is good you do for yourself. I hope my children will become someone who’s kind.”

“Rin-san, are you also the same?”

“No, as for me…”

Rin’s eyes twinkled beneath the enchanted glasses. 

“Never do cannibalism.”

It was not the answer everyone expected from the gentle Rin. 

“Rin-dono’s education plan is the polar opposite of mine, huh.”

The silent predator, Thread the Arachne appeared with his own plate in hand before them. 

“In my case, it’s the survival of the fittest.”

Thread appeared to be smiling from ear to ear but everyone else could feel a chilling sensation creeping in from their bones. 

“Aaaaaaaahh!!! Everyone is having fun without me again!!!”

Suddenly, Shellzabyute the Leviathan came crashing in while staring enviously at the group of them.

“So loud. I’m going to teach you a lesson, Shell.”

Behind the water dragon, Hakuro the White Dragon appeared. 

“Stop trying to push me off!” 

“Too loud. I won’t, so shut up and eat already.”

Hakuro kicked the water dragon, making him stumble into the dining room. 

“Hakuro-dono, what’s your education plan?”

“Training and obedience.”

The other chorushed their approval, it suited his personality who could be seen wielding a whip everywhere he goes.

“I bet in dragon form he’s gonna answer ‘harmony and tranquility’.”

“Which reminds me you-”

“Curious?? Do you want to hear mine?? Do you want to????”

“You’re so noisy! No one wants to hear yours!”


The other immediately tried to appease the growling dragons, they did want to hear what the water dragon had in mind. 

“In my case, it’s strength! A water dragon has to be strong!” 

“What a simpleton.”

“Hakuro, what the hell is wrong with you today?? You want to have a go? Want some piece of me? Wanna go, huh????”

“So troublesome….”

Alexius groaned out loud.

Finding the water dragon was a good thing but well… 

This water dragon’s personality is a little… Well.. 

Alexius regretted telling Maou about Leviathan. 

I should’ve let him rot into the bottom of the ocean….

“Oh? Seems like you guys are having an interesting conversation.”

Fenrir, Velke and Maou (along with Legion in tow) finally came to the dining hall. 

“The children’s education, huh?” 

Fenrir’s tail wagged excitedly.

“My plan is to spoil them rotten! First, I will pour all my love wholeheartedly! The disciplining part can come later.” 

“You bastard, if you only spoil them like that, they will grow up to be useless adults later.” 

“What? Velke, you’re poking me.”

“You keep on feeding him sweets.”

Velke continued.

“………….. We’re talking about the children, right…?”

Maou asked. 

“You feed him every single day. Every.Single.Day.”

“We’re talking about the children, right????”

“We already decided he can only eat one sweet each day but you keep on spoiling him!”

“Oi! When did the conversation become about me?!”

Velke had conveniently shifted the conversation to raise his objection against Fenrir from feeding Maou with nothing but sweets. 

“Which reminds me, Velke-dono, I heard you’re very passionate about the children’s education. More than anyone else here. Please share your wisdom with all of us here.”

“ ……… It’s nothing unordinary. I only raise them with love but I do remind them of one thing. Treasure the pride of your family. As someone who’s born from the Velluclesis race, I want them to live proudly while carrying our race’s name.” 

“I see… Basically be proud of who you are…”

Gedo listened to Velke’s explanation attentively. 

“Maou-sama, what about you? What do you think about the children’s education?” 


“All I want is for the children to grow up well and be healthy. I leave all the training and discipline to the father. Most importantly, I wish for them to be happy.”

Maou replied nonchalantly while munching on his meal. 

His expression seemed indifferent, as if he was saying something as a matter of factly. 


All the other demons were all thinking that…

Maou.. He has a very big heart…


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Chapter 66


Chapter 68

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Devil's Origin · Web Novel

Devil’s Origin Chapter 66

Chapter 66 : Legion

T/N: Prepare your tissue!


“Randolph, are you sure we’re in the right place?”

“Yes, I’m sure…. Mostly.”

Currently me and Randolph were in the basement of something that you could call an abandoned tower.

Randolph was the one that acquired information that said there was a demon in this foul smelling place.

According to the rumor, there was a demon that had been locked in this place for at least several hundred years ago…. Or so what I was told. 

Randolph said this story was commonly spread between adventurers over a drink in a bar. 

Hundreds of years ago an evil spirit was being locked in a tower in the east. 

Ever since then, you could hear the evil spirit’s cursed voice coming from the tower.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was just an ordinary ghost story people told during their drunken banter but Randolph said we should go inspect it just in case. 

After getting closer to the tower, we were certainly able to hear growls filled with hatred coming from the tower that showed no sign of anyone coming in for the last several hundred years. 

To be able to live in this desolate tower for hundreds of years, the one staying there must certainly be a demon since no human could live for that long. 

Having come to such a conclusion, the two of us decided to go into the tower to investigate even further. 

But….. This tower was really… 

Dark… And it smelled so foul….

Even though I was hiding behind Randolph’s back, this place was creepy enough for me to second guess him. 

I had to ask him whether he was sure we were in the right place or not, despite knowing full well we were certainly in the right place.

And for some reason there were a lot of wild dogs inside this tower although they weren’t foolish enough to attack Randolph since he was holding onto a flaming torch. 

“W-why there’s a lot of wild dogs here…?”

I asked Randolph.

“I’m not sure… I don’t see any sign of humans feeding them either… I wonder how they were able to breed…”

Randolph shrugged, he flickered his gaze toward the corner, trying to see whether he missed a clue or something. 

To be able to get inside the tower, we had to break the lock.

The lock was rusty and there was no sign of anyone ever opening it for who knew how long. 

I wonder if there was another entrance to this place? 

The sound of my shoes clicking onto the hard, stone floor accompanied us as we descended even further toward the depth of the tower. 

As we went deeper, we still couldn’t see any sign of anyone living here, save for the wild dogs looking at us warily. 

Down and down we went until the staircase ended and there was an old door before us. 

Is this the bottom of the tower’s basement?

The metal door that had turned red from rust creaked open and with it, came the revolting smell of something rotting in full force. 


“This smell… So horrible….”

I immediately covered my nose but the damage had already been done.

The smell was so intense that we both choked, I even staggered since the smell made me feel dizzy. 

There was a prison cell inside the room. 

<<LV 120 Legion. They’re a rare species.>>

The system’s voice resounded in my mind. 

So the one being kept inside that cell was a demonkind. 

In this dark room, I could hear the sound of the wild dogs panting. 

Along with… The sound of them chomping into something. 

I glanced at Randolph, it seemed like we already had the same thing in our mind. 

We nodded at each other before we warily took a step forward. 

There, inside that prison cell….


The hungry wild dogs were biting into something that grotesquely resembled a lump of meat. 

Maggots could be seen crawling in and out of that meat. 

Upon closer inspection, it appeared the meat was beating.

It was beating in a steady rhythm.. Just like a heart. 

“C-could it be… That’s the demon…..?”

In a second, we rushed forward, fending off all the hungry wild dogs. 

The flame torch proved to be very effective in fending the dogs away, with a bunch of frenzied swipe, the dog immediately scattered away. 

There were several spots on the lump of meat where the dogs had taken a bite off, the bite mark looked so clear, it made my stomach churned. 

But despite all the flesh wounds, the lump of meat was still beating steadily. 

Between all the twitching flesh, I could see something resembling a bunch of intestines coiling together.

Maggots already make themselves home in every nook and corner of the twitching meat. 

To think someone actually imprisoned this demon here and let the wild dogs roam free and feed from them…..

This lump of meat was the sole reason how the dogs were able to reproduce until their number became abundant. 

Every time the dog got hungry, they fed on this lump of meat. 

The lump of meat then would regenerate the wound despite all the pain. 

The dog then will feed on this meat again after they regenerated the missing part. 

For the past several hundred years this demon had to endure being eaten alive by the dogs, regenerate their own wounds and had the dog eat them again and again… And again…

I fell on my knees and couldn’t stop myself from embracing this lump of meat. 

“I’m sorry…. It took me far too long to come and get you…. I’m sorry….”

Tears flowed freely from my eyes, my heart ached for this poor demon, trapped in this cold dark tower all alone, having to endure years of endless suffering. 

I wonder how long this demon had been confined within this abyss of despair….

Looking at the maggots crawling freely made me so furious with everything. 

I took the matter into my own hand and carefully picked the maggot out. 

I need to hurry up… 

I need to… Rescue this poor demon soon… 

I need to put a stop to this demon’s suffering….

We let the door open so the wild dogs could roam outside on their own. 

I securely wrapped the demon with my own mantle and headed back to Maou’s Castle together with Randolph.


“Master, you’ve returned………….. That… Meat is…?”

Velke immediately greeted us as we arrived in Maou’s Castle. 

“This is the demon that was trapped inside that tower.”

Velke noticed I was dirty with blood stains from Legion’s wound. 

“I shall prepare hot water-”

“No, we need to treat this demon’s wound first.”

I wonder what I should do.

While I was hugging Legion, I realized Legion was regenerating himself, although his regeneration speed was very slow.

<< Soak him in the Fountain of Life. That fountain has the same characteristics as Maou’s womb. It’s filled with magic power to the brim hence why Legion will be able to regenerate faster in there.>>

Following the system’s instructions, I created a room near the Fountain of Life. 

I made something resembling a bathtub in this new room and with the help of the other demons, we filled the bathtub with water from the Fountain of Life. 

Gentle, I lowered the lump of meat into the bathtub. 

As soon as Legion’s whole body submerged in the water, he started beating rapidly, his regeneration speed increased exponentially. 

All the remaining maggots scattered away from his body. 

Not wanting them to get into Legion anymore, I scooped the wriggling maggots from the bathtub and threw them away. 

Even though he was already reduced into nothing but a lump of meat, Legion still couldn’t die……

<< Legion is a demon that lives by hatred from humankind. They will not die as long as those hatred still exist.>>

But there’s no other Legion left?

<< There was a big war against the clergyman. Most of the Legion died during that war.>>

Since Legion is a demon resembling an evil spirit, I guess they are weak against holy power.

I wonder if there is anything I could do for this Legion?

<< You should hug him. Transfer Maou’s power into him.>>

Dipping into the water, I hugged Legion who was still beating rapidly. 

I could audibly hear the sound of his heartbeat thumping. 

More organs started to form as he regenerated his lost body part, the lump of meat squirming wildly under me. 

Slowly, his newly regenerated intestine began to wrap itself around my body. 

“Hey! Stop coiling around me and get back inside your own body!”

As if understanding my words, the intestines began to wriggle back to his body.

Little by little, Legion’s body was being regenerated.


I wonder how many days have passed?

I had been hugging his body everyday. 

The once lump of meat had started to take on a humanoid form. 

The regeneration process was very grotesque but I endured the sight and kept on hugging and stared at him despite it all. 

I had to watch as strings of muscle were wrapped around his limbs, the once empty eye socket being regenerated bits by bits.

He still hasn’t regenerated his skin yet so his current form resembled a human anatomy model I used to see during biology class but compared to his initial lump of meat state, his current form had improved drastically. 

“Good for you, you’ll be able to return to your original form soon.”

I poured the water that I had just drawn from the fountain over his body. 

Feeling happy by my gesture, his barely filled throat was making ‘OoOooOoooO’ sound.

At first, I had been hugging him with my clothes on but now I’ve taken my clothes off so I could hug him skin to skin.

Because it seemed Legion felt more at ease being able to feel my skin directly. 

Matching his heartbeat with mine, Legion entwined his hands and feet around me, finally having a peaceful moment after hundreds of years without it.

Not long after that, Legion began to regenerate his skin. 

He had dark brown skin accompanied with deep black eyes. 

After that, his hair finally regenerated.

A soft ash color surrounding his beautiful face. 

His face seemed young, despite his actual age. 

“Legion, do you understand? I’m Maou, your master.”

“………………….Aa….. oU….”



“That’s right. Your years long of pain and torture is over. You’re free now.”

For a moment…..

Legion’s eyes flickered with deep hatred toward the human.

But then the hatred melted away as quickly as it came. 

Legion nuzzled his face to my hair, he started to practice calling my name repeatedly with his soft-sounding voice. 


“That’s right. I’m Maou.”

“Maou….. Maou…..”

He wrapped his arm, which hadn’t fully regenerated around me. 

“You’re not in that dark tower all by yourself anymore. You’re free here.”

“Maou…. Maou….”

I gently stroked his ashen hair and leaned my face against him.

“Dark… Over… Maou… Light… Bring….”

Legion muttered softly as I stroked his head.

A few days had passed and it seemed Legion’s body had turned completely to normal.

To be able to his current state from just nothing but a lump of meat…. Legion’s regeneration ability was really nothing to scoff at. 

Even with the help of Maou’s magic power, this level of regeneration speed was really unusual. 

“Legion, you’re not alone anymore. That’s why, let’s make a family for you.”

“Maou…. Maou… We… Desire….”

Legion was referring to himself in plural. 

Seemed like although there was only ‘one’ Legion, Legion himself was an aggregation of several entities.

<< The word ‘legion’ was first used to describe an army. Legion himself is a collections of hatred.>>

 Although Legion was a collection of hatred, his eyes were not clouded with hatred. 

Instead, there was a clear shine coming from his eyes.

When Legion was being this defenseless in front of me, I couldn’t help but to spoil him .

While still being bare naked, Legion rubbed his stomach against mine.

Yeah, you’re fine now. 

Legion rested his weight against me, as if trying to reassure me he was already completely healed. 

With his current form, I would be able to accept him into me. 

The water splashed as I tried to stretch myself, prepping my ever virgin hole for Legion. 

“It’s fine. Come here, Legion…. Let’s have lots of babies together.”

Legion smiled happily, the room felt bright just by seeing his smile. 

Slowly, he lined his penis in front of my entrance and pushed it in. 


I welcomed the familiar burn as Legion slowly pushed his whole penis into me. 

Although Legion was not monstrously big, his size was still on the bigger side. 

The bulbous head easily reached my colon, teasingly close to the entrance of my womb. 

“More… We….”

Seemed he wanted to go even deeper. 

It was a tight fit nevertheless, I accepted all of him into me. 

Deeper, deeper, I could feel Legion breaking through my innermost place. 

“Ngh….! It’s… Fine… Come here…”

The schlop sound accompanied by the splash from the fountain water accompanied us as Legion pistoning his hips in and out of me. 

His pure innocence made me unable to resist him. 

Despite being the literal incarnation of hatred, he was actually very spoiled and innocent. 

He longed for warmth and I was more than ready to give him just that. 

I could feel the blunt head knocking on the entrance of my sigmoid colon. 

Staring into his eyes, I kissed his forehead and welcomed him in. 

The twisted appendages were snuggly tight but it didn’t take long before it took the shape of Legion’s penis. 


Legion quickened his pace, the water splashed every time he moved. 

My gasped moans, along with the sound of water breaking reverberated around this special room that I had made just for Legion. 

“Maou…. Maou…”

My heart immediately clenched when I heard him calling out my name so sweetly like that. 

Being forced to survive as a lump of meat, this demon had to endure years of solitude, not even able to call out for anyone’s name. 

The cruelty that Legion had to endure reminded me of human’s basic nature. 

No matter in which world, humans generally treated anything foreign with contempt, often with cruelty. 

Furthermore human’s hatred kept on burning, the never-changing ember was strong enough to keep Legion alive for hundreds of years. 

I wonder if there could be a future where demonkind and humankind could coexist?

For demonkind to be able to keep on existing, we won’t be able to avoid colliding with the human. 

…………………….. In our current state, we won’t be able to stand a chance against them. 

Before the collision happens, I need to do something. 

I wonder…

What kind of future is waiting for us both beyond this point?

As I was lost in my own thoughts, suddenly I felt a light thud on my head. 

“Maou… Thinking… Not.. Allowed… Maou… Focus… Mating….”

“A-Yeah. You’re right. We’re still in the middle of mating. It was rude of me to be thinking of something else.”

I stroked Legion’s head and cuddled him close to console him.

Legion nuzzled closer to me and fixed his position before he resumed his vigorous motion yet again. 

In and out, in and out, Legion began to build a steady pace.

The pleasure slowly returned to me, the way Legion hit on my sensitive spot made my leg felt weak. 

“Ah…. Ngh… Hahh…. Ahhhh!!”

With every thrust, Legion plunged even deeper into me. 

My colon welcomed him into its velvety cavern again and jolts of pleasure surged along with it.

Feeling he was close, Legion picked up his pace. 

His motion became even more vigorous and I was rendered into a breathless mess as he pounded on my pleasure spot. 

Finally Legion gave his all in one final thrust, making sure he was as deep as possible in me as he poured a warm gush of semen into my womb. 

More and more of the viscous liquid filled me.

After making sure our offspring will certainly bear fruit, Legion slumped down against me. 

He rubbed his cheeks against me and slowly closed his eyes. 

Staring at his lovely affections, I sighed in content and wrapped my arms around him, enclosing him in my safe embrace.

<< You acquired 12 Legion Eggs by mating with Legion!>>


When I opened my eyes, Legion was already awake. 

Noticing I was also awake, Legion perked up almost immediately. 

He nuzzled his face while positioning his dick on my entrance and slipped right in. 


“Maou… Maou…” 

Even as he pistoned his hips into me, he still looked unbearably cute. 

“Legion… You… What’s your name?”

“Legion is… Legion… We don’t have a.. Definite name….”

“I-I see…”

If it was like that then I guess it should be okay to keep calling him Legion. 

Legion stared at me with wonder in his eyes. 

“Maou… Saved our life… We will.. Follow Maou… For our whole… Life…”

He purposely thrusted into me hard to enhance every word. 

I really couldn’t fathom how this beautiful young man could act this spoiled and still look so, so very adorable in my eyes. 


Even after we finished our mating, Legion was still acting all spoiled. 

Me being me, couldn’t help but to welcome him affectionately. 

Little did I know… 

Velke was staring at us on the sideline with jealousy bubbling in his heart. 


T/N: This Legion! So cute! Must protecc!!! Ahhhhh!! I feel bad for him but I just love sweet seme like this!!

Chapter 65


Chapter 67

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Devil's Origin · Web Novel

Devil’s Origin Chapter 65

Chapter 65 : Leviathan

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It’s summer!

The beach!

Swimming in the ocean!

With all those thoughts in mind, we were having fun on the beach. 


With all that excitement going on, we had completely forgotten about Leviathan. 

The original plan was to have fun in the ocean to lure Leviathan out from his hiding but in the midst of playing in the ocean, we accidentally forgot about him…..

(( How dare you guys ignore me and have fun all by yourself… No, I mean, whose territory do you guys think you are swimming at???))

More and more water splashed as Leviathan unleashed his anger at us. 

“Leviathan! I missed you!!”

((Liar!! You completely forgot about me and just went around having fun all by yourself!!))

Uwah… He’s sulking… How annoying…

“That’s not true! I’m here because I want to see you!!”

I tried to appease the sulking dragon even though my heart didn’t feel like it.


“For real, for real!”

((Even though you guys were busy playing ball and capture the flag not a long ago…))

Uwah.. He was watching us, huh…..

“We’re really here to see you though!”

Leviathan’s tail stopped moving in the water as he pondered his next words.

((Maou… Why didn’t you come for me… Even though I had been waiting for you in the underwater palace…))

“Well that’s because…”

((I’ve been… Waiting for you… All this time.. Waiting for you….))

Leviathan averted his gaze, refusing to even look at me. 

((I.. I don’t care about Maou and other demonkind anymore!!))

Uwahhhhhhhhhhh… Soooo annoyinggg!!

He’s sulking just like a little kid!!

“Hey, can I just kill that guy?”

Alex suddenly interjected. 

I exhaled another big sigh out and prepared my heart before I started talking once again.

“What are you talking about, you are the main character, that’s why I didn’t pick you up early. The main character is always late, after all.”


“You know like those saying ‘good things take time’? The same notion can be applied to you.”

((So I’m the main character.))

“You are an important demon to me.”


Leviathan stood in silence before he suddenly shifted into his human form. 

A young man with short blue hair and a handsome face was standing on the glimmering wave in exchange for the previous sea dragon figure.

“Maou! If I’m really that important to you then you should’ve come pick me up sooner!”

Somehow I’ve managed to lift Leviathan’s mood.

“Yes, you are important and I need your loyalty. I’ll give you a family in return.”

“Do you really need my power no matter what? Is it really important to you?”

“Yes, it is important to me.”

Leviathan began to scratch his head with an expression that said ‘good enough’.

“Can’t be helped then. Since Maou really thinks I’m that important….”

The way Leviathan said it seemed like pledging loyalty to me was such a bothersome thing but I knew he was secretly happy about it since his tail was wagging excitedly. 

Contrary to his expression and voice tone, the light blue dragon tail was swinging back and forth at full speed. 

Since it was already late, it was decided the other demon would be going home first, leaving me alone with Leviathan. 

……. Of course Velke kept on insisting that he should’ve stayed with me up until the very end….

Well all that was left was mating with Leviathan. 

I definitely won’t let anyone else watch us. 

“That’s why you need to return home too, Vii.”

I stared at the vampire with a deadpan expression on my face.


Just what the hell is this pervert trying to do with a memory recording crystal on his hand?!?!

The sun was setting and in return the moon started to appear in the sky, illuminating the beach with its pale glow. 

I went to the rocky area with Leviathan. 

“Leviathan, what’s your name?”

“Shellzabyute. You can call me Shell.”

“Shell, have you been alone all this time?”

“……… A long time ago, I had my friends with me but before I noticed, I suddenly lost sight of them.”

So before he knew it, he was already alone.

This dragon….

Could he have a bad sense of direction?

After finding the perfect spot, me and Shell shed our clothes off. 

“Maou, you said I was important, didn’t you?”


“Humph. After all, I am The Great Sea Dragon, Shellzabyute!”

“Indeed you are.”

“………. So stop leaving me out like you did before….”


So the sea dragon was jealous when he was watching us playing on the beach without him. 

I made a mental note to take him with us in the future. 

Amano-Iwato plan was even more successful than I had expected. 

After the two of us were buck naked, Shell leaned his body close to me and gently stroked my skin. 

My skin was a little red as a result from playing in the sun for a whole day, even after Velke dutifully applied sunscreen on me multiple times throughout the day. 


He nuzzled his nose on my nipples and gave it a lick. 

His tongue easily engulfed my rosy bud, I couldn’t help but to moan when he began to suck on it.

“I can taste the seawater on you.”

“I-I see…”

I had been playing in the sea all day long after all.

He brought our body close and licked the base of my neck.

I guess Shell was the type that put great attention to the foreplay. 

The mating, no.. This sweet and tender sex made my cheeks flushed in red. 

Lifting one of my legs up, he dropped butterfly kisses on my thigh, leaving a trail of deep red marks in its wake. 

I flushed even more in embarrassment seeing how easy it was for my skin to turn red under his ministration.

“Maou your skin is so pale here, the red marks really stood out against your pale white skin.”

Shell grinned at me, lifting my legs even higher to show his mark to me. 

He didn’t give me any chance to say anything before he suddenly gave my penis a tentative suck. 


“It’s so easy to lick it because of how small it is. So adorable.”


Just you wait, before you notice it my penis will also turn into a big magnum…………

Okay, I get it. Big magnum is definitely out of reach for me but! 

I’m still in my growth period!!!

Stop saying how small it is!

My pride as an ordinary man can only take so much hit!!

Shell’s tongue trailed along the shaft of my penis, while he occasionally sucked on the tender base. 

I was rendered helpless against the direct stimulus, my penis stood against the air in no time. 

Litany of breathless moans escaped my lips, Shell seemed pleased hearing it, he became even more intense. 

The gentle touch was more firm now, his stroke getting quicker and harder and he began to bite the soft skin near my thigh playfully. 

One single digit circled around my entrance, Shell was testing my reaction as he slowly pushed the tip of his finger in. 

“You’re so damn tight here.”

My body shuddered, it felt both weird and good when Shell spoke while still having my penis inside his mouth. 

His finger explored my inside, he kept on wiggling and pushing until he finally reached my prostate. 

Smirking, he began to keep on pushing on my sensitive bundle of nerves, eliciting another round of moans from me. 

My body became a trembling mess, his skilled tongue pushed me even further into the valley of pleasure. 

While his finger was busy abusing my prostate, Shell never stop juggling between my shaft and balls. 

He sucked on my balls while his other hand stroked my penis. 

It didn’t take me long before I came under his skilled hands. 


Splurt of cum gushed out of my twitching penis, my body was very sensitive all over. 

The sound of my pounding heart felt eerily loud to my ear. 

I slumped down on the ground, my legs felt like jelly, I couldn’t stand anymore. 

While I was panting for air, Shell stared at me and opened his mouth wide. 

Pool of whitish cum coated his mouth, he let the gooey liquid drop onto his hand.

Grinning, he smeared my own cum on my entrance. 

His fingers stretched my entrance wide, giving a gap for Shell to push the cum in. 


“You’re still so tight.”

I could hear how my semen squelched as he kept on pushing it inside. 

Deciding his finger wasn’t enough, Shell also pushed his tongue along with his fingers and the semen he accumulated from me. 

My toe curled up in pleasure as Shell stretched me out. 

Hearing how loud the wet noise was made my heart pound even harder. 

Shell was the conductor and I was the instrument, he made music out of my body. 

The breathless moans, the squelching sound combined together into strings of melody.

After what felt like forever, Shell finally deemed I was stretched enough. 

He propped me up, using his own body to support my whole weight.

Something blunt and considerably much bigger than his tongue poking on my entrance. 

“I think it’s going to hurt at first but please bear with it.”

“Hyah…. Hahh… Nghh!”

He aligned our body together and slowly inched his penis into me. 

Ever so slowly, he slid his hard penis in me, the difference in size was tangible, I had to focus on my breathing to be able to accommodate his size. 

The leftover semen along with Shell’s saliva was being mixed together with his penis, making an assortment of lewd schlupping noise as he tried to lodge more of his penis into me. 

The stretch stung but Shell was being very careful and patient with me. 

“Ahh…. Aaahh… Nnghh… Aahhh… Haahh… Hhhahh..”


There was only a little bit of his penis left outside, Shell locked his eyes into me and pushed all the remaining digit into me. 


Drops of fat tears dripping out of my eyes at the sudden pain. 

Shell immediately licked the salty drop with his long, slender, lizard-like tongue. 

“Ahh… Maou… Maou…”

“Hi-.. Ngh… Ugh… Hu…. Hahh….”

Shell didn’t start thrusting instead he went on to rub my back, trying to soothe me from the pain.

His penis twitched occasionally inside me, making me squeezed on him in return. 

With his penis sheathed to the hilt, Shell tenderly stroked my cheek. 

“Maou you said I’m important to you… Which is why.. I’ll come to you whenever you need me.”

“Ngh… Y-yes…”

“Even at the end of the world.. Or in the deepest part of the ocean… No matter where, I’ll come for you.”


This sea dragon must’ve longed for someone for far too long already.

I didn’t know how long he had been alone but I would personally make sure he won’t be alone anymore.

“Let’s say together forever, Shellzabyute.”

I smiled at the lonely dragon. 

“……………. Yeah.”

Shell’s hips then suddenly jutted forward while he captured my lips simultaneously. 

He thrusted vigorously, while our mouth stayed interlocked together. 

“Ahh.. Nghh… Hahh… Ahnghhhh….”

He was churning my inside with his shaft, grazing on my prostate with his glans every time he moved. 

My body shuddered in response and he held me close, our skin was sticking against each other, the sweat making our body able to slide even smoother. 

He pistoned his hips deep, as if he was trying to break me from the inside. 

All the while, his tears won’t stop rolling, as if he was pleading, begging me to never leave him. 

“Maou… Maou…”

He chanted my name like a prayer, as if he was afraid I’d disappear. 

Rest assured, Shell. 

You’re.. Not alone anymore.

With one last deep thrust, Shell came inside me. 

His penis swelled as he funneled gush and gush of Leviathan’s essence into my womb. 

<< You gained 8 Leviathan Eggs after mating with LV 125 Leviathan!!>>


Well then. 

You must be wondering what happened next, right?


“Huh? I’m sure this is the right way though….”

I was riding on the back of Shell to return to Maou’s Castle.

By the way…. 2 hours had passed since we first started our trip.

My stomach was bloated from all the semen and eggs. 

Time was not in my favor and to make it worse, this dragon and his poor sense of direction made me waste my time even more.

“I told you already! East! Go toward the east!!”

“E-east… E-erm… It’s on the right… I think?”

“That’s north!!”

 “I don’t understanddddddd!”

The dragon groaned in frustration.


I can go back home on my own!

Oh.. Maybe I should just leave this dragon and go on my own…..

I am seriously considering leaving him here…..


Chapter 64


Chapter 66

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Devil's Origin · Web Novel

Devil’s Origin Chapter 64

Chapter 64 : Swimming in The Ocean

T/N: Another non-smut chapter! Enjoy!




The eggs started to crack.

While holding my breath, I watched them intently. 

I gulped as the crack began to widen, revealing a lovely figure hidden inside the protective shell. 

kui kui kui

The adorable voice called out for me. 

I have a skill that allows me to understand an animal’s voice so I knew what the pup was saying. 

(Mao…Shama… Mao…Shama..)

“Fenrir, your child is born!”

“Yeah, how adorable…”

Gently, Fenrir held the newborn into his arms while the other eggs also started to crack, all of the wolf pup trying to free themselves from the egg shell. 


Dipping my hand into the Fountain of Life, I lifted the newly born life and gently embraced them. 

No matter what species were born, I always cried at this touching moment. 

It was such a joyful, bittersweet and precious moment.

((Nonetheless, watching the moment the egg hatches is always so blissful to see.))

Chaos said, his eyes were fixated on the eggs fondly.

Perhaps because Chaos had spent a good amount of his life guarding over the dead eggs, watching the moment of birth like this must’ve felt like a beatitude moment for him.

The dark dragon eggs showed no sign of hatching yet but I secretly think Chaos would’ve cried when his eggs hatched. 

I was watching Fenrir having his intimate father and children moment when Alex came crashing in.

“Alex, what’s the matter?”

“Ah, I found the leviathan but there’s some annoying problem.”

“What kind of problem?”

((What’s wrong with that youngster?))

“Compared to a dark dragon, everyone is a youngster. Anyway that guy is sulking because you didn’t call for him yourself. Right now he’s hiding at the bottom of the ocean.”


What……? Sulking? A dragon is sulking…?

“I always thought he’s a fucking brat but I didn’t expect him to actually do something like this. That fucker is hiding inside his Underwater Palace because Maou didn’t summon him.”

“Er… S-so it is my fault…?”

I had been going around meeting up various demons with all my might so.. Hearing this really made me completely shocked. 

“Maou, you only have one body. If that fucking brat can have the decency to think reasonably a little, he’d have understand. Tch! Fucking troublesome!”


Just now, I heard something unbelievable coming from Alex’s mouth. 

“Alex, have you ever thought reasonably yourself?” 

I asked.

((Of course no.))

“How unlikely.” Fenrir added. 

“I’m going to mess you guys up! Fucker!”

Fenrir’s ears twitched as he stared at me, he appeared to be muttering about something but I couldn’t hear it clearly. 

His ears kept on twitching as if he was trying to have my attention not too subtly. 

I peered closer to him and his ears twitched even faster.

“Well then how about if we….”

Fenrir whispered his plan right into my ear. 

“…. Will he really come out if we do that?”

“Well… We wouldn’t know until we tried, right?”


It’s the sea!

The sun!

We are going to swim in the ocean!!

Anyway… We’re not here for a simple excursion!

I didn’t force all the other demons to come with me to the ocean to play.. 

Yup! Not for playing! Definitely not… We’re here to…..  Swim in the ocean!!! The ocean!!

Oh no.. I almost forgot my original goal for a second there…


I took my clothes off and jumped right into the ocean with a loud splash. 

“Master! You need to put sunscreen first or your skin will burn later!”

Velke called out from the beach as he collected the clothes that I threw in my excitement. 

“Oh my! Lotion play with Maou-sama! I’m going to make sure I thoroughly apply the lotions on Maou-sama’s body. Every nook and corner of Maou-sama’s body will be covered in lotion when I’m done.”

Vii was holding an umbrella in one hand while the other hand was holding a bottle of sunscreen. 

I thought vampires couldn’t stand the sunlight but…

This guy looked so healthy….

“What are you talking about? I will be the one to help Maou-sama.” 

“No no, Chaos-dono, your hand is so rough. I’ll be the one to do it.”

“Sybyl-dono, your hand is covered with fur. The lotion will definitely stick to your thick fur so it’s a given I’ll have to do it.” 

Elk suddenly joined the fray. 

All three of them were busy bickering with each other, arguing over who got the right to apply the sunscreen to me. 

I exhaled once.. And twice before I tottered toward Velke. 


“As you command.”

Velke bowed, he was radiating with happiness. 

From my chest to my back, going down toward my waist, up to my butt to the tip of my toes, Velke applied the sunscreen all over my body dutifully without any ounce of ulterior motives. 

I was laying down on my chest as I looked toward the ocean. 

Both Lexus and Copper were swimming happily with their distinctive dog paddle style. 

Aah… I want to hurry up and join them with my floatie.

Yes, our main mission here is to swim in the ocean!

It’s not like we’re copying Amano-Iwato, but if Leviathan sees how much fun we’re having in the ocean, that attention seeking guy won’t be able to stay still.

He will definitely cave in and come out from his hideout… At least that was the plan Fenrir told me about.

I thought the plan was stupid but it seemed leviathan had been missing the company of other’s demon for so long that this plan would definitely succeeded. 

Alex and Chaos also agreed on this plan.

((Beautiful ocean with shimmering sun. How wonderful.))

Shirasagi, who was still in his white dragon form, was sunbathing near the edge of the waves. 

He seemed to be enjoying himself.

I hope from the bottom of my heart he would stay in his dragon form forever for the peace of my mind.

“I-I’m not good with this kind of place..”


Doctor groaned out loud, he was sitting on the beach under a big umbrella with Wraith.


Somehow it appeared like Wraith was melting a little…?

Felt like his rotting arms were about to fall off…

Maybe that was just my imagination.

After Velke finished applying the sunscreen on me, I grabbed a hold on my floatie and went into the sparkling ocean to swim about.

At that time, I was oblivious.

“I also wanted to apply the lotion on Maou-sama’s slender legs until his skin becomes all slippery…” 

“I want to bring him under the shade in the rocky area…”

(T/N: you know those beach hentai plot where the MC goes to the rocky area and hides behind the rock to do sexy stuff.)

“For once, I agree with you.”


The dark elf twins were busy talking about making Maou-sama all dirty and slippery with lotions and other ‘stuff’.

“………. I really should’ve taken him to the rocky area.”

Alexius the red dragon grumbled under his breath.

“……… I knew it. I shouldn’t have agreed on this plan. My master’s beautiful body is laid bare for all the world to see….”

Velke looked like he was physically hurt just by looking at Maou-sama swimming in the ocean with just his swim trunk and a floatie.

I was completely oblivious.

“Hey! Copper! Lexus!!”


I swam even faster to catch up to them.

“Swimming in the ocean feels so good, don’t you think so?” I asked them excitedly. 


“Yes, it’s the best!”

While me, Copper and Lexus were talking merrily, Fenrir came swimming from beside us. 

Contrary to my expectations, Fenrir was swimming with a front crawl style instead of the doggy style that the three of us used. 

“As expected from Fenrir! So you’re able to do other swimming strokes than just the doggy style!!”

“Excuse me? Don’t you think you’re being kind of rude?”

Fenrir looked offended. 

“Well…. Which reminds me! Look! Those two…”

I immediately changed the subject, all four of us shifted our gaze to look at… 

Two demons were swimming at full speed with their tongue lolling on the side. 

It was none other than a bull-headed demon and a minotaur. 

“I guess since their appearance resembled each other so much, their pride won’t allow them to give up easily, huh.”

It seemed those two were having a race and since their appearance were similar, their sense of rivalry was higher compared with other demon tribes.

Their bloodshot eyes were a little scary if I may be honest…

As I was talking, I noticed they weren’t the only demons having a race right now.

Randolph and Beryl were also having a swimming race. 

I thought Beryl as a titan would be advantageous since he was much bigger than Randolph but Randolph was surprisingly fast. 

“Protheus is a demon that belongs in the sea after all. Of course that guy can swim fast.”

Fenrir explained. 

Apparently those two had just started their competition not a long ago.

“Everyoneeeee! The watermelon is ready!~”

Rin, the basilisk shouted from the shore. 

His eyes were sparkling beautifully behind his special glasses. 

It seemed he was having so much fun just by being on the beach. 

“Okay, I guess it’s time to go back.” 

As I was about to paddle back, Kelpie came to help me cross the sea.

The water horse demon easily put me on his back and swam back to the shore at a much faster speed than I could possibly do. 

“I see, you’re also happy to be here, huh.”

Kelpie neighed happily in return. 

“Ah! Maou-sama! That looks so nice~”

“Not fair~”

Lexus and Copper stared at me enviously but there was no bark in their words at all, their tails were wagging happily. 

“You guys too~ Better hurry up and swim back to the shore soon!~”

With that said, Kelpie dived underwater and easily cut through the water.


“Thank you for the food!!”

We all said our greetings before chomping down on the watermelon. 

Mmhhm! The watermelon is so sweet and refreshing! So delicious!!

“We still have plenty of them left so don’t hesitate to ask for a second~”

It seemed Rin had been helping Elk cut all these watermelons up for us. 

While sitting on Velke’s lap, I snuggled even closer to him and bit into my watermelon happily. 

“Master, you’ve got some on your cheeks.”


Velke wiped the juice off my cheeks with the towel he had been using to dry my body off. 

“Yet another case of Velke-dono abusing his position..”

Chaos stared at me blankly.


Sybyl added.

“Did you say something?” 

I asked but Chaos only shook his head off and said

”No, it’s nothing.”

“Ahh~ This is sooo fun!! Aaaah, I hope Collin, Phoenix and the harpies can come with us!~”

I stretched my body after having my fill of the watermelon.

“Well.. They don’t like getting wet so I doubt they’d be happy coming here.”

Velke said.

The other day, we got to go to the hot springs together but I had to soak all by myself.

Which was why I was extra happy today because I got to enjoy my time with everyone else.

“Okay! Let’s play beach ball now!~”

“Beach… Ball…?”

“Yeah! We will need to form two groups and each group has to take turns hitting this ball. We have to keep on hitting the ball and make sure it won’t fall into the ground. The group that failed to hit the ball and let it fall will lose the game!”

“Sounds good. I can’t wait to try it.”

“How about if we win, we get to see Maou-sama’s naked body while he changes?”

Vii suggested.


The other demon immediately chorushed.

“Why are you using someone else for a bet, Vii!!”

“Fumu. I wouldn’t be surprised if something were to happen while Maou-sama was changing.”

“Yeah, like somehow it just went in out of the blue.”

“Okay. Jill, we need to win this.”


“What kind of thing you guys are imagining about!!”

All the demons happily chatted with each other, talking about various stuff I wished I hadn’t heard. 

“……… Now that I’ve prevented Maou-sama from being pulled to the shade of the rock, now I have to be wary when I change his clothes as well….”

Only Velke had a grim expression on his face. 


The sun was about to set by the time we finished playing beach ball and capture the flag. 

“Aaaaahhhh!~ That was fun!!~”

((………………………. Oi.))

Everyone was preparing to return back to Maou’s Castle. 

It had been a long time since I last felt as excited as I am now.

It was really fun!

“Now all we have to do is head back home!”

((……………………………… Oi.))

“Fufu~ I even picked up some shells on the beach as a memento to remind me of today.”

((Oiiii!! What the hell are you guys doing in my territory?!?!))

All of a sudden a big dragon jumped out from the ocean, a big splash of water made most of us wet yet again. 


Umm.. Who is he…?

Realizing I had forgotten our original plan, Fenrir leaned in and whispered softly to me. 

“Look there, I told you he’s going to appear. The Leviathan.”

Crap. I totally forgot about him. 

Finally today’s original main character, Leviathan, appeared.


T/N: Aaaaand another dragon!

Chapter 63


Chapter 65

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Foodie Trip · Web Novel

The Forsaken Saintess and Her Foodie Roadtrip in Another World – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : Thank You for Throwing Me Away!

T/N: This novel has a manga adaptation (this is how I found the novel in the first place). The novel seems cute enough so I decided to give it a go.


Current Situation Co.

Summoned to this world along with a beautiful highschool girl.

My skill? Trash ・ Myself? Useless

Banished!  ← This is me right now!


I-I’ll tell you what truly happened for real this time!

I was on my way home from a fishing camp when suddenly something that appeared to be a hole appeared under my foot and I fell into it.

『 Is this a castle in a medieval age fantasy setting or something?』was what I was thinking when I saw the place I ended up at.

Then there were a bunch of suspicious old men wearing pitch black robes saying something about ‘saint summoning’ or something along that line. 

Just when I was wondering what the heck is happening here, a blonde ikemen with blue eyes kneeled reverently in front of the beautiful highschool girl next to me, with such grace and elegance, he said he wished to escort her.

All the while he glared at me with contempt saying 『What a useless skill! Filthy trash!』

Then just before he was leaving with the beautiful highschool girl, he said 『 Just throw her to some place fit for someone like her!』

As soon as he said that, blinding light appeared beneath my feet and before I knew it, I ended up in this super hugeee grasslands all by myself. 

Thus, my current situation.

………. Yeah. Despite all things said, I don’t get it either. I have zero understanding of my situation right now.

I really do want to ask someone, there’s so many things I want to ask but… Well as you can see I am completely alone. 

There’s no single soul can be seen in this vast plains. 

In any case, there’s nothing but grasslands and forest in here as far as my eyes can see.

Hmmm… This is… There’s a lot of things going on… I wonder if I will be alright…..

Oh! What luck! 

It seems like all my fishing and camping equipment got transported (?) together with me!

Taking a folding chair out from my cart box, I started to assess my current situation. 

The ground is a little bit damp but I don’t mind it!

I took out the notepad that I had just bought not too long ago and began to write questions after questions that I have. 


What is 『 Saint Summoning』?

What is 『Skill』?

Do I end up here because of the blonde guy said『 Throw to some place fit for someone like her』?

Ah! Which reminds me that highschool girl was looking at me while laughing ‘fufufu’ like that!

“…. Anyway the word ‘skill’ reminds me of a TRPG.”

I like outdoor activities like fishing and camping all by myself but for indoor, I like to read TRPG stuff. 

*TRPG = Tactical role-playing games*

Depends on the party’s status and balance, but if I could, I prefer to set up a character with skill and job that allows me to『Charge & Hit』the enemy.

Ah, but it’s not like I dislike rear guard characters or someone with a searching and exploring skill or something along like that. 

Still….. TRPG, huh…..

“It’d be fun if I could see my ‘status’ or something like that.”

Then, just when I was mumbling to myself….

A mysterious ‘PING!’ and a flicker sound could be heard then out of nowhere, an LCD-like screen appeared before me.

The size of the screen is around 15 inch. 

*15 inch = 38 cm

There’s some kind of writing on top of the screen that emits pale green light.

Name : Rin Takanashi

Class : Otherworlder, Traveller

HP: 18/18 MP: 15/15

STR:8 CON:9 POW: 15

INT:14 LUC:75

Special Skill : 【Motorhome】※ Only available outdoor

Skill : 【Survival】

……………………………. For real? Status screen actually appeared….

Okay. You know, when you converse in numbers like this, my health and physical strength is really low, huh?

Even though I like to go on solo camping and fishing! The heck??

My mental strength and intelligence seems high enough but don’t you think this makes me look like the armchair warrior kind??

Doesn’t this make me a useless character?!

………… In any case, yeah. Seems like my skill can only be used outdoors.

OH! This is why he called my skill 『Trash』because we were indoor during the『Saint Summoning』! 

I see, I see…

But he shouldn’t have tossed me aside before checking my skill properly! Fucker better off dead!

In any case, this is really a fantasy world!

I hovered my finger over the Status Board (temporary name).

Surprisingly, I feel a hard texture, like when I’m touching my smartphone or my tablet. 

………. I can really touch it for real!!!!

And then, a new set of letters appeared underneath the letter that I touched nonchalantly.


Passive skill that’s always active. 

This skill will provide support in the form of information to ensure the user’s survival by adapting in both physical environment and social environment.

In addition, if there’s any unexpected situations that might potentially harm the user’s survival, this skill will provide physical enhancement and adjustment in the user’s mental level so the user will be able to think clearly. 】

……. Ah.

So this is why for some reason I’ve been feeling strangely calm despite my current’s predicament. 

I should’ve been crying, panicking, or even falling into despair. 

But the reason why I’m not feeling anything out of the ordinary is because this ‘survival’ skill has adjusted my mental state to ensure my well being.

Even though I’m stuck in this situation, the skill is still trying to ensure my survival…… No, more like I’m still trying to keep myself alive.



I feel like crying.

Even though I don’t even understand what the hell is going on, I’m still eagerly trying to stay alive.

“Well then, what about this 【Motorhome】skill?”

I wiped my tears away and clenched my fist.

As soon as I pressed the 『Motorhome』skill on my status window, I feel vibrations from behind me. 

It’s as if something heavy fell on the ground, making a loud impact that shook the earth. 

I turned my head warily and what greeted me was a sight of a green vehicle with a pale cream container cabin. 

This two toned vehicle….

At first glance, it seems the body of the truck is equipped with a camper shell, often used for residential purposes. 

This kind of camping car is commonly referred to as ‘Truck Camper’.

I guess this is what ‘Truck Camper’or トラキャン is. 

But if you look closely, this vehicle is not a truck camper but for some reason this vehicle is designed to appear like a truck camper with its two toned color.

Unlike truck camper which is a two unit, one being the vehicle and the other the residential cabin.

This vehicle before me is actually a one unit vehicle, the vehicle and the cabin are actually integrated together!

This kind of truck fused with residential units is commonly called Class C Motorhome!!!

Here you go, what japanese people call ‘Class C Motorhome’ or キャブコン. 

I suppose when people hear the word 『Camping Car』, they will usually think of this front bunk type of Class C Motorhome, where the bunk bed is located on top of the driver seat.

“Haaaaah?! No wayy!! You’re kidding me right?! No, no, no ! Like, seriously?? For real?!?!”

My vocabulary is failing me right now despite ‘survival’ is actively trying to balance my mental state but there’s no way I wouldn’t be this excited right?!?!?!

When I first saw this type of car, I thought “Ah, looks good~” so I went and browsed for a bit. 

After further research, the price of the actual car along with the maintenance fee was just too much, I ended up closing my browser in despair. 

In short, I’ve been wanting this beautiful gem for so loooonggggg!!!~~~~

This magical car enables me to enjoy the luxury of being indoor despite being outdoors at the same time!!!

Ahhhh!! Geez! What is this goddamn OP skill?!?!!

I couldn’t help but grinning from ear to ear, the sight of my face melting in happiness must be far from desirable.

I hopped around the camping car that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, despite such displays of happiness being unbecoming of my age.

The driver seat and the lower third of the cabin is painted in dark green color while the cabin part has a light cream coating. 

On the door leading to the cabin, there’s a vine creep design which accentuates the vehicle’s elegance and upon closer look, there’s a beautiful dark crimson rose on the door handle. 

This car’s design is so super aesthetic!!!

I pull the handle down with a clank and the door immediately slide open with a swish.

And there…

On the other side of the door, there lay a whole world I certainly hadn’t expected. 


Right in front of the door, there’s a wide living room with a table and sofa attached to the window side. 

On the right side there’s a big refrigerator and a big kitchen sink along with a three-burner stove.

Further on, there are doors with toilet and bathroom signs respectively. 

What. I. I don’t get it. Isn’t this like, way too big?

Confused, I quickly go outside and examine the vehicle carefully.

………. Yeah. No matter how I look at it, this is the normal size of a Class C Motorhome and no matter how I think of it, there’s no way such a large living room and kitchen set could possibly fit in this car.

I go inside once again, the living room is brightly lit thanks to the sunlight illuminating through the big window.

The kitchen is spotless and if my eyes were not deceiving me, there’s a big bathtub inside the washing room. 

Okay. I’m totally at a loss. 

Closing the door leading to the washing room, I tried to erase the sight I had just witnessed from my memory. 

……… Wait a bit, okay? This whole thing is beyond this auntie comprehension. 


Oh! Right! Let’s go check the driver seat!

Pulling myself together, I go outside to climb on the driver seat.

It’s a little hard since the vehicle is so big but I managed to bring myself in.

Yup! The higher the driver seat is, the better the view. 

Actually I have a manual driving license but it’s been a long time since I last drove a manual, thankfully this car is automatic! 

…… Speaking of manual, does this car have a user manual?

I should open the dashboard and check… Oh! There it is!

This black file must be the user manual.



What, what….?

【Thank you very much for utilizing the special skill, [Motorhome]. 

This skill allows the user to summon a motorhome at user’s discretion as long as the user is outdoors. Kindly note that the inside of a dungeon will be considered as『outdoor』as well.

This vehicle operates by taking the energy from within the atmosphere called 『Magic Element』in which the collected energy will be used as a fuel for running the vehicle and operating any apparatus inside this vehicle. So the user will be able to use this vehicle leisurely without worrying about energy consumption. 

The water that comes from the apparatus inside this vehicle is produced by a magic circle implanted inside the interior of the vehicle. The user may drink the magic water produced as it is.

This vehicle has a security function which prohibits anyone aside from the people recognized by the user from entering this vehicle. 

In addition this vehicle also has a concealment function. Only the people recognized by the user will be able to see this vehicle. In front of the eyes of the other people, this vehicle will remain invisible. 

The residential area is designed to bring utmost comfort for the user’s life experience. Space magic is implemented to ensure comfortable living. 

With this, we hope the user will be able to enjoy this vehicle to the user heart’s content. 】


Wow. Amazing.


Somehow… I feel like I’m going to lose my mind….

I guess it’s time to think of something along the line like 『Don’t think! Just feel!』?

In any case, I get down from the driver seat and stare at the vehicle once again. 

The vehicle is shining without any speck of scratch or dust. 

The large tires supported the whole body firmly. 


The hell… This.. This special skill…..

Isn’t this special skill is so much better than the 『Saint Summoning』or whatever saint stuff they’re talking about???

I was dumbfounded at the whole thing but somehow, another feeling is brewing inside me. 

Maybe it’s joy, or curiosity, or motivation… Or maybe the fear of the unknown…

…….. But, nothing will happen if I just stay here and do nothing!

First thing first, with this 『Survival』skill, I’ll embrace this seething curiosity which so unbecoming of my age and embark on an adventure!

I’ll live now and worry later!!!

I decided to take my cart box that’s laying near my foot and bring it inside.

Once again, I open the rose patterned door.


T/N: Wow, this novel is pretty lengthy… Well, I’ve decided to translate this series since I love easy to read cooking stuff. This is the first non-BL novel that I translated so I’m a little bit nervous but whatever. Live now, worry later, right?!?!?!?

Also after further research it seems like the japanese term and english term for camping car is so different? Like for english they use Type A, B, C or something. The japanese term is キャブコン (kyabukon) and I just sorta guess it’s the Type C one.

Chapter 2